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An interesting and provocative post from a newish meteorology blog

Originally posted on Confronting the Storm of Science Denialism in Meteorology, Storm Theory and Tornadogenesis:

downloadbadsuit twi

A man goes to a tailor to try on a new custom-made suit. The first thing he notices is that the arms are too long.

“No problem,” says the tailor. “Just bend them at the elbow and hold them out in front of you. See, now it’s fine.”

“But the collar is up around my ears!”

“It’s nothing. Just hunch your back up a little… No, a little more… That’s it.”

“But I’m stepping on my cuffs!” the man cries in desperation.

“Just bend you knees a little to take up the slack. There you go. Look in the mirror–the suit fits perfectly.”

So, twisted like a pretzel, the man lurches out onto the street. Reba and Florence see him go by.

“Oh, look,” says Reba, “that poor man!”

“Yes,” says Florence, “but what a beautiful suit.”

It started with Walter James Espy, the Storm King, who, around the 1840s…

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Image from RIA RT web site [belatedly I spotted this serious misattribution, my mistake entirely, sorry. 11th July --Tim]

This story is notable because up until now all the Russian designs originate with a deceased veteran designer. Few technical details seem available. Surprisingly it looks like a single nozzle. Mention of the use of boosters for heavier launch.

RIA RT news site, with youtube video (seen one seen them all).


Sad news: Nigel Calder, 1931-2014

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Nigel Calder

Nigel Calder, 1931-2014

Date: 27/06/14
The Global Warming Policy Foundation
The science writer Nigel Calder has died, aged 82, after a short illness.

[update] Jo Calder has left a comment and provides a link to a lovely family post on Nigel’s blog

I’ve gotta be driftin’ along


Tim writes: No apology for the headline

A little aside has led to a snippet leading to Chilbolton Observatory.


Credit Nimbus227
Rolls-Royce Griffon aero engine (Mk 57/58?) at the Midland Air Museum

The Talkshop moved onto the question of hydrocarbon formation deep inside the earth, from there I brought up manufacture from seawater and a usage harking back to WWII aircraft. A comment mentions the hydrocarbon formation via the German chemical industry, processes used today.



Photo credit: Ken Gregory Friends of Science 2014: Unrestricted use

Rather than hit people, tell them they are bad, a kinder approach, this apparently is a new Friends Of Science billboard. In the snow.

Is this good thinking or is the only way aggression?

Will it change any minds or is it affirmation?


Update on Glasgow police helicopter fatal accident

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AAIB (Air Accident Investigation Branch) have issued a special bulletin dated today 14th February 2014

Valentine’s day, there will be many tears


Comment left at Steve Goddard’s by Mike Sanicola

I’m a professional infrared astronomer who spent his life trying to observe space through the atmosphere’s back-radiation that the environmental activists claim is caused by CO2 and guess what? In all the bands that are responsible for back radiation in the brightness temperatures (color temperatures) related to earth’s surface temperature (between 9 microns and 13 microns for temps of 220K to 320 K) there is no absorption of radiation by CO2 at all. In all the bands between 9 and 9.5 there is mild absorption by H2O, from 9.5 to 10 microns (300 K) the atmosphere is perfectly clear except around 9.6 is a big ozone band that the warmists never mention for some reason.

I’m retired so I don’t need to keep my mouth shut anymore. Kept my mouth shut for 40 years,

Yep. Lots of void, no evidence for the posit. I’m still waiting for the missing primary dataset, if it can be directly measured. Proxy is wiggle matching. Ozone, sure, been known for 100 years. Angstrom reported it from Sweden.


Co-mod writes: Not long ago Tallbloke mentioned MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) as starting to gain traction.

So I am dismayed over be-spoiling of MOOC, usage as a propaganda tool.

Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions. A FREE online course from the University of Exeter

Our very first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) begins on 13th January 2014 on the Open University’s FutureLearn platform, and lasts for eight weeks.

Teaching, factual?

“Issues we will cover include:

We have reached a real tipping point in Earth climate systems. For example, the Greenland ice sheet is melting, raising sea levels, and there’s simply no going back.

Uh huh, speaking from a position of authority, “know or ought to know” better. Let’s see the full proof.

The leader is Mr Tim Lenton working “in partnership with the UK Met Office”. He is rather young. Got himself involved in The Team, Stefan Rahmstorf and Hans Joachim Schellnhuber[5].
Stoat pokes fun “Tim Lenton is silly” and “However, I’m inclined to think that he isn’t a tosser, just naive…”[2] , err.. Stoat, he is one of yours, oh well gave me a chuckle, still not sure what he did.

BA (Cambridge),
[ coy on letting on the whole truth ]


We might be starting to see answers. As I expected the person transfer can indeed only take place when both Xue Long and Aurora Australis are in clear water, transfer barges don’t do ice. (two on the foredeck of AA)
Floatless helicopter doesn’t do water or weak helipads.
Do they all have survival suits for 50+ and have had training?
It’s a mess.

Sydney Morning Herald dated January 2, 2014 – 1:02PM reports

Helicopter rescue delayed as second ship trapped in ice

Both the Xue Long and the Aurora need to be in open water to conduct the barge operation.

On Wednesday, the Aurora spent most of the day and evening ploughing towards the Chinese vessel [as webcam shots showed], which has not moved under its own steam for more than a day [suspected], after it [Xue Long] requested assistance.

While the Aurora made good, slow progress, coming within 2.1 nautical miles of the Chinese ship, by 1.30am on Thursday the Australian ice-breaker reached thick pack ice that it could not penetrate [as suspected].

“Nature took over,” Aurora captain Murray Doyle said.

Read more:


Aurora Australis within sight of Russian ship

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Looks like AA is ice ramming. Weather has improved, above freezing, slightly less wind, much better visibility.


Images coutesy

I lost a previous image, slightly different heading, could see two ships on horizon, other is to right.


Breaking news helicopter heavily crashing into Glasgow pub on a Friday night.

I have heard sufficient to state this a police helicopter in fatal mechanical trouble, is embedded in the pub roof, with at least many injuries and probably fatalities. Thank goodness no fire.

Eye witnesses directly mentioned the distinctive markings on the tail and on the rotor, few others operate at night and over a city. A serial number was given, if correct, police.  [Police Scotland confirmed early today that its aircraft was involved.  The police helicopter is staffed by a civilian pilot and two officers.]

Less certain the rotor was not turning (press reporter eye witness).

May be a Eurocopter, operated by Strathclyde police


Yarns, hackle and heckle

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Open thread space

A Hackle [1] is a toothed tool used to straighten fibres.

A Heckle [2] is much the same, aka a heckling comb.


 Link to an image of an Hatchel 

Text left from a wonderful archive at Arizona Uni.

Yarn is as tangled.  And many other meanings.


Missing CRU 1000 year plot resurfaces

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Surreal time.

I have a large archive here going back many years, been active via networks for longer than most. Some is online.

Trawling looking for useful content to do with a large CET article I am writing I noticed a postscript file (not PDF), open, is the above. (which is bitmap of the ps)

My immediate thought was Climategate followed by clang, not in that disk directory. Timestamp is 2000, plot ceases before 2000.


September 2013 Ken Wallis died age 97

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This is how you do it. Video is dated 2011. [Upated at end of article]



Click for story


Russian authorities on Thursday completed pressing piracy charges against all 30 people detained aboard a Greenpeace icebreaker that was used in a protest where activists attempted to climb up a Gazprom oil rig in the Arctic.

“The defendants pleaded not guilty and are currently refusing to give relevant testimony,” Russia’s Investigative Committee said on its website. Fourteen of the detainees were charged Wednesday and 16 on Thursday. They face up to 15 years in prison.

I cannot find the claimed quote in English on the sledcom website.  (Russia’s Investigative Committee)
Perhaps it takes a few days for translations to be done.


Greenpeace are reported as telling “at least five of the detainees formally charged with piracy”

Other news from the Russian outlet , may was well raise a smile, mentions Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.
Huh? Never heard of it, real word. Although I once owned an ancient car carrying the number and yes it did disturb some people, never understood myself, just a random number. Neat though if you roll the car, help arrives.
Also an item on clowns everywhere, young biker riding through a Moscow metro station. Darwin invented photographs and video.


Court order granted, ship searched.
Some details of court sentences, seems to amount to holding for most and more serious for a few.
Putin reported stating didn’t thing was piracy but illegal.


Greenpeace Activists Face 2 Months in Russian Jail Pending Charges

Seems things drag slowly in Russia, pending charges.  Story.

Putin remarked it perhaps wasn’t piracy but seems to be keeping out of things.



By chance I noticed Prof. Phil Jones giving his affiliation

Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.


Center of Excellence for Climate Change Research, Department of Meteorology, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

This stuck me as a new departure but I am often last to know.

Page left linked here.

“Vice President for Educational Affairs, Prof Abdurrahman Alyoubi, received at his office Prof Philip Jones, of the University of East Anglia (UEA), UK.

The meeting was attended by Dr Mansour Almazroui, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Climate Change Research, and Prof Ahmed Al-Sa’idi, Advisor to the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.


In 1969 an icebreaking oil tanker broke through the North West passage but only with assistance.

A prominent program during this time was CRREL ’s participation in the two test voyages of the icebreaking oil tanker Manhattan. Five CRREL researchers journeyed aboard the Manhattan for the “Arctic Tanker Project,” which was financed mainly by Humble Oil, with some assistance from Atlantic Richfield and British Petroleum. The expedition began in September 1969 with two Canadian icebreakers and one U.S. icebreaker trailing the Manhattan. The arrangements were for the icebreakers to carry out search and rescue operations if needed, but the main icebreaking effort was the task of the supertanker. The objective was to have the Manhattan, the largest U.S. commercial vessel then in service, ram itself into the thickest ice that could be found.

The Manhattan eventually succumbed to the ice of McClure Strait, where ice ridges at that time towered up to 40 ft above the water.


Anchor ice and the heat flux through water

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In recent days I have been chasing information in old archives.

Many strange things have turned up. Here is one of them, a page as PDF as found by a search engine but alas the wonder of hashing, discovering the document from whence it came is a tangle of mystery.

Here are a few words copy typed from image

Anchor ice never forms under a cloudy sky either by day or night, no matter how severe the weather, but it forms very rapidly under a clear sky at night. Anchor ice is readily melted off under a bright sun.

Thus the loosening of the anchor ice under bright sun is simple enough from the fact that water is transparent to heat-waves up to 1u.

It then goes on to point out that water is “exceedingly opaque” to longer heat rays and therefore a bit of a problem arises over how long wave gets out to space to freeze the bottom water in the first place.

Water being what it is, ice floats. Wonder how long before Rog goes, hang on a minute.


Spring 2013 is arriving

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Photographed 15th April 2013, Camellia “Mars”, colour rendition is reasonable, reds are always difficult to capture, is a little richer. To do this I had to click and creak down to lying on a mat, camera is looking slightly upwards. Windy day, camera on aperture priority, and this is hand held, hence not quite sharp. Lens is 28mm equivalent.

Post is an update on

Where the same shrub is shown in flower 2nd March 2012.


Shodh ganga, a resource.

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The Shodhganga INFLIBNET Centre provides a platform for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses and make it available to the entire scholarly community in open access.

Note from Tim: the content is marked copyright, please respect this and I doubt hammering the server would be welcome.

The data format seems to be PDF as separate chapters.

Living on the Indian subcontinent brings great awareness of the Monsoon leading to many papers on all associated subjects.