Al Gore: 24 hours of consenseless nonscience

Posted: September 14, 2011 by tallbloke in climate, flames, Politics

Al Gore went to war

All on an autumn day

He gave us his facts

And turned on his acts

To scare the denialists away

Comical Al

Big Al and his pals on the net

Have got the world stage all set

From Durban to Seoul

They’re ready to roll

There’s hope for the polar bears yet

To be updated – check back regularly.

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  1. Viv Evans says:

    Nice post here at this link:

    What can we in the UK substitute for live opossums?

  2. Roy Weiler says:

    Might I suggest, as a Yank, Gray Squirrels?

    “The Lake District, in the north of England, is on the front lines of a new Hundred Years’ War. It is a war between rodents. Since the 19th century, gray squirrels, an American import, have been overtaking Britain’s native red squirrels and claiming their territory. The grays have moved up from the south of England, thinning out the reds along the way. The reds now survive mostly in Scotland and the English counties, like Northumberland, that border it. The grays are larger and tougher and meaner than the reds. They can eat newly fallen acorns, and the reds cannot. They cross open lands that the reds are scared of. They are more sociable than reds, allowing for higher population densities. Although gray males cannot mate with red females, they often intimidate red males out of doing so. “It’s like: ‘That’s my girl. You move away!’ ” Redesdale said.”

    The American invasion of England! LOL

    Roy Weiler

  3. Viv Evans says:

    Roy – spot on!

    We all hate these tree rats anyway, and they drive all the dogs crazy! Watching a tiny Jack Russell trying to jump up a tree with one of these vermin in it – aww, it’s a desperate thing.

    And if you Yanks can eat grey squirrels, so can we. Welcome addition to the cook pot, I’d say, what with all the extra money we have to pay to our energy providers, seeing that they have to pay the wind ‘farmers’ when they can’t take the electricity generated. Crazy world where one pays for not taking/buying something …

  4. Roy Weiler says:

    Love the humor! If you need an export program, I will try to export Gray squirrels to the UK if you have a shortage! Cannot have those Jack Russell terriers chasing shadows! Perhaps we can make Gray Squirrel SPAM!

    Roy Weiler

  5. adolfogiurfa says:

    He has been really the most succesful sceptic, he has “robustly” discredited global warming/climate change. He has managed to achieved what none could. Kudos to “Al Baby” 🙂

  6. Maurice@TheMount says:

    Gore…..A bloody mess associated with a horror movie.

    When all the Watermelon Warmers admit their Lie
    We will raise a monument into the Sky
    A monument of solid Carbon
    To commemorate their Bogus Bargain.