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Fig 2B

Sub image from paper.

Commenter DaveR have kindly provided a link to an In Press paper by Nicola Scafetta which is likely to interest several of the blog readers.

Citation: –

Scafetta, N., A shared frequency set between the historical mid-latitude aurora records and the global surface temperature. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics (2011), doi:10.1016/j.jastp.2011.10.013

Preprint at Duke here


Oklahoma and a spike of earthquakes

Posted: November 10, 2011 by tchannon in Earthquakes


Photo credit Jason Alexander, News Star

“Oklahoma typically had about 50 earthquakes a year until 2009. Then the number spiked, with 1,047 quakes shaking the state last year.”

The Republic


Magnitude 4.7 OKLAHOMA November 08, 2011
Magnitude 5.6 OKLAHOMA November 06, 2011
Magnitude 4.7 OKLAHOMA November 05, 2011

[edit] Local GS site with a PDF about the quakes Oklahoma Geological Survey  [/edit]

This struck me as odd so I mention it. I was looking at the aftershocks in Turkey, poor folks, bitter cold is decending from a high over Russia.

Bob has in the past posted on Tallbloke’s and seems liked so I am providing a link to his request, which might widen his audience slightly.


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Station change over time and GHCN V2

Posted: November 7, 2011 by tchannon in climate

Figure 1

The plot shows how the GHCN V2 station location has moved in time as a global average. Hadcrut3 is shown for illustrative purposes only (**).

I computed this some time ago and really needs someone else to carry out the same exercise in case I have made a significant mistake.



Radar image of optically black object 2005 YU55.

Image credit NASA/Cornell/Arecibo

“Arecibo radar observations of asteroid 2005 YU55 made in 2010 show it to be approximately spherical in shape. It is slowly spinning, with a rotation period of about 18 hours. The asteroid’s surface is darker than charcoal at optical wavelengths. Amateur astronomers who want to get a glimpse at YU55 will need a telescope with an aperture of 6 inches (15 centimeters) or larger.”


The mess that is GHCN datasets

Posted: November 6, 2011 by tchannon in climate

Figure 1

Figure 1 XY plots two substations for WMO station 48877 where a sane person would reasonably expect a close to straight line with little scatter, since these are supposed to be the same location with very minor differences.

I am deeply critical of professionally managed and published datasets, particularly the withholding of information and lower level data, which makes forensic impossible. There is a lot I am not saying.


X-rated solar region hoves into view

Posted: November 5, 2011 by tchannon in Solar physics

Figure 1

Image Stereo

The sun continues bumbling along near solar maximum, my opinion.

Current news is a particular large sunspot region has rotated into view and is doing x-rated flares.


Figure 2

Yesterday the above.

SOHO site

Not much to add, the sun is active.

I am taking this opportunity to fill you in on Tallbloke’s absence.



— Alexandrovich Lyubushin, Russian Academy of Sciences

Some people will say that is not specific enough and major quakes are frequent off Japan, a perfectly reasonable position, nevertheless Alex’s work has a great deal of merit in what is a difficult field. A human lifetime is short in relation to the time between these major events, there is little data.