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Posted: July 30, 2011 by tchannon in Politics

El Reg. is reporting “The House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee has called for greater integrity and data disclosure in peer-reviewed literature. It recommends that all UK research institutions should have “a specific member of staff leading on research integrity”.

S&T call for honesty

Click on image to go to S&T web page.

Want and get are of course different but nevertheless this surprising call is welcome.

I doubt much is going to change until society itself changes.

Also visit the HoC S&T web pages to find July 19th “Committee announce new inquiry into the Science in the Met Office

  1. AusieDan says:

    Slowly the noose is tightening on shoddy behaviour.
    Public archiving of data, methods and programs is the key.
    We must all keep demanding that this be done for evry scientific paper that is published.

  2. Doug Proctor says:

    It may cause the start of less political grandstanding by academic/scientific researchers and their institutions. If uncertainty must be revealed more clearly, the observations, discussions and conclusions/recommendations are going to be more qualified. Gore doesn’t need qualified statements; he needs hard ones.

    An appointed “integrity” commissioner will also create a chill for the researchers which will be good for us and a liability for the researchers. Though they will also complain about a restriction on academic freedom. Which, if the integrity commissioner’s office becomes politicized, will be true. However, if the IC vetts something, then the researchers have an added layer of protection …

    More bureaucracy for our times, the way we deal with difficult issues and conflict. Never let disagreements occur without a buffer or two in between!