The Talkshop is now an ad-free zone

Posted: February 28, 2011 by tallbloke in Uncategorized

I looked in on another pc to check the site yesterday and was distracted by the ads displayed. You don’t see them when you are logged in as the blog owner. I think they detract from the user experience. So I had a look at the options WordPress offer to get rid of them.

It was Hobson’s choice, so I splashed the $30 to remove the ads for a year. I want to make this a democratic choice for the talkshop readership, so if you approve, you can make sure the site continues to be ad-free by using the donate button I’ve placed on the left at the top of the sidebar.

If enough donations come in to pay again next year, we can keep the site looking clean. Thanks for your consideration.

[Update] Thanks to the wonderful generosity of contributors to this blog, we will be able to keep it ad free not only next year, but several. Plus I will invest in some further site enhancements as they become available and in some reference material I’ve been wanting to get. Thanks to all who donated for their generosity!

  1. tallbloke says:

    One kind reader has made a donation already. Thank you very, very much!

    I’ll have a look at other WordPress options too if this goes well.

  2. Tim Channon says:

    There are nice people and so a reminder makes trouble more bearable.

    This also says you are doing something right.

  3. Gary Turner says:

    To be honest, I didn’t know there were any ads on the site. But then, I use Firefox’s Adblock Plus extension; I seldom see ads on any site.



  4. Tenuc says:

    Much better without the adds and loads the pages much quicker. 🙂

    You have email…

  5. tallbloke says:

    Thanks Tenuc! Mail on its way.

    Tim: So right. I haven’t heard anything from the VC’s office, so hopefully no news is good news.

  6. tallbloke says:

    This seems like an appropriate time to mention a couple of stats.

    The blog has been going 14 full months tonight and has had just over 117,000 visits.

    It’s the last day of the month and an hour or so ago we exceeded 25,000 visits this February.

    I just want to thank everyone for their informative, kind and humorous comment. In these recent years of freezing winters and the spiraling costs of carbon taxed fuel, it’s good to find that there are many torch bearers out there shining the light of their knowledge onto the dimly lit understanding we have of Earth and its unpredictable weathers and climates.

    It’s especially great to see the way people visiting are developing new conversations and bringing forward their fully formed ideas to share with others here. I want to keep this blog going and growing, and with your help it’ll be easier and more enjoyable work making that happen.

    We just found a bottle of bubbly at the back of the fridge and I’m going to raise a glass to you all.

    Cheers 🙂

  7. tallbloke says:

    I ‘d like to get some suggestions from the readership here about what they’d like to see changed in terms of the way the site functions.

    Don’t like the font size in the articles? Say so.

    Spotted a nice theme on Tell me.

    Got an idea for indexing posts or a links page for data sources? Let me have it.

  8. Rarm says:

    Ads don’t matter. I easily ignore them. Besides, any decent browser has [an] addon[s] which kiil them anyway.

  9. Roger Andrews says:


    Larger type for us old geezers

    Maybe a “reply” option?

  10. Tenuc says:

    Seconder for Tim’s suggestion here.

    Please don’t be tempted to try and jazz things up Rog. The current style is easy on the eye and quick to load the pages.

    Just wish WUWT would follow your lead!

  11. tallbloke says:

    I agree. I found my browser has a zoom feature which helps. I’m going to buy the CSS upgrade off WordPress which will allow me to set default fonts etc. If by ‘reply option’ you mean ‘nested comments’ rather than the sequential style, I prefer sequential because you can catch up from where you left off, rather than having to scroll around the thread for additions to various converations. I think it encourages a more inclusive approach too. We’ll see what others think.

    Does everyone like the scruffy grey inkblot and scratchy pen theme? 🙂

    [edit] Apols to the two new commenters, forgot to check the pending box.

  12. Roger Andrews says:


    Scratch the comment on old geezers. A couple of keystrokes and I can make the type face as large as I want.

    No, I don’t particularly like the scruffy grey inkblot and scratchy pen theme. How about something more dramatic, like a solar flare?

  13. Zeke the Sneak says:

    Easily worth the price of one really great book.

    Moral of the story: It’s not donation. It’s profit. Never be ashamed of making a profit for something people actually want!!!! 😀

  14. tallbloke says:

    Hey, thanks Zeke! Also, thanks to two more mystery benefactors, much appreciated.

    Roger, I’m all for ringing the changes. Spring clean time at the talkshop. i’ll test a couple of new themes an then we can all have an argument about which one to use.

  15. E O'Connor says:

    First visit in some three weeks since palliative care arranged for my mother here at home.

    On the one hand, I find the grey colour scheme a tad dour, but on the other hand, the site is distinctive because of it. Like the layout of posts.

    Also have Firefox browser so have never seen the ads.

    Go Tallbloke!

  16. tallbloke says:

    Thanks EO’C! Much appreciated. Yes, I think the grey scheme focuses attention on the post content and is easier on the eyes than a glaring white background. Hammers your laptop battery less too.

  17. HR says:

    Do you know where I can get those shoes in a size 11???

  18. tallbloke says:

    I run the store here now rather than google, so I’ll sell you my pair. They were too cold to wear this winter anyway. 🙂