European carbon credit prices in freefall: watch your wallet

Posted: June 26, 2011 by tallbloke in Philosophy, Politics

EU Carbon Credits via Bloomberg -BLUENEXT - BNS EUA 08-12 (phase 2) (PNXCSPT2:IND) - click graph for report

Here’s one to keep an eye on. The value of carbon credits on the European exchange has fallen 20% in ten days. Hopefully the graph to the right will update. WUWT contributor Ecotratas has blogged this at

This might be a good time for those who live in the E.U. to ask their pension fund managers how much exposure they have to this market. We know the BBC pension fund is heavily invested in green tech and carbon mitigation. I wonder how much they have in carbon credits.

The recent fall is partly due to the Greek government attempting to auction a million creds, of which only 6000 sold. Not a big confidence booster. How much more E.U. money will be frittered on propping up this failing market?

Update 28-6: The graph doesn’t update. The price rallied a dollar yesterday. Is this the dead cat bounce?

  1. Bill says:

    If a market cant absorb about 16m euro selling order without tanking 25%, that is a pretty rickety old market.