Tallbloke towers raided: many computers taken

Posted: December 14, 2011 by tallbloke in Philosophy, Politics

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An Englishman’s home is his castle they say. Not when six detectives from the Metropolitan Police, the Norfolk Constabulary and the Computer Crime division arrive on your doorstep with a warrant to search it though.

I waved the first three in and bid them head through to the sitting room, where there was less of an chill near the woodburner. Then they kept coming, being introduced by the lead detective from Norfolk as they trooped in. I thought I’d been chosen to host the secret policemen’s ball or something. 🙂

I managed to log out of my email on the big lappy as they sat down, to the annoyance of the Computer expert. he soon regained his composure though and asked his first question.

How many computers do you have in the house?

Oh, I’m not sure… around twenty.

I breezily replied. 🙂 🙂

Some glances were exchanged.

“So where are they” he asked.

“Most of them are up in the attic bedroom. We’re in the middle of decorating it. You’ll have to mind the wet paint…”

After surveying my ancient stack of Sun Sparcstations and PII 400 pc’s, they ended up settling for two laptops and an adsl broadband router. I’m blogging this post via my mobile.

I got the feeling something was on the go last night when WordPress forwarded a notice from the U.S. Department of Justice. I’ll post it tomorrow once I get access to the net from a bigger keyboard sorted out.

UPDATE 15-12-2011

  1. Anteros says:

    Tallbloke – I hope it all blows over and it turns out to be a very minor pain in the arse. Of course, if it turns out you have a ‘Russian server’ in your attic, things might get messy for a while. Drop me a line and I’ll swing the interest Briffa’s way 😉

    Best of luck and I hope Norfolk’s ‘finest’ were civilised in their ridiculous behaviour.

  2. Gray says:

    Whoa!!! We await further details tallbloke…

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  4. Brian H says:

    OMG! All this time I’ve been reading the postings of a computer crimester? Who knew? The shame! What fun!

  5. Smokey says:

    Real estate:


    Science blogging:


    The feds couldn’t get Al Capone on his criminal syndicate, so they got him on income tax evasion. Word to the wise.☺

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  8. Ruhroh says:

    Probably this is what set them off;


    These folks take copyrights and IP protection quite seriously…

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  10. Charlie A says:

    I look forward to your posting of the WordPress notice.

    A copy of the warrant would also be interesting. I’m curious why they think there is enough probable cause to come seize your computers.

  11. hunter says:

    The climatocracy is not acting very pleasant.
    I wonder who is next?

  12. Jostemikk says:

    Best of luck, Tallbloke!

  13. Bad Andrew says:

    “the U.S. Department of Justice”

    A nobler, more well-intentioned group of modern-day saints, you will not encounter. 😉


  14. Julian Flood says:

    Who is your MP? Perhaps it would help if he receved some questions.


  15. Sean Peake says:

    Do NOT use those laptops in any fashion when they are returned.

  16. ChE says:

    It says “search this site” right under the “donate” button. Looks like they took you up on it.

  17. Harriet Harridan says:

    The bounders…! Tell us the truth Tall bloke: Is it *your* yellow highlighter on the emails? 🙂

  18. adolfogiurfa says:

    The inquisition XXI century version? : “E PUR SI MUOVE”!

  19. Anteros says:

    Tallbloke -take your mind off the wretched rozzers and come over to Lucia’s to have a bet on the December UAH anomaly. You can use your mobile!

    Hope they return your laptops pronto

  20. adolfogiurfa says:

    “Dogs bark Sancho….that´s a sign we are going ahead” Don Quixote

  21. Harriet Harridan says:

    Finking about the “hacker” from a 2 second google the UEA used to give instructions about how to log onto one of their ftp servers here, but then hid them where nobody would think of looking – the internet:

    *quote*UEA will set up a ftp directory in November, into which groups should copy their report
    files (ideally these should be in Office 97 format). (This has been done. The ftp server is
    http://ftp.cru.uea.ac.uk, log in as an anonymous user using your email address as a password,
    change to the directory /incoming/accord. Please email Clare Goodess with the names of
    the files you have left in the directory and try to use self-explanatory names, e.g.
    ueafinal.doc, ueafig1.ps)*end of quote*


    So, all you needed was to know *somebody’s/anybody’s* email addy.. and you’re in! Maybe, possibly, the security on their email servers was similar, and you could just walk right on in…?

  22. Roger Andrews says:


    You’ve been nailed by Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 121, para 2703 of the U.S. Code, which states, among other things:

    “A court order for disclosure under subsection (b) or (c) may be issued by any court that is a court of competent jurisdiction and shall issue only if the governmental entity offers specific and articulable facts showing that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the contents of a wire or electronic communication, or the records or other information sought, are relevant and material to an ongoing criminal investigation.”

    Don’t ask me how the Norfolk Police are able to invoke the US Code to get a warrant to search a house in Yorkshire, but please note that this is a criminal investigation. So stand behind the archers and keep you sword arm free, okay?

  23. […] means his cellphone. In his blog report are all the details. including actions in the US involving WordPress and the US Department of […]

  24. […] means his cellphone. In his blog report are all a details. including actions in a US involving WordPress and a US Department of Justice. […]

  25. […] the last to know!!! Anyway, it seems likely while I was out shopping for Christmas knick-knacks, Tallbloke was raided, and his computers were seized. Meanwhile the U.S. Department of Justice seems to have […]

  26. twawki says:

    Very telling that the real criminals are whitewashed whilst those reporting their criminal behaviour are investigated

  27. kuhnkat says:

    Sorry to hear that the Jack Booted Thugs are still acting like, er, Jack Booted Thugs. People sometimes forget that there were administrators and politicians giving them their orders which they usually unhesitatingly followed.

  28. Ninderthana says:

    The best way to expose tyranny is to shine a bright light on it. The world-wide skeptic community will stand behind you Tallbloke… you are not alone. We will make sure that this injustice against you is spread all over the net. I think this act marks the beginning of the end of the “great” AGW scare.

  29. Lady in Red says:

    TallBloke….. I *adored* your posting! Were it me, I’d be shaking in confusion, for days.

    Your humor, wit, intelligence — resolve? — came through.

    Whatever happens, it seems certain *you* will survive quite well. …Lady in Red
    PS: Good luck with the attic redecoration, too! Maybe it’s time for a couple of days of more painting and making new curtains? …smile…

  30. Lady in Red says:

    Have you considered over-sized chintz toaster covers for the Sun Sparcs? …Lady in Red

  31. dp says:

    Are you going to be able to get to a computer in time to alert our hidden network that d-day has arrived, time for us all to press our red buttons and wait for further orders under the big “W”?

    Folks – don’t forget the code word this week: [Antithesis]

    Carry on.

  32. Konrad says:

    Meanwhile on the next episode of the Bill…
    “Cor! It’s the Filth!”
    “Right! You’re nicked Sunstation!”

    But seriously, what do they hope to achieve by this harassment? Is it;

    A. They are so foolish they do not realise that the whistle blower was a disillusioned and disgusted scientist with internal access to UEA servers?

    B. They are so foolish they think a comment posted on a remotely hosted wordpress blog site will leave a address pointing to anything more than a random Internet cafe on Tallblokes home PC?

    C. Keeping the false “hacker” meme alive with “computers were seized in the ongoing search for the Climategate hacker” stories to avoid embarrassment for idiot MPs who made the hacking claims?

    D. Harassing and intimidating climate sceptics in the hope of enraging “FOIA” the whistle blower to the point of releasing the deadman code for the 200,000 further encrypted emails, in the hope of catching them when they do?

    If “D” is the motivation, I would have some points for the Norfolk police;

    A. If you couldn’t stop FOIA getting several hundred megabytes transmitted around the world anonymously, what are your chances of catching them releasing a mere 8000 character text file?

    B. Even if you find who FOIA is, they will be covered by UK whistle blower legislation. Your masters will likely tell you to drop it. The government and UN story is “Hacker”. “Whistle blower” does not help the AGW hoax.

    C. You will look foolish if their name was under your nose for two years.

    D. The filter used to select the recently released 5000 emails was designed to pick up on primarily scientific concerns. However, caught up in the released files were around 30 or so indicating inappropriate contact with UEA, the World Bank and Goldman Sachs. This is the tip of a very big iceberg waiting in the 200,000 encrypted emails. Think “Pandora’s Box”. Are you really, really sure you want to open that?

  33. “they ended up settling for two laptops and an adsl broadband router”

    The stuff that was easy to carry … but they missed the digital photo frame on your keyring? 😉

  34. Scipio says:

    Tallbloke, I got informed of a WordPress subpoena from the US Congress against my blog–I didn’t get raided in person.

    They were annoyed because I said Republican Senator Thad Cochran was a rabid dog who deserved to get put down at the next electoral opportunity. The morons at the US Congress took this as a death threat.

    The American Civil Liberties Union defended me, successfully. They were brilliant. You don’t expect an organization that big to be that good at their mission, but the ACLU is. If you like, I’ll be happy to try to hook you up with them. Reply to commentmnstr via the googley mail thing.

  35. The Monster says:

    I want to chip in, agree with, and amplify Sean’s advice above. When you get those laptops back, don’t use them for anything until you’ve pulled the hard drives and reloaded your OS and all apps from known-good original install media.

    Put the original hard drives in external drive chassis to access the data files only. They should be assumed to be infected with all kinds of trojans, keyloggers, and therefore should not be opened without extreme care. For instance, do not just double-click a data file icon that might actually be binaries that will infect your system. Explicitly open the file from inside the appropriate application, and disable all macros. If you can open MS Office documents in OpenOffice instead, all the better.

    If the HDs are compatible, you can get away with erasing one after you recover your data, then using it as the new HD for the second computer.

  36. […] the first blogger to link to the Climategate 2 emails that revealved the collusion, data fudging and suppression (among other nasties) that is the modus […]

  37. Pointman says:

    Anything you need brother, you’ve got it.


  38. Orson says:

    While this is a pain to Rog, it will be golden for James Dellingpole and Christopher Booker!

    Or another revolutionary sympathizer, Benjamin Franklin, once wrote, “There are no gains without pains.”

  39. Pete says:

    Free the Tallbloke One T shirts available soon! I can only follow Pointman’s comment. Anything you need mate.
    Maybe worth contacting Gary McKinnon legal council as well!!!!!!

  40. GregO says:


    I am sorry to hear of your inconvenience and I certainly hope it is nothing more than that. While the letter of some law is I’m sure being followed, the spirit of free inquiry and open exchange of ideas is being compromised here. Hang in there – we are with you.

    Best wishes,
    Greg Olsen

  41. BTW: When the computers are returned, don’t trust their integrity. If at all possible, leave them in the sealed evidence bags until they can be vetted by an independent party. Check the seals. Consider the hardware to be compromised as well as the system’s data until they are independently verified.

    If the equipment is returned in an unsealed condition, place it in sealable bags in the presence of those returning the computers, seal the bags (procure suitable bags while you wait) and have the officer returning the computers that the bags were sealed in their presence.

    Do not accept the equipment if they refuse such a request. Do not sign anything that says the equipment has been returned. Make other arrangements.

  42. Pete says:

    How about a scan of the search warrant once something to use to post TB?

  43. Bebben says:

    So they sent in a whole little army – six policemen? They must have been a bit nervous because of your nick!

    As many have said, best of wishes, your readers are with you.

  44. […] seems that the world governments are escalating cliamtegate to the next level.   Tallbloke a fellow recipient blog of the climategate emails, and linked on the right, was raided tod… in what seems to be a coordinated effort by Metropolitan Police, the Norfolk Constabulary and the […]

  45. E.M.Smith says:

    Tallbloke: Anything I can do to help, I will.

    FWIW, this action has done one very important thing: I’m now VERY VERY INTERESTED in going through the ClimateGate emails with a fine tooth come. I’d been mostly ignoring them, figuring someone else would do it. IF those emails are THIS important, well, pull out all the stops!

    Sidebar on decryption: If the cops are looking for some magic decryption key, it may well be that the leaker is doing a Brute Force Decryption. A small cluster of computers can just brute force it, one email at a time, looking for a result with a high number of ‘hits’ on a dictionary (i.e. words showing up). Given the time lag between CG1 and CG2 there has been enough time to decrypt a few out of the many. It may well be that The Powers That Be (scared…) are trying to get to the originator before they crack the “Good Stuff”…

    This can be enhanced if you have some idea what some of the tokens would be. (This was helpful in cracking Enigma in W.W.II when Germans tended to close with a fairly reliable “Heil Hxxxx” ). If you have a known email layout and known names…

    At any rate, best of luck and hope to hear from you again soon.

  46. Willis Eschenbach says:

    Tallbloke, my condolences and my unconditional support to you. Likely it will only turn out to be a PITA, but watch your backtrail anyhow … anything I can do to assist, you got it.


  47. intrepid_wanders says:

    LOL! Sorry, but this is rich. Check out the four letter acronym group you have to use to file a complaint:



    Good luck!

  48. Tallbloke, I am surprised that you did not prevent them from taking away your equipment. I would imagine that they would have needed a warrant signed by a magistrate. The warrant should have spelled out exactly what they wanted to do. If they have overstepped the warrant you should be able to get immediate redress (return of the equipment and some compensation). Did not those Irish suppose bombers get compensation? I think this is a stupid act by an incompetent Police Force. If you have a Tory local MP I suggest you stir the pot. I suggest also to contact James Delingpole to get attention in the press. Hopefully, there will be a friendly lawyer who can help you get compensation. Money is a bit tight but I will see if I can put in a bit.
    It is time that someone took the alarmist and spreaders of untruths to court.

  49. lapogus says:

    Tallbloke, sorry to hear the thought police have descended upon you and your computers. A word of advice, even though you have nothing to fear or hide, get a lawyer and don’t say anything until you do. In general policemen are not the smartest and can be prone to misconstruing simple facts just to fit their their wild hunches and theories. Also, setup a new email address – someone I know who was wrongly accused by the local plods had his laptop confiscated and the police were using it not only to look through old emails but also to check new messages being sent to him.

  50. lapogus says:

    Yes, Dellers is a good idea. But probably best you keep your head down. Let the blogosphere get the word out.

  51. […] que los gobiernos están en una escalada del Climategate a un nivel superior.Tallbloke, un compañero cuyo blog también recibió los emails del Climategate ha sido asaltado hoy en lo que parece una acción coordinada por la Policía Metropolitana, la Norfolk Constabulary y […]

  52. malcolm says:

    they ended up settling for two laptops and an adsl broadband router.

    So what could they possibly hope to find on a router? Proof that your computers were connected to the phone network?
    Or do they not have the faintest idea what they were supposed to be looking for?
    Any household with a digital camera, satnav, MP3 player, Kindle etc. etc. will have tens of giagabytes of storage tucked away in odd corners. Confiscate the lot!
    And no search for postage stamp sized SD memory cards?

  53. Ecotretas says:

    Just drop a little bit of support. It is crucial to get out the message that the Inquisition is back, 500 years after…

  54. Steeptown says:

    The file will be in the Christmas cake.

    [Reply] thanks – lol

  55. Stacey says:

    Tall Bloke
    Did they give you grounds for removing your property.
    If you haven’t already I suggest you record exactly what happened and what was said and seek legal advice. I posted at CA suggesting you contact Leigh and Co, who have been in the news re the treatment of whistleblower’s in the NHS.
    Best regards

  56. Stacey says:

    Sorry last piece of advice. Do not have quiet little chats with the old bill insist on legal representation. If they ask you to go to the station make sure you have legal representation.

  57. Richard111 says:

    Big conflab with the wife and came to this conclusion: you know the location of the first leaked file so you kept an eye on the site especially as Durban was about to start and bingo, there it was.

    The spooks think somebody told you. They want that somebody. Dumbos!

    (now they have my IP. I keep my front door on a chain and back door locked)

  58. TonyN says:

    Waiting and watching.

    Whatever the outcome I am sure you can count on a vast amount of support not only in the UK, but internationally.

    TonyN, Harmless Sky

  59. tallbloke says:

    many thanks to those who have hit the donate button.

    I’ll be able to get a second hand laptop soon so I can keep blogging.

  60. tallbloke says:

    Stay in good humour everyone.

  61. Otter says:

    I agree with EM Smith, I hope this gets a lot of people interested in seeing for themselves, what is in the Climategate emails.

    Here’s hoping this is not just the first of many such attacks on the Truth-finders like yourself. I’m hoping this is more like they just shot themselves in the foot!

  62. Stephen Wilde says:


    As you know I am a lawyer in my private life and although this is outside my main areas of expertise I do have some personal experience of being wrongfully picked on by those bigger than me.

    Send me a copy of the legal papers that they should have served on you and I’ll have a look at them. You have my private email address.


  63. Steve C says:

    Very best wishes with all this, Tallbloke. Definitely, get a legal eagle onside, and definitely never trust those stolen boxes again. “Our” country gets nastier every day.

  64. Foxgoose says:


    I hope you and your missus can keep calm and preserve a sense of humour through all this.

    Listen to any professional advice offered, but evaluate the quality and motives of sources before acting.

    I’ve been through something similar to this and IMHO daylight is the best disinfectant – if you’re prepared to make a public stand journalists may be your best allies (even tabloids).

    The establishment only start to respect their own rules when the media are gathering in their front gardens.

    Small donation sent just now.

    Good luck

  65. Steeptown says:

    I meant to add “just kidding”. Glad you got it! All the best.

  66. Barry Sheridan says:

    Happy to contribute to your new laptop fund. Duly done.

    Good luck with your dealing with the police, they will of course be monitoring traffic on this blog so bear that in mind.

    While it is entirely legitimate for them to follow leads related to an investigation, sending 6 detectives seems rather heavy handed. What did they expect to find! Another example of the disappointing decision making that seems to dog everyday policing at the expense of annoying those who ought to be on their side. Clumsy!!

  67. vukcevic says:

    You do stand out in the crowd, being so tall. No surprise they pick on you first.
    May all your Christmases be joeys and merry!

  68. Faustino says:

    tallbloke, I once got accidentally caught up in a police raid in London. They didn’t get the guy they wanted, so they nominated me. Their case was dreadful, but was bolstered by false claims and tampering with evidence – e.g. I voluntarily surrendered some money, new issue banknotes from a particular bank. In court the police produced all old notes, even changed the pounds to 2x50p claimed I’d recived the money for my part in a crime. The jury swallowed it, except for one who fortunately persuaded those who thought me guilty that there was some doubt. I would have been jailed for at least three years if not for him, having not been involved in the matter the police were investigating.

    My grandfather was a PC, an uncle was a chief super, I’ve always been trusting. But I learned in this case never, ever, trust the police when they have you in their sights. Best of British luck, old bean, keep your passport handy just in case.

  69. Brian H says:

    Why would you want him to have Christmases be like baby kangaroos’? Are you pouch-drunk?

  70. Jockdownsouth says:

    Modest donation from a senior citizen who used to have great respect for the forces of law and order. Hope it sorts itself out without too much hassle. I agree get some legal advice and contact Delingpole. I look forward to reading your updates.

  71. Barry Sheridan says:

    Just a thought, do not use the router should they return it, without having it checked for tampering. Modifications may have been made that will allow remote monitoring of your traffic.

  72. Joe's World says:


    Do you consider yourself a criminal mastermind?
    The constables probably do. Looking for that evidence…of what?
    Trying to understand a planet and solar system that scientists corrupted with bad theories and bad logic.

    Do you not think many scientists should be the ones the police should be harassing?

    Keep up the good work!
    You do have friends and supporters!

  73. vukcevic says:

    Cold winter has arived, he could use worm cosy pouch right now.
    (Joyous – I have to turn off auto-spell on the word processor)
    Tallbloke as seen at conspiratorial gathering

  74. Nicholas Harding says:

    Please post the warrant on your website.

  75. David C says:

    I’m sure you’ll keep up the good work. Don’t let them intimidate you, which must surely be the object of this.

  76. […] all started when a couple of people, most notably a wordpress blogger called Tallbloke, released information that was sent to them by the climategate 2.0 email hacker.  Not soon after […]

  77. Denier says:

    Shout if you need any help (the email address is secure – my end, anyway[!], as is my present “purported” IP)

  78. hunter says:

    If climategate 2.0 really is such a big bore and really contains nothing of import, they would not be doing this. We are getting close.

  79. Jostemikk says:

    “And I stood arrow straight

    Unencumbered by the weight

    Of all these hustlers and their schemes

    I stood proud, I stood tall

    High above it all

    I still believed in my dreams”

    “Like a Rock”, Bob Seger

  80. adolfogiurfa says:

    UK Green Police raid home of climate blogger, seize computers.


  81. […] fick den brittiska bloggägaren till Tallbloke’s Talkshop hembesök av polisen som ville ta en titt i hans datorer.  De tog med sig två av dem för att […]

  82. […] the ever well informed Katabasis my attention has been drawn to the rather worrying seizure of computers owned by UK climate sceptic bloggers. Apparently at the behest of the U.S. Department of Justice as other climate bloggers have received […]

  83. Michele says:

    I write article on NIA for Italian people.

  84. Katabasis says:

    This same thing happened to a friend of mine two years ago:


    Let me know if I can be of any help whatsoever.

  85. Hugh says:

    A story with so many troubling undertones.

    You have my full support,


  86. PhilJourdan says:

    Very Amaturish. I remember an episode when networks were young. A similar attempt when a keyboard was removed from a single computer – not from the rest of the PCs that all had access to the same shares on the network.

  87. Jon Jewett says:

    Came here from WUWT and left a donation. When I started following this topic years ago, people argued the SCIENCE. A fool’s errand because it is not about the science and never was; it has always been about the money and power. Thank you for standing tall on the Rampart of Freedom against the Forces of Darkness as the Evil Empire strikes back.

    Should you ever have a reason to visit the heart of Texas, give us a shout. It would be our honor to take you to eat BBQ and drink beer, and shoot guns, and go to a good bible thumping church service. (And all of the other things Texans are supposed to do!)

    Jon Jewett (Steamboat Jack’s evil twin near Austin, Texas)

  88. I feel like a friend has been burgled.

  89. Richard S Courtney says:


    I am truly sorry for the violation of your privacy, the confiscation of your property, and the distress this event has imposed on you.

    Several people have suggested you obtain support of a lawyer. But at this stage there is no reason for that. Indeed, there is no possibility of useful legal advice or action unless and until
    (a) you are accused of something
    (b) the police fail to return your property.

    Furthermore, the law may not be applicable. If the investigation is considered to be a matter of national security then the investigators can do whatever they like and are protected from prosecution by the Security Act. Indeed, I notice that you do not mention them showing a Search Warrant which they must have done if they were entering your property to observe any of its contents as part of a criminal investigation. Their not showing a Search Warrant implies they thought their visit was part of their conducting a national security investigation.

    So, at present your best and most effective protection is publicity and – fortunately – you are getting it.

    Please keep us informed of any developments. We want to know of them because we care. More importantly, updates on the matter will keep the matter alive in the public forum, and publicity is your best protection.


  90. I sent your plight to DRUDGE via WUWT last night. Hopefully, this gets the attention of some important people. Keep us minutely updated!!!!!!

  91. Venter says:

    You have my full support Rog. As Richard Courtney says, publicity is your best friend now. That’s what these goons don’t want.

  92. Roger:

    Don’t let them get you down. If you could post up a copy of the warrant, that would be nice. I’d be interested to know if this originated on your side of the Atlantic or mine. If there is anything I can do to help, you’ve got my e-mail.

  93. Canard says:

    Count on me for a modest contribution. Modest, for alas, I am still awaiting my Big Oil cheque. All the very best, Canard.

  94. Jit says:

    “But British police have not determined who stole the emails. Recent reports of police expenditures suggest they may be devoting far fewer resources to it than other similar investigations.” – as seen by Michael E. Mann in his WSJ opinion of 5th December.

    My reaction when I read this was that the police should spend their money on investigating real crime – I think that any burglary in Norfolk should be higher up their priority list than this “theft” if theft it was.

    For instance, from their twitter feed 1 hour ago: “Police appeal after 16 rare chickens stolen from #Norfolk property – http://t.co/mQc2JVhW

    The chickens have the priority over the climategate 2 emails in my opinion. Hey, the poor mites will be dead and the evidence mostly consumed in ten days’ time.

    I live in Norfolk myself, and am slightly embarrassed that via my council tax I have helped to fund this action. Still, it’s nice to see all the good folks here rally around to offer their support – warms the heart, it does.

  95. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Tallbloke: you are one of the good guys. Contribution towards a new laptop made.

    Have a pint too.


    [Reply] You are a star Jimmy. Big thanks to you and everyone elde who has hit the tip jar. – Rog-

  96. T G Watkins says:

    Best of luck.
    As many have said, the sceptical community will stand shoulder to shoulder with you.
    Regards, Gareth Watkins.

  97. P.G. Sharrow says:

    @ all ; Mikiy has a brand new toy and now he is as happy as a pig in slop. I am pleased as “punch”. 😎 pg

  98. Korwyn says:

    I would strongly suggest that you go one step further and not just wipe the laptops but replace both along with the ADSL router. I don’t know what brand of router it is but many brands/models can have the firmware easily replaced or modified. In the event that you cannot replace the laptops, I would use Darik’s boot-n-nuke application to perform a DoD level wipe on the devices. A format and/or fdisk will NOT guarantee that they are clean.

    I would still strongly recommend that you do find a way to replace the router however.

  99. […] has finally provoked the legal machine into taking action. Against bloggers. UK blogger Tallbloke had computers seized and the Air Vent and Climate Audit have been threatened with action too. Jo Nova is enraged, and […]

  100. Sparks says:

    Just thought I’d drop by to show my support! When will you be getting extradited? just kidden, all the best mate! I hope you get your computers back soon.

  101. […] I first read this morning that the police had paid a nocturnal visit to the blogger Tallbloke to confiscate his computers I thought at first it was a non-story. Jolly annoying and inconvenient […]

  102. […] full blog post on the incident is still available to read HERE. Anthony Watts has been in touch with Tallbloke and has a post on the incident […]

  103. EthicallyCivil says:

    == “Sound of tip jar”

    Be of good cheer!

  104. Had two visits on my site from wordpress.org one each on the 8th and 9th, got no note though..overall traffic is creeping up in volume. Sent some funds via the tip jar.

  105. Paul Matthews says:

    Great quote from Rog in the Guardian:

    “I am happy to assist the police with their inquiries because I haven’t been hiding anything important like some people have. ”

    Also a nice double entendre quote from UEA:

    “We hope this will result in the arrest of those responsible for the theft of the emails and for distorting the debate on the globally important issue of climate change.

    [Reply] got a linky?

  106. […] the home of the climate skeptic blogger Tallbloke, was legally invaded by six detectives from the Norfolk constabulary and the Metropolitan police. […]

  107. tallbloke says:

    Sorry for the slow service, I’m running the blog from a Nokia N810 at the moment. 🙂

  108. Michele says:

    Heiii Rog….
    solved the mystery…
    you did a contract job with Nokia !

  109. Canard says:

    Have just received a most courteous e-mail from the hard-pressed James Delingpole. He’s on the case! Hopefully my modest Paypal contro will see you all right for some printer ink! Don’t let the bastards grind you down, and watch your back!

  110. Peter Crawford says:

    A simple message of support from me and an assurance that my MP will be hearing of this by letter and in person. He is visiting my town next week and I am going to bend his ear.

  111. Neil Hyde says:

    Roger, hope it all pans out OK , this is the one thing we agree on !!

    Neil & Mrs H of the Wedge fraternity

    [Reply] Thanks Neil, see you both next summer — rog

  112. […] of things. There are several classes of dissenting voices and I don’t rate up there with the big whistleblowers. And since I’ve written so little on Climategate or Climategate 2.0, it seems I’ll be […]

  113. […] Tattersall, aka “Tallbloke”, a Digital Content Manager at the University of Leeds, posted that six police officers identifying themselves as being from Norfolk Police and the Metropolitan […]

  114. Sean Peake says:

    Brilliant comment, Sir, in the Guardian: “I am happy to assist the police with their inquiries because I haven’t been hiding anything important like some people have.”

  115. Gerry says:

    I’m glad to see you are back online. I hope this outrageous raid backfires hugely against the “authorities” responsible for it, whoever they are. When the dust settles they need to be accountable.

  116. Tom Davidson says:

    The forensics of this case would seem to almost require that the “source” is an insider – someone with access to the CRU mail server and archival back-ups:
    If the speculation there is on the money (and these blokes are considerably smarter than your average Detective Lieutenant), then this police investigation either is part of a cover-up effort looking for a scapegoat, or is eventually going to learn something humiliating to CRU and the IPCC.

  117. Sick and tired of socialists says:

    Discovered your plight today from blogs and quite frankly the policy men’s actions disgust me. I hope the donation helps.

  118. amcoz says:

    You’re not alone mate and you’ve got my full support. ‘We’ in Oz are getting sick and tired of our politicians too, with the degradation of our freedom and liberty, which is only surpassed by that in the You Kay but more insidiously in the You Ess Aye.

  119. Bernie says:

    I left a little beer money. Your sense of humour under the circumstances is great. Keep calm and carry on!

  120. […] posted his own account of the police search on his blog: “An Englishman’s home is his castle they say. Not […]

  121. Ric Werme says:

    Take a page out of the Greenpeace playbook on using the exemption for the “lawful excuse” it used to get the “Kingsnorth Six” acquitted.

    http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/blog/climate/kingsnorth-six-day-one-20080901 says:

    The defendants will claim, he said, that it was “lawful for them to damage the chimney in order to protect other property – other property, you’ll hear, in Kent and all around the world, other property said to be at the risk of much more serious damage: threatened by the consequences of climate change which is caused by the substantial increase in what are generally termed as greenhouse gases, to which it is said coal fired power stations make a very large contribution.”

    Of course, they’ll have to tell you what law you broke that you had a good reason to break.

    And buy yourself a new router….

  122. Aussie says:

    just a quick note from an Aussie non-scientist who uses experience to proclaim that the IPCC is full of scaremongers.

    You have my support.

  123. Zeke says:

    I can understand their use of brute force and property seizure. Apparently they have only more recently become concerned that the whole global warming scientific fraud could indeed be demolished by one keystroke from foia, and the release of further emails.

    Whether the global and governmental institutions involved in this fraud will be able to prevent this from happening, is now the question.

    Thanks to tallbloke for his suffering through this, it is for the good. The scoundrels in Durban want to raise hundreds of billions of dollars on international shipping, and reduce land used for farm land. And as foia says,

    ‘“Over 2.5 billion people live on less than $2 a day.”
    “One dollar can save a life” — the opposite must also be true.’

  124. Sue says:

    How much are Exxon paying you to spout this rubbish? Hopefully you and James Delingpole will end up in jail. Bye bye idiots!

  125. […] posted his own account of the police search on his blog: “An Englishman’s home is his castle they say. Not […]

  126. Foxgoose says:

    Roger, are you aware that Greg Laden has directly and blatantly libeled you on his blog today?


    If you are in touch with any US lawyers, this open goal could nicely top up your fighting fund.

  127. Viv Evans says:

    Small contribution towards that laptop, sorry it isn’t more but as OAP one is a tad restricted as to £££.

    I’m hopping mad, but am hugely impressed by the many offers of help from so many bloggers I’ve come to esteem so highly since CG1.

    I hope that this will turn into one huge self goal for those who instigated this raid.

  128. uninformedLuddite says:

    Just out of interest what sort of router was it?

  129. Jit says:


    Astounding link to Greg Laden’s blog. Didn’t leave a snarky comment because I doubt the post will stay up long.

    Seems that to become a criminal, all you have to do is get FOIA to send you a link. Neat. Lucky FOIA didn’t send the link to Greg Laden!

  130. Enduser says:

    “I thought I’d been chosen to host the secret policemen’s ball or something. :)”

    Don’t be silly, Bloke. Everybody knows that the police do not have balls.

  131. Bob Koss says:


    I agree with Foxgoose that what Greg Laden wrote appears to be libelous. Even if you don’t want to involve an attorney, at minimum I suggest you write Laden requesting he take down his post and put up one apologizing for besmirching your reputation. Here is the full URL of his post.

    I have made a web archive(.mht file) of his page if it should be required.

  132. Roger,

    Sorry to hear you have been targeted. I empathise with your predicament.

    Please keep us informed and let us know if we can help.

  133. coldlynx says:

    these words from last weeks seems to be written with You in mind. Did they know something in advance?

    “Strasbourg, 08.12.2011 – The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers today alerted its member states about the risks to the rights to freedom of expression and association that may be created by politically motivated pressure on Internet platforms and online service providers. It also expressed concern about the threat to these rights caused by cyber attacks against websites of independent media, whistleblowers, human right defenders and dissidents. ”
    and from link in above link:
    “7. The Committee of Ministers, therefore:

    – alerts member States to the gravity of violations of Articles 10 and 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights which might result from politically motivated pressure exerted on privately operated Internet platforms and online service providers, and of other attacks against websites of independent media, human rights defenders, dissidents, whistleblowers and new media actors;

    – underlines, in this context, the necessity to reinforce policies that uphold freedom of expression and the right to impart and receive information, as well as the right to freedom of assembly and association, having regard to the provisions of Articles 10 and 11 of the Convention and the related case law of the European Court of Human Rights;”

    To me it seems they “alerted its member ” about “politically motivated pressure on Internet platforms and online service providers.” as they say in their own words.

  134. dailybayonet says:

    Tom Nelson pointed to a cached link to Laden’s post, should he toss it down the memory hole:

  135. Stephen Brown says:

    As an ex-plod please, please can I beg you to never, ever say one word to any police officer without having a lawyer present, and make sure that your lawyer is one switched-on cookie.
    The very worst thing you can do is to presume that because you are totally innocent you are free to speak. In the Nick, you are NOT innocent, you are just not-yet-proven guilty. It’s the Police mind-set.
    I’ve spoken to a number of both serving and retired officers and they all think that you are like a ripe plum, just ready for plucking by the right bent bastard (senior) officer.
    I have no problems whatsoever in signing this with my name and giving my correct e-mail address, which you are at complete liberty to withhold from any other Plods until they have given you Chapter and Verse under which legislation they are demanding it (in the presence of a damned good lawyer).

  136. Climate Depot special report by Lord Monckton: here

    [“Now that six policemen from the Norfolk and Metropolitan forces have invaded the home and “borrowed” the computers of “Tallbloke”, the first blogger in the UK to reveal the existence of the 5000 Climategate 2.0 emails,…”]

  137. Looks like you’re standing beautifully tall Tallbloke.

    We are all behind you with this, and I see, thankfully, with courtesy, humour, and concern for the real truth about the stinking corruption in Climate Science to come out so that the mess can be cleaned up and the science processes reformed.

  138. tallbloke says:

    There were several reporters in touch today. I have been as friendly and as informative as time allowed. I do have a day job, so they should respect those working hours.

    After 4.30 tomorrow please ladies and gents…

  139. […] posted his own account of the police search on his blog: “An Englishman’s home is his castle they say. Not […]

  140. adolfogiurfa says:

    @Zeke It is obvious that the people who sent the emails records know the encrypted ones texts. It is like saying: You are done…just wait and see. A kind of “vendetta dolce vendetta” (“Revenge sweet revenge”)….but, again, what is it really in play here? Not “global warming” of course…perhaps something pretty hotter 🙂

  141. Aussie says:


    more importantly, how much is Exxon paying to the UAE? How much does Exxon give to Michael Mann? Is there a link between Exxon and Al Gore?

    This whole false meme about big oil and those of us who are sceptics about the garbage that is proclaimed by these globull alarmists is getting extremely tired.

    Take for example the latest in alarmism from Australia regarding things like “there will be a growth in the number of reported cases in Dengue Fever”. Really? According to QLD Health, the mosquito that carries Dengue Fever, must first bite a carrier who brought the disease back from somewhere in the Tropics, such as Bali. I would actually think that there might be exponential growth due to more people visiting Bali, Fiji or some other exotic location where dengue fever is known to exist, than to any local threat in Australia… but hey, what would I know?

  142. Mike Singleton says:

    As an ex West Yorkshire man now resident in the land of common sense, Canada eh!!, you have my moral support and should it be required financial also.


  143. Mister Ed says:

    Oh, the shame of it all! TallBloke, I only joined your blogsite 12 short days ago and I am already in trouble with THE MAN!!!! 😉

    Seriously, I would say I like your post and your response, but there really needs to be a “DisLike” button to press here, as well as a “Seriously???!!! WTF!!!???” button….

    And typical, rather than go after the charlatans and frauds who take our tax dollars in return for lying to us and conning us out of even more of our money, they are only after those who ratted them out…

    Isn’t all the information in those emails subject to FOIA laws anyway? Aren’t we legally entitled to know everything in those emails already? So where is the crime? I mean, other than the crimes committed in these emails by those who wrote them in the first place….

    Here in the US, 30 years ago Woodward and Bernstein were heroes because they kept digging to find out the truth about WaterGate…. today their computers would have been seized and they would be jailed….

  144. From Verity “Digging in the Clay”

    tallbloke says: December 9, 2011 at 11:09 am

    The rozzers haven’t been along to feel my collar yet, this time round. I got interviewd in early 2010.

  145. Ray Tomes says:

    Wow, you made it into the Guardian. Well done Tallbloke. Does that make you famous or infamous? You have many supporters.

    [Reply] Heh. reminds me of ‘Carry on Cleo’

  146. […] Bloke’s home was raided and computers and a router were taken.  You can read about it at TB’s or  WUWT or from Delingpole in the Telegraph or at the Washington Examiner and various other […]

  147. J Bowers says:

    “I am happy to assist the police with their inquiries because I haven’t been hiding anything important like some people have.”

    SPPI? Charming, I thought Goddard was your convention buddy.

  148. […] is so much wrong about this police action that any journalist worth their highly remunerated salt could fill column feet with analysis of the […]

  149. Carla says:

    Ray Tomes says:
    December 16, 2011 at 12:03 am
    Wow, you made it into the Guardian. Well done Tallbloke. Does that make you famous or infamous? You have many supporters.

    Wow again, that’s what I was going to say.

    Hope it works out for the good Tallbloke.

  150. I find the whole idea of having your equipment confiscated by the police as tyranical in an extreme. One thing is for sure, if you are that big of a threat just for writing words, the foundations of their crime must be so flimsy that they must protect it from anything sharp, because it might pop under investigation. GOOD JOB!!!

  151. tchannon says:

    The Register have it up now Cops target climate-sceptic bloggers in three countries

    They have a lampoon video on the article.

    They have gotten off butt “We asked the Met for a statement but they referred us to Norfolk.”

  152. tchannon says:

    slashdot picked up the above, Rog will love that.


  153. WUWT: David at 4:22 am

    Is it not curious, one can spend years trying to get a public funded scientist to release their data and meta data (McIntyre vs Mann, and many other examples) or one can submit FOI requests to the IPCC (found guilty of subverting the scientific process on numerous ocassions) reciepients of world wide attention for their policy recomendations affecting every man woman and child on the planet, and have these GSE efforts stonewalled to no end, but on the otherhand you can be a common citizen, with a deserved reputation for being an open minded well informed, well educated man, and with nary a notice the authorties can come into your home and take all your computer files and poor through all your private records. It just ain’t right.

  154. Mr Bliss says:

    Tallbloke – If you are quick, you can get a kindle book out for xmas 🙂

    All the best

  155. Tallbloke,
    I think that I’ve done all that I can to help shine lots of bright lights on the situation.
    Hope that it works out well and that you will be justly rewarded for tolerating the inconvenience.

    Josh did a wonderful job with the illustration except that he has you standing in a hole and failed to draw any SPARCstations. 🙂

  156. […] Tallbloke’s Talkshop: Tallbloke towers raided: many computers taken […]

    Google translate of our French friends site here

  157. Greg Laden has updated his offensive article and closed the article for further comments with his final note:
    “I can not be sued by anyone for what I wrote here.”
    i.e. He appears unapologetic.

    (I have preserved copies of both versions of his article as published.)

    [Reply] Thanks Bernd, keep hold of them in a safe place, and see the new thread about the libel. – Rog

  158. Pointman says:

    Patently, he’s an idiot but the “I can not be sued by” means he’s not only ignorant of the law but illiterate too, which offends the bloodless grammarian in me deeply. “Cannot” you idjit, not “can not”. When in doubt, at least go for “can’t” you fool.


  159. Bob Koss says:

    In an effort to wriggle out of being accused of libel Greg Laden has updated his post. But he has not retracted the malicious assertion contained in the title. Tallbloke’s computers are the only ones seized.

    Therefore, it still remains Laden’s contention that Tallbloke is a “Criminal Cyber-Thief”.

    Computers of Criminal Cyber-Thieves Seized (updated)

    Paragraph changes:
    Thieves who broke into Unviersity of East Anglia computers in 2009, stealing thousands of private emails thus compromising years of expensive scientific research and causing a fabricated and unnecessary political doo-doo storm, as part of a much larger campaign of harassment, have had some of their computer equipment seized by UK authorities.

    Thieves who broke into Unviersity of East Anglia computers in 2009, stealing thousands of private emails thus compromising years of expensive scientific research and causing a fabricated and unnecessary political doo-doo storm, as part of a much larger campaign of harassment, are being pursued by the authorities, through the seizure of computer equipment that appears to be linked to the storage and dissemination of the stolen documents, and which has been seized under search warrant.

    So, apparently it is OK for Tattersall and his band of thieves to unilaterally play vigilante and break into your computer or mine, but when authorities investigating a crime, with proper search warrant, show up to investigate his misdeeds, suddenly he’s an “Englishman” in his “Castle.” I don’t know whether to laugh of to go medieval on him.

    So, apparently it is OK for Tattersall and this band of thieves to unilaterally play vigilante and break into your computer or mine, but when authorities investigating a crime, with proper search warrant, show up to investigate his misdeeds, suddenly he’s an “Englishman” in his “Castle.” I don’t know whether to laugh of to go medieval on him.

    9th word has been changed from ‘his’ to ‘this’

  160. Nigel S says:

    You might be needing this for your witness statement soon…

    ‘And I swear that for the future I shall neither say nor assert orally or in writing such things as may bring upon me similar suspicions. And if I know any heretic, or one suspected of heresy, I will denounce him to this Holy Office, or to the Inquisitor or Ordinary of the place in which I may be.’

    I’ve added a small contribution for some fresh kit.

  161. Beth Cooper says:

    Best wishes, Tallbloke. We the democratic and sceptical community are watching BiG Brother. We will support your civic rights in every way we can.

  162. Canspeccy says:

    I haven’t read everything here, so my apologies if the following is redundant in whole or in part:

    I suggest that you forget saving for a new laptop. What you may need much more is a first rate lawyer who can put you in touch with an expert in electronic surveillance who will check you place out and make sure one of those six cops did not slip a listening device in a flower pot. You should also ditch the router when it is returned, unless you are able to take it apart and satisfy yourself that it has been modified to spy on you.

    Of course, if everything you do on your computer or say in the privacy of your own home or over the telephone is as pure and innocent as the driven snow, then you have nothing to worry about.

  163. A distant friend says:

    The best use of your computing equipment would be to donate to a overseas charity. Of course you never claimed to have sole access to your computers and any number of people had access to them, who you didn’t keep record of. Be-aware of police officers and their superiors behaving nicely, its always a temporary aberration.
    Brazil is nice at this time of year. The Bigg’s memorial fund offers help..

  164. […] avlyssning, även för andra brott än terrorbrott, nås vi av nyheten att en brittisk blogare https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/tallbloke-towers-raided-many-computers-taken/ blivit utsatt för husransakan och fått sina hårddiskar beslagtagna. Orsaken är att han tagit […]

  165. […] Tallbloke towers raided: computers and ADSL router taken Rate this: Share this:FacebookMoreTwitterLinkedInLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted in Securing Liberty. Bookmark the permalink. ← Economic growth with finite physical resources […]

  166. kuhnkat says:


    I don’t know whether FOIA sent you an email or just posted on your blog, but, the police would appear to be hoping to get routing information and ip/machine address information on any communications you received. The router may actually preserve some of this also.

    Good luck.

    [Reply] Thanks. IMO the police don’t really believe FOIA would be stupid enough to contact me by email. Whoever it is, they just placed a comment with a link on half a dozen blogs. Why I’m being singled out, I don’t know. – Rog

  167. […] Tattersall, aka “Tallbloke”, a Digital Content Manager at the University of Leeds, posted that six police officers identifying themselves as being from Norfolk Police and the Metropolitan […]

  168. fenbeagleblog says:

    Wishing you well, Tallbloke, in interesting times.

  169. David Holland says:


    “Why I’m being singled out, I don’t know” Could it be ‘cos you are in England?
    Have CA and AV been raided? I guess that the US action was at the request of the UK. Who in the US is bothered about a hack/leak at the CRU?

    Why is anyone in the UK that bothered? Well remember the CRU backup server was tucked away in one of the the UEA’s two central computer facilities not in Phil’s ivory tower. So maybe unless and until they know how it was done they do not know if a lot of other stuff at UEA is vulnerable. We have tended to lampoon the UEA but in fairness it is an important place regardless of the CRU. After all the PRS got his PhD there.

    Also, since there may be some commonality in kit and s/w with other rather more important places than UEA, perhaps there are very real national security concerns.

  170. […] attack free-thinkers December 16, 2011By albannachpolice attack free-thinkersThis – police raid tallbloke, is very nearly the last straw. Surely, this cannot be legal, search warrant or not. When did we […]

  171. Dioclese says:

    Is it just me? Surely everything you have disclosed would already be on the WordPress servers so I guess they just want to know what else you’ve got.

    I find it more worrying that we now have British police officers acting on written instuctions from the US Justice Department.

    Who runs this country these days? Seems to be a toss up between the US and the EU. Perhaps we can set them off against each other??

    Anyone for a two minute hate?…

    [Reply] The UK police gave me the impression they requested help from the US DOJ to get the WordPress logs.

  172. Fotherington says:

    RE: Bernd Felsche
    BTW: When the computers are returned, don’t trust their integrity. If at all possible, leave them in the sealed evidence bags until they can be vetted by an independent party. Check the seals. Consider the hardware to be compromised as well as the system’s data until they are independently verified.
    Do not trust the integrity either way. If machines/drives are seized, they should have been placed into sealed evidence bags WHEN TAKEN (and before removal from site), and you should sign a document agreeing WHAT was taken, along with the bag number/seal number.

    As they will be cloned/investigated, they will obviously be de-bagged so as to be accessed, and then (possibly) re-sealed/re-bagged. In either case, they are no-longer trustworthy.

  173. Jack Cowper says:

    Good on you Tallbloke for handling this with such dignity.

    I see there are a couple of negative messages. Rather than them condemning you and saying this is karma – they should be condemning those that hid the decline, corrupted peer review and condemning Phil Jones for what he said about the death of John Daly. The double standards of these people is what made me a sceptic.

  174. NHills says:

    Bit belated, but I’ve dropped a donation into the new laptop fund..
    Keep up the good work and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

    [reply] Thanks! I’m off shopping later today 🙂

  175. Shortbloke says:

    Hello Tallbloke – Shortbloke here.

    I’m presently practising as an ICT Forensic Expert. I do a lot of cases involving computers, phones & Internet. I work almost entirely for the defence.

    If you want to contact me for some advice on computer raids and the use of evidence and strategies, let me know. I’ll give what advice I can gratis.

    I can say in advance that even if you are totally innocent of whatever you are suspected of, it will cost you an awful lot of money. Lawyers are not cheap at all and the process you have been involuntarily embarked on is certainly going to be expensive. My advice may help to lower this cost a bit.

  176. adolfogiurfa says:

    Everywhere in the World: Bill approved yesterday in the Peruvian Parliament: “Any person who improperly interferes, listening or broadcasting a private communication, regardless of the medium through which it has taken place shall be punished by deprivation of liberty no less than two nor more than four years”

    [Reply] WOW!

  177. Labmunkey says:

    Sorry to hear this happened mate. You should get a ‘your’ lawyer to ask for the reason for the police ‘raid’ and pursue the matter that way.

    Don’t let it ruin your Holdiays!

  178. A. C. Osborn says:


  179. A. C. Osborn says:

    Sorry about that, I pasted instead of copying.
    Are you following the work being done on Chefio’s forum?
    He is not so much looking at the data the rest of the sites have been looking and what he is finding looks like political dynamite.

  180. Ordinary Bloke says:

    I guess mine will be next, after all I had the temerity to place an FOI request and the police rang me up about it. When I suggested they were on the wrong track, the comment was ” we have to be seen to be doing something”

  181. Martin A says:

    Sorry you’ve been subjected to what must have been (and still is, in the sense the hassle is not over) a thoroughly unpleasant experience.

  182. […] blog Tallbloke’s Talkshop has details; see Watt’s Up With That for updates on this explosive […]

  183. Foxgoose says:

    Roger, are you aware of this rule about magistrates authorising search warrants:-

    From the Liberty website

    Magistrates should only issue warrants under this section if there are reasonable grounds for believing that the police will not be able to obtain access to the evidence without a warrant, for example, if consent will not be forthcoming.

    I understand you were interviewed after Climategate 1, an were fully co-operative – so IMHO the police should have first requested your co-operation before resorting to a warrant. Especially since they have confirmed you were never suspected of a crime.

    Just thought it might be of use.

  184. AJB says:

    Gives the Norfolk word ‘bootiful’ a whole new meaning … just in time for Christmas too.


    Beef Wellingtons on the menu here to mitigate AGW induced sea level rise. Who needs a foul at Christmas?

  185. Lebowski says:

    Don’t let the bastards get to you! Keep up the good work. America is on the fast slide to tyranny so we’ll be hearing more about these things here soon. Fight the good fight.
    ‘F’ The Man!

  186. Aussie says:

    Something that you might not be aware about is a case that happened in Canada relating to a “criminal” investigation. This involved a blog host being shut down by his ISP because he allegedly breached their terms and conditions. The point here is that the FBI were after the Al Qaeda run “Inspire” magazine.

    Here is the sequence of events: the FBI contacted the Web host for the blog host and gave them a similar letter to the one given to WordPress. The Webhost was in the USA (I think). The owner of the blog host was not around at the time so that he was not contactable. The FBI took the server that contained all of our blogs on the blog host site. The next thing that happened was that the Webhost shut down the blog host, which meant that all of the blogs on the site were shutdown. The excuse about terms and conditions being breached was a very thin one. The blog owner did get some compensation and he was able to set up the blog host site again and restore the blogs, except for Inspire.

    It came to me that the FBI had cause to seek the information about the “Inspire Magazine” because of the content. Keep in mind that some would be terrorists have used the site to help build kitchen bombs. The bloghost owner was not the target of any investigation. He does have a duty though to ensure that no copyrighted material appears in any blogs using his host facilities.

    After thinking about why the plods wanted to clone those computers, the only thing that I can think of is that they believe that they can get the wordpress password by examining the computer. If you have not already done so, I suggest that you change the password so that they cannot gain access.

  187. […] Further to the story earlier about a blogger’s computers being seized by Norfolk police on what seemed very dubious grounds, the victim is a blogger named “TallBloke”, who records events on the day here. […]

  188. […] I’m posting later than I planned this morning. Overnight, the Norfolk police, on the advice of the US department of justice, raided Tallbloke, who was instrumental in breaking the emails that discussed Micheal Mann and his crew deliberately subverting peer review, and have becume known as climategate. They have also asked that his wordpress.com account be frozen. He is now being libelled. His account is here. […]

  189. John Whitman says:


    The rational basis of the search warrant for your home, when you get it, would be very interesting to hear about.

    Take care. My thoughts are with you.

    It looks like you are keeping intact your philosophy of science perspective on this police visit situation.


  190. […] Climate Blogger, a sceptic called TallBloke has his house raided by the Police.  The reasons are explained in the post I have linked to, but […]

  191. Mack says:

    Everyone with a bit of common sense and decency is rooting for you,don’t let the barstewards get you down

  192. Mooloo says:

    Have they returned your computers yet? It seems to me that it would take far less than 24 hours to make a full mirror copy of your hard disk. It’s not totally trivial, since they want all the deleted stuff and operating files too, but it’s hardly rocket science.

    They can’t actually work off you computers – as that would affect the very evidence they seek and would ruin it for any court case (of you or anybody else). They have to work off mirror copies. Once they make one, they can make as many as they want.

    You should ask them to return the physical computers immediately. They don’t need them. And a copy of the mirror copies they made in a form that can’t be altered — such as DVDs.

  193. John says:

    Don’t let the mongrels get you down mate. The truth will further out as this gigantic climate scam is exposed and the charlatans prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

  194. […] “Tall Bloke reports that he was raided by UK police and his computers seized. Read his blog post for further details, […]

  195. fenbeagleblog says:

    Ding Dong Merrily on High…..


  196. Tenuc says:

    Sorry to hear that you have been hazed by the English police, working on behalf of our American cousins – go figure???

    However, I think this is a sign of how rattled the establishment is over the Climategate emails, and I can’t wait for the password to be revealed – the missing files must be real dynamite!

    Keep fighting the good fight – were all with you on this.

  197. nzrobin says:

    Hi Tallbloke,
    I’ve been a reader at your site for quite a while now. I especially love the solar geomagnetic science debates you have with other commentators.

    I also read many other sites on ‘climate science’, and can see why our channels of communication are a concern to the other side. The visit to your home has only served to strengthen the resolve of us sceptics. It seems the more they challenge us, the more we rally.

    And FOIA, if you’re looking. Take care. Our debt to you is beyond measure.

    With warm regards, Robin (New Zealand)

  198. tallbloke says:

    Thanks Tenuc. A good strong team is coming together really quickly.

  199. […] few weeks ago, my ‘Pot Lid’ paper got a favorable mention on Tallbloke’s climate blog. Today I find that acting on a request from the U.S. Department of Justice, a platoon of British […]

  200. Moqauvin says:

    One way to get casual-observer traffic to your site… good luck with these events, and happy holidays; hope you get time to enjoy Xmas and New Yr.

  201. Hillbilly33 says:

    In every field of human endeavour throughout the ages, be it art, music, sport, politics, war, or whatever you want to name, there are single events or decisions which have totally changed the course of history. Without wishing to sound overly dramatic, I believe the raid on Tallbloke is one such milepost.

    Where have you ever seen such a combined outpouring of support from so many of the giants of the blogosphere and their many erudite and well-known, well-loved posters! Like many of you who have suffered so much anger and frustration at media and governmental bias in suppressing justifiable scepticism and criticism of the attempted UNIPCC AGW scientific and financial fraud, I am sure you cannot help but be gladdened by seeing the concentration of intellect being assembled and motivated to resist this latest assault on civil rights and individual freedom.

    Though trillions of dollars are amassed against us (e.g; IIGCC et al and the UN), this old Tasmanian heart has been revitalised with new hope that common sense and truth will eventually prevail.

    Tallbloke, with that wonderful humour and attitude to life, you won’t be broken, that’s for sure!

    Cheers and a happy Christmas to all from the Land Down Under!

  202. […] Tattersall, aka “Tallbloke”, a Digital Content Manager at the University of Leeds, posted that six police officers identifying themselves as being from Norfolk Police and the Metropolitan […]

  203. William Smart says:

    Outrageous – but maybe explicable.

    Wikipedia says:

    The Norfolk police subsequently confirmed that they were “investigating criminal offences in relation to a data breach at the University of East Anglia” with the assistance of the Metropolitan Police’s Central e-Crime unit,[23] the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the National Domestic Extremism Team (NDET).[26] Commenting on the involvement of the NDET, a spokesman said: “At present we have two police officers assisting Norfolk with their investigation, and we have also provided computer forensic expertise. While this is not strictly a domestic extremism matter, as a national police unit we had the expertise and resource to assist with this investigation, as well as good background knowledge of climate change issues in relation to criminal investigations.” However, the police cautioned that “major investigations of this nature are of necessity very detailed and as a consequence can take time to reach a conclusion.”[27] As of November 2011, the investigation was still underway.[28]

    23^ a b Stewart, Will; Delgado, Martin (6 December 2009). “Were Russian security services behind the leak of ‘Climategate’ emails?”. Daily Mail (UK).

    24^ Webster, Ben (6 December 2009). “Climate e-mails were hijacked ‘to sabotage summit'”. The Times (UK). Retrieved 26 March 2010.

    25^ Webster, Ben (21 November 2009). “Sceptics publish climate emails ‘stolen from East Anglia University'”. The Times (UK). Archived from the original on 6 January 2010. Retrieved 27 July 2010. “An anonymous statement accompanying the emails said: “We feel that climate science is too important to be kept under wraps. We hereby release a random selection of correspondence, code, and documents. Hopefully it will give some insight into the science and the people behind it.””

    26^ Greaves, Tara (11 January 2010). “Extremism fears surround Norwich email theft”. Norwich Evening News.

    27^ “Police extremist unit helps climate change email probe”. BBC News. 11 January 2010.

    28^ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-15840562

  204. adolfogiurfa says:

    Before all, Tallbloke´s blog, it is and it was, taking into account his background:
    I’m a qualified engineer and a graduate of the History and Philosophy of Science. I’m interested in finding out how the solar system works and how Earth is affected by changes in it.
    An “Agora” of philosophy, of philosophy of science, as in the times of the ancient Greek “Agora”, an open temple under the Sun, a corner of a city`s square where free citizens congregate to talk about what the rest of “commoners” do not care or can not care, because of having to deal with the daily struggle for survival. A source of higher energy to be transmitted, shared, given, to the confused and afflicted by current conflicts and personal enigmas.
    Such a phenomenon has repeatedly arisen in the history of humanity as a beacon to guide with its light to real knowledge in order to answer to answer the old burning question: Who am I?
    A reiterative Delphi fighting against darkness.
    Then it is not about “freedom of press” or whatever it may be called in our “modern times” ,this “Age of the Feuilleton”, as the “Magister Ludi” could call it (*), it is about the fight between the forces of good, of negentropy versus the forces of evil, following the involutionary tendencies, of entropy, the self indulgence of thanatos, the self destructive desire. Eros vs. Thanatos (Thanatos (Greek: Θάνατος (Thánatos), “Death,”[1] from θνῄσκω – thnēskō, “to die, be dying”[2]) was the daemon personification of death.)
    The thanatophile can not bear himself a lonely death, he wants us all to follow him in his self destructive quest, thus he associates with others sharing his irrational tendencies, and, while he is convinced he is doing the best for the rest, he and his comrades, destroy the fruits of the labour of the normal and sane people: This is why liberals, free thinkers of the west, in special after the so called democratic “French Revolution”, share common ideals with those fanatics of the east.
    Then let us be clear about what it is happening now in the world and let us not worry about: Life, eros, always prevails.
    (*)Herman Hesse´s “Magister Ludi” or “The Glass Bead Game”

  205. […] A fellow WordPress.com blogger has had his house raided by the police and all his computers were confiscated by the Norfolk and London Metropolitan police in Britain . The blogger, Roger Tattersall is suspected of being connected with the release of the Climategate e-mails two years ago ( Norfolk is very slow ) and he has been able to post a brief article describing the raid – click Tallbloke towers raided . […]

  206. […] inexplicable – and very heavy-handed – raid on a U.K. blogger’s “home and castle” last week, there are other indications that the world may yet unfold as it […]

  207. theo the kraut says:

    Having the DOJ after you is a honour of sorts–keep the chin up!

  208. […] Mann down » Fundraising Skeptic blogger Tallbloke had computers taken from his house last week by police looking into the Climategate […]

  209. P.G. Sharrow says:

    I believe our host wanted to make a valuable contribution to the worlds understanding of climate science. I doubt he had all this in mind.

    “Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it.”

    It really appears to me that the stuff has hit the fan world wide. pg

  210. Tenuc says:

    P.G. Sharrow says:
    December 19, 2011 at 5:12 pm
    “I believe our host wanted to make a valuable contribution to the worlds understanding of climate science. I doubt he had all this in mind…”

    Hi PG,

    I’m sure that with his background in the history of science, Rog would have been half expecting something like this to happen eventually. Climatology stopped being a science a long time ago and has become a political football -sponsored by those power crazed individuals wanting a new world order. GCHQ must have been amazed to see the swelling numbers of ordinary citizens joining the ranks of the sceptical null hypothesis crusaders and would have been shocked when reporting the scale of the problem to their bosses.

    The current widespread ‘dirty tricks’ action being taken is a sure sign of the desperation they are feeling, and I think it is part of a last ditch attempt to scare dissenters. However, looking at the levels of interest their actions have stimulated, it is obvious that this plan has backfired.

    We must be ever vigilant in watching for new strategies which will be developed to further their cause and nip them in the bud before they can become entrenched like CAGW. Always remember that we are many, but they are few. Freedom is always worth fighting for, whatever the cost to the individual.

  211. taylorsspectrum says:

    I wish I had that many computer! They are afraid you do climategate and they copy you files and search them for cmd history, I know. I write program.

  212. […] 22 novembre dernier, le blogueur Roger Tattersall, alias Tallbloke (Tallbloke’s Talkshop) annonçait la fuite de nouveaux documents en lien au CRU, soit le Climategate 2. En l’espace de […]

  213. tytower says:

    Bloody yanks reckon they rule the world.
    It will be a laugh as the Chinese start telling them what to do.

    [Reply] The DOJ was acting on the MET’s request. WordPress are holding two days worth of logs for ninety days as requested.

    I have many good friends in the U.S. who have supported me through this ordeal. I suggest you be more discriminating in your criticism.

  214. Otter says:

    Being an American myself (though now living in Canada), I can assure you that most of the American public are either unaware of these events (Climategate 1.0, 2.0, Tallbloke, etc), thanks to the Leftist media, and a lot of those who Are aware of these events, are actively promoting falsehoods about them to their devoted followers (huffporn comes to mind).

    I will always maintain that the vast majority of people simple do NOT have the time to learn about these things- daily life is busy enough- and so follow whomever best fits their thinking.

    And to others who might see this: when I say Leftist, I do not mean all liberals. Not by a long shot. But it sure as Hell AIN’T the right that promotes this junk.

  215. Otter says:

    btw… ‘Bloody yanks reckon they rule the world.’

    How many empires have there been in the last 10,000 years? Wasn’t one of the more recent ones, YOURS, tytower? And it was spread a hell of a lot further than the US ever went.
    And I seem to recall it’s glory days were about putting an end to two other attempts at Empire, one in Europe, the other in Asia, neither of which would have been good for all of us.
    *sighs* moving on…

  216. PhilJourdan says:

    Otter – re: unaware Americans

    You are of course correct. But I note with amusement that of all the majors, only Fox has even touched on the story. And that as news, not commentary (they may have on commentary as well, I just do not pay attention). For that, the left and their sycophants vilify them and call them all sorts of names (never being able to substantiate any of their allegations, as robots do not think, they just regurgitate).

    I saw a bumber sticker recently that stated “Educate America – turn off Fox News”. Talk about false advertising – the sticker should have read “Indoctrinate America”. But of course the difference woudl be so far over the driver’s head as to be wasted on his intellect.

  217. […] Tattersall, aka “Tallbloke”, a Digital Content Manager at the University of Leeds, posted that six police officers identifying themselves as being from Norfolk Police and the Metropolitan […]

  218. P.G. Sharrow says:

    There is a 200 year old”Hopi” Indian Prophecy that says “The new era would begin when a net covers the world”.
    Main stream media is still trying to ignore this story, the BBC included, The battle is not won, merely joined. I too do not trust this media reporter to give an honest report that gets published. Engard Sir, and good luck to you. pg

  219. Brian H says:

    The Left is desperate to “turn off Fox News”. It has viewership equal to the next 4 or so competitors combined. With a healthy sprinkling of leftist contributors/commentators, while the competition has approximately zero center or right commentators.

  220. […] AEI, AEI, AEI, Family Security Matters, Stonegate Institute, Watts Up With That?, The Telegraph, Tallbloke’s Talkshop, The Washington Examiner, The Register, The National Post, The American Thinker, The American […]

  221. […] inaccuracy’ for this piece, as I did with Guardian reporter Leo Hickman in the wake of the raid on Tallbloke Towers by Lincolnshire police last December. But that doesn’t cover it. The Guardian’s smear […]

  222. […] As Talkshop readers know, Prof Michael Mann isn’t on my christmas card list, since he repeated Greg Laden’s libel against me and added some further innuendo in the NYT article by Leslie Kaufman written following the raid on tallbloke towers. […]

  223. iantanyrallt says:

    Now that I have met you I realise that Josh’s image is probably derived from a video of the raid. I had not twigged that is was a record of the event. Ian

  224. […] raid on the home of an anti wind farm campaigner in Scotland on Christmas eve 2011, soon after the raid on Tallbloke Towers, where anti-terrorism legislation was employed in order to confiscate my […]

  225. […] no header, no signature, no indication of provenance at all. My good lady and I have already been put through the wringer once, and we don’t scare so easily […]

  226. Reported with brilliant wit, Tallbloke. We demolished apartheid by laughing at it. Same again?