Canary Islands volcanic eruption Red Alert issued

Posted: October 12, 2011 by tchannon in Earthquakes, volcanos

The recent swarms of earthquakes El Hierro island, Canaries has turned into an underwater eruption 5km offshore.

The civil authorities have raised the state of alert to red and further evacuation is taking place.

The Olive Press have an item “The eruption is Spain’s first since the eruption in 1971 of the Teneguía volcano on the island of La Palma, also in the Canaries.”

Contributor to Tallbloke’s malagaview has been posting updates here and refers to the Earthquake – Report website here which is a live update huge thread.

Tim Channon

  1. Tenuc says:

    Interesting to watch this one unfold. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, we will see the birth of a new canary island ~5km south of El Hierro should the current underwater volcano have a prolonged period of eruption. That would be something to observe!

  2. vukcevic says:

    Not yet I hope.
    My family is spending this Christmas there (Palmas, Gran Canaria) , all booked and paid for.

  3. tchannon says:

    Doubt anything is going to do more than create some extra local interest unless aeroplanes are out.

    Which reminds me, a young lady kiteboarded from the Canaries to the African mainland. Crazy people.
    “Kirsty Jones set a distance record for a kiteboard when she travelled 225 km (140 mi), crossing solo from Lanzarote in the Canary Islands to Tarfaya, Morocco, in about nine hours on 13 May 2006.[14][15]” — wikipedia newsitem

  4. Brian H says:

    Isn’t the Canaries where that huge underwater shelf sits, that could shake loose and deluge the East Coast with a hyper-tsunami?

  5. Sparks says:

    I’ve found some very good information on El Hierro volcanic activity at this

    I’ve also found a live web-cam pointing in the direction of El Hierro

  6. tchannon says:

    Good find.
    In the past found interesting things on irishweatheronline, which has a broad church.

  7. Brian H says:

    And the linked webcam slideshow is here:
    Beautiful show (~10 min jumps thru the day) even without an eruption.

  8. mkelly says:

    La Palma, is that where the Cumbra Viehia (sp) volcano is? Super tsumani possible if it blows and slides into ocean.

  9. tchannon says:

    I didn’t think it was but during a tel con with Tallbloke he said it is.

    Twiddle search.

    Spulling is Cumbre Vieja and no I didn’t type that.

  10. Gray says:

    Interesting underwater video and graphics of eruption. The final explosion shown is of Surtsey in Iceland:

  11. tchannon says:

    Those of you with Flash, this site are lauding a newspaper item on the eruption.