More Earthquakes and volcanoes as Sun goes blank again at Lunar perigee.

Posted: June 13, 2011 by tallbloke in Earthquakes, Energy, solar system dynamics, volcanos

If there were any doubts about the link between low sunspot count, big isolated solar flares, Lunar perigee/apogee and heightened earthquake and volcano activity, events of the last months should have dispelled them. Magnitude 6.0 and 5.5 quakes near Christchurch NZ in the last 24 hours, plus the quakes and eruptions in Ethiopia, Chile, Kamchatka and Iceland are a reminder of the global aspect of the upsurge in seismic activity since the start of low solar cycle 24. Our sympathy goes out to all those affected by these frightening and destructively powerful natural events.

Some links to relevant posts on this blog:

Here’s the constantly updating graph from M.A. Vukcevic’s seminal guest post Earthquakes and Geomagnetic Storms a while back:
Vuk - the earthquake-geomagnetic connection

  1. Gray says:

    Hi tallbloke,

    Satellite pics of the Eritrea plume:

    [reply] select language, then try the link again to get the animated images.

  2. Dear Vuk: Could you add a label of each color curve?

  3. Michele Casati gave us several links ( ), among these the following, where Prof.Venkatanathan describes his method for finding the probable earthquake´s epicenter

    Click to access sce_venkatanathan.pdf

    (Dr. N.Venkatanathan,Faculty of Physics, School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, SASTRA University , Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu , India)

  4. Grumpy Old Man says:

    Dear Tallbloke. This is a serious question from a seeker after truth. I am not trolling. What scientific basis is there for accepting that correlation is in fact confirmation in this case? References to idiots guides on the subject would be gratefully recieved.

  5. tallbloke says:

    Hi G.O.M. and welcome.
    Try a google search for ‘earthquakes and geomagnetic’
    You’ll find quite a few serious research papers from mainstream science.

    As you’ll know, Earth’s geomagnetism is affected by solar activity and lunar motion. Not all geomagnetic storms result in earthquakes, but they do seem to have an association with the earthquakes that occur. We are trying to work out what factors are involved.

  6. Leon says:

    You’re the man. I’ll be reposting this to my Facebook. I’ve been trying to get people to see what’s coming, for years now. One young lady ( very smart too) was SO shocked when I raised a suggestion that the sun varies in output. She found that idea unbelievable. She was a PC and internet support tech type and very good at it, but exclusively a “man made global warming” believer. From her viewpoint I was very wrong headed not to believe in it too. Where are these people getting their critical thinking education? It’s so ironic, it’s like God has a sense of humor that these CO2 \ man made warming disaster believers are living in the time of a solar based shift into colder climate. It’s probably like Svensmark is partly right, also some of it is coming from increased surface and sub oceanic vulcanism increases, (more moisture and more solar reflectivity) and some of it from solar mechanisms yet to be understood. Is there a trigger point of some sort? We know we have a glaciation cycle coming due as Professor Vladimir Paar is suggesting. If I had the money to invest I would do what George Soros has been doing. Grain elevators and coal and really all energy source investments will have lots of potential. Very likely there will be a lot of greenhouse construction becoming necessary. Agricultural adaptation could save a lot of lives.

  7. Grumpy Old Man says:

    Dear Tallboy
    Thanks for the steer.

    [reply] No problem Grumpy Granpa, enjoy. 🙂