UBS Report: Europe’s $287bn carbon ‘waste’

Posted: November 28, 2011 by tallbloke in Energy, Incompetence, Politics

SWISS banking giant UBS says the European Union’s emissions trading scheme has cost the continent’s consumers $287 billion for “almost zero impact” on cutting carbon emissions, and has warned that the EU’s carbon pricing market is on the verge of a crash next year.

In a damning report to clients, UBS Investment Research said that had the €210bn the European ETS had cost consumers been used in a targeted approach to replace the EU’s dirtiest power plants, emissions could have been reduced by 43 per cent “instead of almost zero impact on the back of emissions trading”.

Describing the EU’s ETS as having “limited benefits and embarrassing consequences”, the report said there was fading political support for the scheme, the price was too low to have any significant environmental impact and it had provided windfall profits to market participants, paid for by electricity customers.

The report’s criticism of the EU’s ETS follows Barack Obama’s confirmation last week that the US would not have a cap-and-trade scheme and Canada’s refusal to implement an ETS.

Full story: :The Australian 

Jo Nova’s take:

  1. Brian H says:

    No matter. Your pols have the bit in their teeth and won’t be stopped, short of a pistol shot to the brain. Which would require putting up with a nasty spill onto the roadway.

  2. tallbloke says:

    Looks like there’s trouble for the carbon market in the antipodes too

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  8. Bill McIntyre says:

    don’t like to barge in here but there is a tiny negative sunspot just under its north pole – – a rare sighting that some people here might like to see (and record as souvenir).

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