Paul Hudson does it again!

Posted: December 22, 2010 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

The BBC’s regular climate dissident, my local weatherman Paul Hudson, has blogged about the recent and continuing extremely cold weather over Britain. As well as mentioning several broken records.

Paul Hudson
he says:

The latest American and midnight European operational models bring milder air in from the west during the second half of next weekend, bringing with it the risk of disruptive snow, followed by near normal temperatures next week.

The latest UK Met Office model is very similar. Other solutions I’ve seen in the last 24 hours, including the midnight run of the UK Met Office, keep a blocking high pressure across the country next weekend, which prevents milder air making any inroads.

Past history shows that models are often too fast in displacing entrenched cold air with milder Atlantic air, and so on balance the best estimate would be for a slow transition to milder conditions from the end of next weekend and into early next week, with a risk initially of further snowfall especially across eastern Britain.

This is the third winter running when we have had very cold and snowy conditions hitting the UK. It comes at a time of continued, unusually weak, solar activity.

In my blog ‘could the sun cast a shadow on global temperatures’ I wrote about how Australian scientist David Archibald was convinced that prolonged weak solar activity could mean much colder winters in future. He wrote his paper in February 2009.

Perhaps we all need to get used to colder winters across the UK in the next few years.

Nice one Paul. Getting the solar message across in style there!

Full story here.

  1. It happens everywhere. Also here in south America : Meteorological offices are traditionally known for their wrong forecasts, specially in the last years of the “Global Warming” belief.
    What confirms the connections, revealed by “Climate Gate”, among all of them.
    However, in these “interesting times”, and I would add of the Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus opposition, “settled science” has revealed not being able to provide answers of any kind and it is doomed to fall apart into pieces, into the too many pieces it divided itself.
    A return to the sources will manifest fruitful in the years to come.

  2. Chris S says:

    I have a lot of respect for Paul Hudson (and yourself, of course;). Especially when you consider the company that he keeps.

  3. P.G. Sharrow says:

    There is nothing like reality to put an end to armchair/computer posers. In the end only what is based on the real world works. You can’t lie about mother nature and get away with it for very long.

    It appears that more and more people are beginning to find their voices and speaking up on the obvious fact the the climate is not warming. They have only been looking at the warming half of a weather cycle in a cooling climate cycle and throwing in Mann made warming to enhance the effect. Correcting the UHI, the use of airport tarmac thermometers and rural record “corrections” will show the real temperature average changes. Then the “Climate Science” people will be howling about the end of the world due to the desending temperatures and Ice Age tipping points. All caused by human activities, of course.

    Idiots. pg

  4. Monex says:

    It wont stay that way for long as a true taste of Indian Summer weather moves in for next week…..As mentioned… Highs will be near…..The mild air surges in here for most of next week.

  5. GregO says:


    Love your site! Another great post.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!

  6. Olavi says:

    If Metoffice were private consulting comppany, they would be in court for deliwery of diasterous wrong infomation and advices.

  7. Tenuc says:

    Although the cold is more of a danger to life than heat, luckily those of us descended form NH stock have the right genetic adoptions for surviving cold periods.

    If climate scientists were doing their job instead of following the wishes of their paymasters they would be working to understand the multiplicity of repeating similar weather quasi-cycles and be able to provide warning about future climate issues well before crises arose.

    Their focus on a non-existent average climate means they have almost zero impact on the welfare of mankind. time we stopped paying for these useless barstewards.