At last! Solar-Climate link to be reassessed

Posted: November 30, 2010 by tallbloke in Astrophysics, climate, solar system dynamics

GREENBELT, Md. – NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and The University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) announced the formation of a new collaborative research center dedicated to the study of the Sun’s effect on Earth’s climate. The center, called the Sun-Climate Research Center (SCRC), will be directed by Robert Cahalan, Head of Goddard’s Climate and Radiation Branch, Douglas Rabin, Head of Goddard’s Solar Physics Laboratory, and Peter Pilewskie, a LASP research scientist and CU professor.

“In recent years Goddard and LASP have worked together on several Earth and Sun missions, “ said Cahalan. “Now we look forward to continuing to drive growth in this key interdisciplinary field of Sun-Earth research, bringing new focus to the study of multiyear changes in the Sun and their influence on Earth’s climate.”

Pilewskie said, “The exciting thing about this collaboration is that we believe it will promote studies to help answer a key question about the climate system: how does Earth’s atmosphere respond to the sun’s variability, and how does that affect climate? This question is particularly important now, as we seek to quantify the human-induced impact on Earth’s climate.”

Dr. Nicholas White, Director of the Sciences and Exploration Directorate at NASA Goddard said, “I am very excited that we have been able to craft this agreement that brings together the best scientists at NASA and LASP to study how the Earth responds to changes in the solar energy output. The sum of the two will exceed what the individual entities could achieve on their own.”

Daniel Baker, LASP Director, said, “LASP has developed some remarkable areas of expertise that are key to studying the sun and its effect on climate and on human activities. By working with our colleagues at Goddard, we can leverage our skills—and help take an important step toward greater cooperation between NASA centers and leading university research teams.”

  1. Douglas DC says:

    Hmm Sun cool ,planet cool, Sun warm,planet warm.
    Ok? where’s my grant?

  2. And…
    Great breakthroughs in science have always been made by individuals not by societies, less by social masses and the least still by bureaucrats.
    So keep on your research because “The people united will always be cheated”

  3. Roy Martin says:

    On the face of it, such collaborative work should be applauded, but unfortunately we are becoming conditioned to look not only at the expressed scientific objectives but what other objectives may be involved. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the following statement made by Peter Pilewskie in the announcement can easily be interpreted as a cause for concern: “This question is particularly important now as we seek to quantify the human-induced impact on Earth’s climate.” This does seem to contain a note of investigational bias.

    Even from my limited readings, I have the impression that there is already a considerable body of work underway covering just this field of research.

    So why the big announcement anyway? Collaborative work between individuals and institutions across the scientific world is so commonplace and extensive one would hardly think it worth mentioning, at least until they produce something new and worth reporting.

  4. tallbloke says:

    I think they are distancing themselves from tainted individuals and institutions in order to regain public trust and Republican handled grants…

    Also compare:

  5. Tenuc says:

    The ruling elite tasked the UN to prove CAGW and confirm the dire effect CO2 would have on our globe.

    They’ve pumped some money into a cash strapped NASA and CU to prove the sun didn’t do it and it is mankind who are guilty – particularly the developed western world.

    These people have been meddling Atonists need to be permanently removed. It is no good just treating the symptom of a disease, you have to discover the real cause and find a way to eradicate it!

  6. Tenuc says:
    December 4, 2010 at 6:37 am
    The ruling elite …..

    It all became way back to the French Revolution. You will find the same last names. It´s crazy, it won´t make them eternal.

  7. Geoff Sharp says:

    Hi Rog, the Sun climate link is looking mighty sweet right now, the predicted massive NH winter that would reproduce LIA conditions is already happening…..and you are living where it is all happening. Also very cold here in Oz right now…snow in 3 states today.

  8. tallbloke says:

    wow, snow in Austal midsummer across three states. I did post a link to predicted snowfall for the weekend on the Austalian alps, but didn’t know it would come down lower then 1600m.

    Very very cold outside my house for the last month. Snow hasn’t melted for weeks. Very unusual for Nov/Dec in Britain. My dad remembers as a blur the winter of 1963 when he had many burst and frozen pipes to deal with as a young water engineer. This is getting close to that and we are not even to the cold part of winter yet.

  9. Geoff Sharp says:

    Rog…Very exciting I think, everything is on track. Expect it to get worse.