Oh yes, forecast, “Heavy snow is falling”

Posted: October 9, 2011 by tchannon in solar system dynamics, weather

Seems the circulation models worked well enough.

“Cold front blankets Brocken in snow”

Image credit The Local, German news in English. (link click image)

On 2nd October I wrote: “I noticed what might be early October snow for the Alps, they have had one minor spate already. This is for next weekend, 8/9th Oct 2011, assuming of course the models forecast correctly. A week ahead is improbable when there are unstable conditions.”, right here.

On the 9th a quick news search and top item

“Snow across The Alps
Saturday October 8, 2011

Heavy snow is coming down in some parts of The Alps. For many ski resorts it is the first big fall of the coming season though of course much of it will melt. In the meantime lets enjoy it and think of things to come.”

Credit Planetski

“ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The season’s first real snowfall has hit the entire Swiss Alps, with a tailback of 7km at the northern entrance to the St Gotthard tunnel mid-afternoon Saturday, according to Touring Club Swiss’s real-time road advisory service.” geneva

Meanwhile in New Zealand, resort with supposed end of season 16th October.

“New snow blankets Mt Hutt
Tuesday, 4 October 2011, 3:12 pm
Press Release: NZSki

Media release from Mt Hutt
October 4 2011

New snow blankets Mt Hutt”

  1. Nick Stokes says:

    “New snow blankets Mt Hutt”
    Yes, but the point of the story is that there hadn’t seen much this year till recently..

  2. Tenuc says:

    Nick Stokes says:
    October 9, 2011 at 7:12 am
    “ ‘New snow blankets Mt Hutt’ ” – Yes, but the point of the story is that there hadn’t seen much this year till recently..

    No Nick you are raising a straw argument. The thrust of the post is that the early snow in the Alps was forecast by a simple circulation model. The news articles confirm this!

  3. vukcevic says:

    Don’t need to look at the Alps. Montenegro is a Mediterranean country and it has been snowing heavily just today, at the altitude less than 1000mabot 50 miles away from the Adriatic.

    Re wuwt: CCL ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’

  4. Tenuc says:

    Thanks Vuk, I thought as much. 🙂 …And a bit closer to home for me…

    First snow of winter falls in Scotland – just days after record October heat.


    The ‘when’ in climate is just as important as ‘where’ and ‘quantity’. Global climate is a rather useless man-made theoretical construction. We need to know what is happening where we live now.

  5. tchannon says:

    Seems there was a concurrent early snowfall in the USA.


    Spotted at WUWT

    Meanwhile here in southern England today a Met Office forecast of cloudy, wrong again, I am looking at almost wall to wall blue sky, been like this for hours. Wind has dropped so it is pleasant outside. I notice we are still stuck with an unusual north/south divide in Europe. The Atlantic weather continues to scud across ireland, northern England and Scotland.

  6. Tenuc says:

    Looks like the UK could be in for an early Arctic cold blast…

    “ARCTIC BLAST TO BRING SNOW” – The topsy-turvy weather goes downhill from Monday
    WINTER will roar in next week as a bitterly cold Arctic blast brings snow and freezing temperatures for up to 10 days.


    Time to get the long-Johns out the airing cupboard again… 😦