Mid spring snowstorm closes pass between Argentina and Chile

Posted: October 16, 2011 by tchannon in climate, weather

A contact sometimes keeps a group where I am a member informed on what is going on in the southern hemisphere where there has been a long period of unusual weather. Little gets reported in the west.


Photo credit: Prensa Gendarmería Nacional Argentina

Article en Spanish, Translated English, kind of.

Google map here The top of the pass at 3500 metres has a 3km tunnel, Wikipedia. This is about 1000m higher than Alpine passes, although a few roads in Europe are this high. The Andies are huge. Any of you who have driven at high altitude will be aware of the problems altitude can bring. Hauling trucks this high regularly, hats off to them, including the severe difficulties of decent.

Paraphrasing, the contact wrote: –

A long and hard drought caused by La Niña conditions has been going on for a year keeping temperatures lower than average because polar cold fronts (Leroux’s MPHs) keep arriving, and the extremely low humidity keep temperatures low after sunset.

Now we are getting repeated snowfalls in the south part of the country, extending our ski season, and on the Cordillera, our pass to Chile. A strong snowfall fell last week closing passes to Chile. The main pass has been opened again.

Mobile Polar High

This concept was introduced by the late Professor Laroux. An obit with a little introduction and links from the European Tribune

Tim Channon (not Tallbloke)

  1. adolfogiurfa says:

    Bad news for AGW believers and their shrinking glaciers.

  2. Tenuc says:

    adolfogiurfa says:
    October 16, 2011 at 4:16 pm
    Bad news for AGW believers and their shrinking glaciers.

    …And bad news for the global biosphere if we start to get colder/longer SH & NH winters on a regular basis… 😦