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Whoa, what is going on?

GWPF have an amusing new story based on a Fox News article dated 20th July

In the run-up to the U.N. climate conference (COP20) in Lima in December, Peru’s government just rolled back environmental regulations in an effort to boost mining.

Reuters have a new story dated 23rd July

Peru’s Humala replaces prime minister amid political scandal

(Reuters) – Peru’s President Ollanta Humala said on Tuesday he is replacing his prime minister following an embarrassing political scandal that marks the start of his sixth cabinet and his third year in office.


Rounders, Baseball, wots wrong with the game

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Bit off base for the Talkshop


The Daily Mail is having fun provided you can take the celebrity boobs and bottoms …


That’s right, exploding manhole covers. The Health and Safety Executive has warned pedestrians to be on the alert after a series of manhole cover explosions in London’s West End.


Things to Come

Posted: July 9, 2014 by Rog Tallbloke in humour


FenBeagle cruises the delta pathways of future possibility while he still has a light on …

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Things to come 2

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Fish ate my grant story

Posted: July 5, 2014 by tchannon in alarmism, humour

Warwick Hughes has a lovely story of belief shattered by actually looking, although I suppose the qudos goes to actually owning up.

The article he cites includes

An international team of experts has found evidence there is 100 times less plastic on ocean surfaces than expected.


The plastic particles that are missing might be ingested by fish. That one possibility is… the most likely one.”

To which a commenter at Hugh’s ripostes

I ran a fish factory for 8 years, processing thousands of tonnes of fish. I found 1 plastic bag in a fish stomach, a cod caught half way between Australia and Indonesia in over 100 metres deep water.


Oh noes! H/T to Oldbrew for spotting this GWPF story culled from the Times:


Don’t forget to visit and buy something

Date: 04/07/14 Peter Jones, The Times

Alex Salmond’s hopes that the economy of an independent Scotland could rely on expanding renewable energy generation have been crippled by a European Court of Justice ruling.

The court has said that no government must pay subsidies to renewable generators in another country. The ruling removes any legal foundation for the first minister’s claim that the rest of Britain would continue to pay a subsidy — more than £500 million a year — to Scottish renewable generators for their green energy.

Pro-Union sources said that the ruling could mean higher energy bills after a “yes” vote. It also leaves the future of the industry, if there is a “yes” vote, resting on the hope of a negotiated agreement between the Scottish and British governments, which Westminster has said is unlikely.


A few years ago, I started a wikipedia page on the Gore Effect; the uncanny phenomenon which unleashes snow, hail, torrential rain, icy winds and sleet on the venues where Al Gore is speaking about global warming. The instances are too numerous to list. My page got deleted within a few months by the usual suspects. But it was reborn when another wiki user put up a much more detailed and better referenced version, and I thought it unassailable. But no, the usual suspects are at it again:


Maybe big Al has been armtwisting Jimmy Wales with the promise of a big donation on condition it goes. Who knows.

Contributor ‘Aussie’ notes this morning that the Gore Effect continues undiminished:


‘Anders’, the proprietor of popular warmist blog ‘and then there’s physics’ issued me with a challenge when I commented on his post about the ‘little ice age recovery‘.



“Try doing some actual physics” he said. So I responded:




Climate science – calling it wrong since 19??


Originally posted on Real Science:

Ten climate forecasts which demonstrate that the world’s leading government climate experts have absolutely no clue what they are talking about.

NASA’s top experts said that burning fossil fuels would trigger an ice age.

ScreenHunter_390 Jun. 08 22.44

U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming

Snow is a thing of the past.

ScreenHunter_391 Jun. 08 22.46

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – Environment – The Independent

Arctic ice free by 2000

ScreenHunter_392 Jun. 08 22.49

The Changing Face of the Arctic – Article –

New ice age coming

ScreenHunter_05 May. 07 09.01ScreenHunter_06 May. 07 09.01The Windsor Star – Google News Archive Search

Manhattan underwater by 2008

ScreenHunter_393 Jun. 08 22.54Stormy weather –

Arctic ice free by 2013

ScreenHunter_394 Jun. 08 22.57

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013′

Antarctica will soon be the only place to live.

ScreenHunter_395 Jun. 08 22.59

Why Antarctica will soon be the only place to live – literally – Environment – The Independent

Skiing is doomed

ScreenHunter_396 Jun. 08 23.01

Skiing is ‘doomed’ … so enjoy it while it lasts…

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Lines On A Young Man’s Affection For His Model

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Poetry corner

Originally posted on They call me Mr Sean:

Shall I compare thee to a surface dataset?

Thou art more sinuous and less temperate

Tough minds do strip the certainty away

And HadObs range hath all too short a date

Sometimes breaching 2-sigma lines

And yet by aerosols remain undimm’d

As tree-by-tree conceals decline

It’s Chance (and Nature’s random walk) we’ve binned

But thy enforcéd heating shall not fade

Discard well ECS that is the low’st

As UHI skews measurements we’ve made

Remain – with this dissimulation – warm as tow’st.

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Academic economist Richard Tol has been on the receiving end of some nasty misrepresentation published by notoriously alarmist UK small circulation newspaper ‘The Guardian’. One of it’s ‘columnists’, Dana Nuccitelli, an employee of a big oil and gas outfit called Tetra-Tech, has been writing inaccurate and scurrilous pieces on Tol since he decided to check the quality and accuracy of a paper Dana co-authored with cartoonist John Cook.

Cook runs a parody website called ‘Skeptical science’ which sends up the climate debate with a collection of joke impressions of climate-sceptical talking points and ‘mainstream climate science responses’ to them. Somehow, the Guardian, a self important and supposedly highbrow newspaper, mistook Dana for a real commentator on science and gave him a job as a blogger. Richard writes:

The Guardian has published six hatchet jobs impugning me and my work. The first four are under investigation by the Press Complaints Commission.

For hatchet job #5 and #6, the Guardian granted me the right to reply by return email. They were published together, without a clear structure and in the wrong order, with the first piece heavily edited. Here are the originals.


Dude, where’s my global warming?

Posted: May 27, 2014 by oldbrew in alarmism, humour, propaganda
Go Brits [credit: William M Briggs]

Go Brits [credit: William M Briggs]

Not hard to tell where this one is coming from…

‘The Consensus, i.e. 97% civilian agreement, is that climatologists are full of hot air.’

Matt Briggs reports: IPCC Intensifies Search For Missing Global Warming

Pfizer makes new ‘final’ offer to buy Wales

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A bit of light relief for Talkshop readers. No offence intended of course.

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:


US drugs giant Pfizer has made an improved offer for Wales as it tries to tie up the largest foreign takeover of a UK country.

The new offer of £55 per share would value Wales at about £6bn.

The offer constitutes a 15% increase from Pfizer’s proposal on 2 May and is final and cannot be increased, it said.

The US company is now offering government ministers in London £24.76 in cash and 1.747 shares in the country - worth a combined £55 – for each share currently they don’t hold.

What we’ve learned tonight is that there were talks over the weekend and actually Pfizer made a tentative approach of £53.50 but was told by the Welsh Assembly this in their view substantially undervalued the country,” said BBC chief economics correspondent Hugh Pym. “I think there’s a game of poker going on here.

Pfizer plans to create the world’s…

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Adélie penguin in Antarctica [Wikipedia]

Adélie penguin in Antarctica [Wikipedia]

If we believe that we’ll believe anything. Jo Nova satirises doom-mongers who try to claim the apparently inexorable seasonal advances in Antarctic sea ice extent must be somebody’s fault and, well, Australians are the nearest so QED – it’s them.

Is there a contest to find the most absurd explanations of climate phenomena? Somebody must think so if this is anything to go by.

Discover the astounding truth – or not – here:
Antarctica stealing Australian rain


Hotter than a heatwave in hell !

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… and other amusing tales from the lunatic fringe of warmist fantasy.

Desert landscape [image credit: Wikipedia]

Desert landscape
[image credit: Wikipedia]

Former Telegraph columnist James Delingpole enjoys himself at the expense of the hapless, or hopeless, Smithsonian Institute’s irrational fears for the future.

Melting golfers, refugees by the million – or is it billion? – it’s all here.

Somebody somewhere might even believe it, but probably not. Unmissable!

‘The Smithsonian Institution – established in 1846 “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge” – has weighed into the debate on climate change. And the news is grim.’

Full story here:

Aussie feral camel

Aussie feral camel

Not much anyway, according to a bizarre ‘study’. Can you believe this stuff?

‘Our results suggest that the methane emission of Australia’s feral camels corresponds only to 1 to 2% of the methane amount produced by the countries’ domestic ruminants and that calculations of greenhouse gas budgets of countries with large camelid populations based on equations developed for ruminants are generally overestimating the actual levels.’

Just when you might have thought reality couldn’t be left any further behind by ‘greenhouse gas’ obsessives…

Paper: ‘Methane Emission by Camelids’

I name that asteroid ‘Mine’

Posted: April 24, 2014 by oldbrew in Geology, humour

Gold pan

Gold pan

It sounds like an April fool’s gag, but no:
‘Details have been emerging of the plan by billionaire entrepreneurs to mine asteroids for their resources.’

They claim:
“We’re in this for decades. But it’s not a charity. And we’ll make money from the beginning.”

B-b-but what about all that CO2 from rocket fuel burning?
Tut-tut ;-)

A raspberry for Earth Day

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Earth Day

Earth Day

Dr Roy Spencer has a pop at Earth Day here — enjoy.

More about Dr Spencer:

From the too not-funny to be as funny as it should be dept:

Thunder-Bay-OPG-Generating-StationOntario is now the first jurisdiction in North America to fully eliminate coal as a source of electricity generation. The Thunder Bay Generating Station, Ontario’s last remaining coal-fired facility, has burned its last supply of coal. Operated by Ontario Power Generation, Thunder Bay Generating Station was the oldest coal-fired station in the province. The plant is scheduled to be converted to burn advanced biomass, a renewable fuel source.

The province has replaced coal generation with a mix of emission-free electricity sources like nuclear, waterpower, wind and solar, along with lower-emission electricity sources like natural gas and biomass. The move to bio-mass rather than to natural gas has raised concerns in Thunder Bay. NOMA and Common Voice Northwest, and the City of Thunder Bay have all expressed concerns.
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Fenbeagle at his brilliant best

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