Market tip: Sell carbon creds – buy thermals

Posted: October 29, 2010 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

Sea surface temperature is plunging rapidly, air temps are following the downward trend. Brace for another cold N.H. winter.

Lets hope SST’s don’t follow the Chicago Carbon Exchange carbon/ton price down to the floor.

Chicago Carbon Exchange price

Chicago Carbon Exchange price

From Dr Roy Spencer’s site:

Since these SST measurements are mostly unaffected by cloud cover like the traditional infrared measurements are, I consider this to be the most accurate high-time resolution SST record available…albeit only since mid-2002, when the Aqua satellite was launched.

I won’t make any predictions about whether SSTs will go as low as the 2007-08 La Nina event. I’ll leave that to others.

I obliged by getting in quick with comment#2 🙂

Rog Tallbloke says:
October 28, 2010 at 12:51 PM

I predicted over 12 months ago that SST would be at 2007/8 low point level by February. I still stand by it. I was able to accurately call this by studying the similarity in the phasing of El Nino and La Nina with the solar cycles at the end of the C19th, when a similar fall in solar activity from a high point was witnessed.

The recent long drawn out raised SST’s following the 2010 El Nino will be matched by long drawn out lowered SST’s following the current La Nina. The ocean is in big bounce mode because large amounts of decades long trapped energy is making it’s way to the surface in stratified layers.

I expect the roller coaster to continue for several years.

  1. Tenuc says:

    You called it Rog, well done!

    Like you I think we are going to see lower sea temps over the next few years, with the next 90 years being cooler than the last 90y. There will be periods of warming within the coming period, but the overall picture is for the world to be cooler over the coming second half of the 200y(ish) solar cycle. May be worth buying a few shares in Damart:)

  2. Douglas DC says:

    I see in the general weather patterns here in the Pacific NW of the USA, things I haven’t seen since the 70’s . I think we are heading back there. At the very least. If not the 1950’s…
    That was when Wheat growers were told that we could expect “Canadian Prairie
    type conditions here….
    didn’t happen but there were a few years that barley was planted instead of spring wheat…

  3. Funny!. Just today I was reading that in the middle of spring time yesterday it had fell snow on the higher altitude suburbs (about 2500 to 3000 feet high) of Santiago de Chile, SA,. That’s unbelievable in this time of the year. It is only a matter of knowing if this minimum will be a Maunder or Dalton like minimum. Changes are always interesting. Time to sell windmills 🙂