Spirit of Christmas

Posted: December 24, 2011 by tallbloke in Kindness

Happy Christmas everyone!

The incredible generosity from people all over the world who reacted so quickly to the raid at Tallbloke Towers prior to the legal fund appeal means we don’t have to worry about the laptops seized from my home by Norfolk Police in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police and the National Domestic Extremism Team not being returned in the condition they were taken.

Here’s what your kind donations have bought Kath for Christmas.

She has had her sights on one of these ASUS Transformers for a while, as she needs something she can use as an E-reader or movie screen while traveling and also type without struggling with an on-screen keyboard with her jittery fingers. She wants the 32G ‘Prime’ version which is pre-order only at the moment, so I also bought her some very nice sheepskin slippers for lounging round the house in to open on Christmas morning.

I have opted for a 128G Samsung solid state drive for my ebay bargain Nokia Booklet 3G when it comes back from Norfolk, and components for a self built desktop quad core PC with enough oomph to process the big datasets I need to work with on my solar-planetary theory stuff.

Norfolk Police have entered into the spirit of things by confirming in an email that I can relax and put my feet up for the festive period because we won’t be getting our lappys back for at least 10 days. Thanks Guys.

Thinking also of those less fortunate than ourselves, we have also made a modest donation to a local charity which helps homeless people at this time of year with provision of hot food and some kindness.

Stay warm and have a good one!

  1. Stephen Wilde says:

    Just for the avoidance of doubt this post relates to donations made before the appeal for legal funds. The two categories of fund are being dealt with separately.

    Nice laptop, by the way 🙂

  2. tallbloke says:

    Good to see my legal team is keeping an eye on my pronouncements during the whiskey drinking time of year. 🙂


  3. Glad to see that things are falling into place: computers, legal, family stuff…. Merry Christmas and a happy holiday. Bless us all, all everyone.

  4. Tallbloke,

    Here in the States we are transfixed on this situation as it resembles a number of security excuses being made here in the name of thwarting “terrorism” such as random highway checkpoints, increased number of SWAT teams and indefinite detention of American citizens. Orwell missed his predictions by a country mile but he was spot on.

    Funny how a little old hockey stick has created such a kerfuffle.

    Meery Christmas and Happy New Year. You and Kath snuggle close, walk the dales and enjoy the whisky:)

  5. Roger Andrews says:


    Glad you clarified that.


    Merry Christmas to you and yours and a prolific New Year

    And to everyone else too.

  6. Jack Savage says:

    Enjoy…and keep up the good work.

  7. A. C. Osborn says:

    Merry Christmas to you and the Family.

  8. tallbloke says:

    Don’t miss Josh the cartoonist’s take on the year’s climate ridiculae

  9. Gray says:

    Merry Xmas and Best Wishes – Gray

  10. tallbloke says:

    niblicksreach says:
    December 24, 2011 at 1:19 pm
    Orwell missed his predictions by a country mile but he was spot on.

    You wouldn’t have been aware of it in the states but Orwell was spot on.

  11. Michele says:

    In Italia si dice….
    “Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo”

    Tallbloke peoples.

    New year …. new items ….
    Back to Science


  12. Don Keiller says:

    Looks like enviroMENTAList Huhne could be getting his collar felt by Plod, if stories in “The Times” and the “Daily Telegraph” are to be believed.
    See this also

    Would certainly make my Xmas!

  13. Pointman says:

    Happy Christmas to you and yours TB.


  14. adolfogiurfa says:

    My best wishes for a happy Christmas to you and your family!

  15. tallbloke says:

    Michele: Buon Natale


    Yes: Back to science soon – promise.

  16. ThomasL says:

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Don Keiller says:

    Nice one, Roger.
    All the best this Xmas.

  18. tallbloke supporter says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours TB. Will keep following and donate to the legal fund if req.!

    Stay cheerful!

  19. hro001 says:

    Between the brilliantly illuminating efforts of Josh and Fen, perhaps next year common sense will prevail – and sanity will be persuaded to return to those in power in the U.K. and other countries similarly afflicted by cc (climate craziness and/or carbon correctness) [she says from the comfort of Canada, which will sensibly disengage from Kyoto]

    In the meantime, Rog (and all) happy Xmas and all the very best to you and your loved ones for 2012.

  20. Martin A says:

    Merry Christmas.

    And well done on the new hardware.

    Are sheepskin slippers hardware? Sounds comfortably soft to me.

  21. Green Sand says:


    On the first day of Yorkshire Christmas my true love gave to me
    A tinsel muffler to put round me tree
    On the second
    2 racing pigeons
    3 nippy whippets
    4 flat caps
    5 Dickie Birds
    6 Grandmas grumbling
    7 Grandads snoring
    8 Banghra Dancers
    9 parkin makers
    10 Bowls full of Yorkshire pudding batter
    11. Football teams struggling in the lower divisions
    12 Michael Parkinson Blow Up Dolls

    © Ian McMillan 25.12.09

    TB, all the very, very best to you and yours!

  22. Aussie says:

    Tallbloke a Merry Christmas from Australia.

  23. Aussie says:

    re: comment about George Orwell. It is an irritation that so many think that this was a prediction of what would happen in 1984. When people think that they are missing the whole point of what Orwell was saying. His book was written about Russia and as one who had turned from being a Communist sympathizer after he realized the truth.

    In 1984 here in Australia the press were playing up the fact that what was “predicted” was not fact. They missed the point.

    Since then, we have been slowly heading towards the totalitarianism of Big Brother. We now have the CCTV everywhere. Yes, even in Australia we have the CCTV. What is worse is that our governments have been taken over by totalitarian leaning fools who are imposing their will against our wishes. We have the thought police manifested by the insidious encroachment of PC attitutudes. Then we have the watermelons who are creating havoc everywhere.

    Now, on top of that China is threatening Europe with a trade war. It looks like Oceania is ready to declare war against the West!!

    Let’s hope that we can reverse the slide into chaos.

  24. Tenuc says:

    Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS Rog, Tim and respective families. Many thanks for your hard work keeping this excellent blog running, and all the very best for a peaceful and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    BTW. I wonder if FOIA will be giving us all the Christmas present we all want… 🙂

  25. orkneylad says:

    In his negative utopia, Orwell expressed fears that were actually troubling him in those years, that sooner or later, a form of the society he was envisioning would come about. The words ‘there will come a day…’ had relegated us all to waiting for that day, without giving us the mindset to ask ourselves whether in fact 1984 has in fact been with us for some time already.

    What Orwell doesn’t do is invent a possible yet incredible future; in actuality, he builds up a collage of a past which is all too credible because it has already happened, notably in the Nazi & Soviet era of the 30′s & 40′s. In the course of the six decades since the book was published, the impression has been growing that whilst the book talked about what had already happened, it was also talking about what was happening now, and not what ‘could’ happen in the future.

    Close-circuit control is now everywhere, on the streets & public parks, in factories & prisons, supermarkets & gated communities. The rise in popularity of the ‘hoodie’ among the young proletariat was not driven by the whims of fashion, but was in fact driven by the subconscious forces of personal expediency. Your personal internet history is -by law- retained by ISPs [internet service providers]; the analogy would be for the Post Office to open all your mail, and make a facsimile of every private letter & correspondence that passes through it.

    Orwell rendered visible through narrative Bentham’s idea of the Panopticon, a prison in which detainees could be observed without themselves being able to observe. Orwell, ahead of his time, created a Global Panopticon. It is at this point that we should realise the full significance of Orwell’s dystopia; Mainstream Media & Mass Culture are also part of this great Panopticon.

    Think about it:

    The ruling class is summoned to a rigid control of its morality, while the underclass, the proles, are accorded a wide margin of liberty for unruly behaviour, including the free expression of sexuality & access to industrialised pornography.
    Where should we look to find the development of Newspeak, if not in the language of TV quiz shows, tabloids newspapers & advertising? Just what is the difference between words like uncold, doublepluscold, oldthinkers, bellyfeel, (Newspeak) & supercleanplus, easyfix, buyright, grannybakes…..

    We also have a version of Hitlerjugend today, where children are propagandised with global warming indoctrination in schools, & attempt to re-educate their parents away from the thoughtcrime of sceptical leanings.

    Orwell also foresaw that war is not something that will -at some point- break out, but something that breaks out somewhere every day; was is not an epidemic phenomenon, but an endemic one. Big Brother is right when he says ‘war is peace’ but it’s such a shocking truth that hardly anyone is able to comprehend it.

    It is no longer relevant who is the President of the USA, or who in fact controls China; our ‘future present’ is controlled by huge supernational systems -both corporate & governmental- & the logic of power is no longer the logic of one man.

    Big Brother is useful because you still need to have a love-object, but a television image will do.

    At the end of the book, when Winston Smith -reeking of gin- weeps as he gazes into the face of Big Brother, we should ask ourselves whether ‘mass man’ is not already consigned to this terrible fate.

  26. amcoz says:

    From my hilltop overlooking paradise (hinterland of the gold coast in Oz), all the best Tallbloke.

  27. Curious Canuck says:

    Happy Christmas Tallbloke and all talk-shoppers!

  28. J Martin says:

    But before we get back to the science, perhaps someone should create a post entitled;
    A PC’s Guide to Climate Change”.

    After all, I think it is reasonable to assume that there are now 3 different constabularies fervently reading every word of Tallbloke’s Talkshop. This is a chance to convert some of the brainwashed religious followers of fake science of the false prophets of climate change.

    I think it should not be long winded. I guess it should start with some of the major climate science frauds of which the general public remain in blissful ignorance and a link or two for each item for further reading should anyone be interested.

    Perhaps it would contain a few points, such as;

    Over a 1000 scientists signed off on on the first IPCC report to the effect that they couldn’t detect any influence of man on the climate, this was changed by just one man to read that there was a detectable change in the climate caused by man. Professor Singer has one or more articles on this and names the man who perhaps beginning to fear legal action now claims he was encouraged to do this. An enormous and astounding fraud.

    Then there is the graph of temperatures that showed a steep decline which was used upside down to show a steep rise in temperature, namely Tiljander. This is fraud. WUWT refers.

    Likewise Yamal, 6 (or was it 12) tree rings showed rising temperature, but the remaining 78 showed falling temperature. They only used the rising temperature ones, or multipied the effect of the rising ones by a factor of 390. This is fraud. Mcintyre refers. (I think).

    Very recently NOAA have been shown to have been surreptitiously adjusting past temperature records every month going back some time to suit their agenda. An absolutely sickening fraud. Are they also destroying the original data in the process ?

    Show that the much vaunted “majority of scientists” 97% is a fraud. Some so called university scientists sampled over a thousand scientists, but obviously didn’t like their answers so reduced the sample to 77 of whom 75 said that the science was settled. This unofficial report conflicts with the figure published by the IPCC who have published that a majority of scientists think the science is not settled. No prizes for guessing which one the worthless rags (newspapers) used for headlines.

    By these standards, Phil Jones bumbling disregard for science is almost trivial.

    Since there is a website detailing some 129 instances of climate fraud, perhaps we should give a link to that and move on to the science which is crystal clear and very easy to understand;

    A simple graph or three, Roger Andrews recent graph of Sea Surface Temperatures versus land temperatures versus co2 shows that land temperatures track the ups and downs of the sea and not co2 which only goes along and then up.

    There are plenty of other graphs which show that it is the sun and not co2 which is the dominant factor.

    Landscheidt predicted the timing and the extent of the current drop in the suns activity and the subsequent drop in the planets temperature back in 1983. The co2 fanboys (I mean climate scientists) didn’t predict a drop in temperature, ever, they expected temperatures to go up steadily and said so some years ago, boy did they get that wrong.

    Show the graph of 3 temperature scenarios that the co2 fanboys predicted for the last 10 or 15 years and the reality of what actually happened to the temperature, significantly below even their lowest prediction and trending sharply down.

    Show that other real world evidence that growing zones and fish are moving south, contrary to the climate change message of a warming planet.

    Mention the only hard factual measured evidence of a concentration of co2 over the pacific, where the co2 fanboys expected higher temperatures, but when measured by weather balloons and satellites turned out to have a lower temperature. There are also reports by mathematicians and physicists which show that co2 in the atmosphere cannot increase the planets temperature and if anything causes cooling.

    Perhaps we should finish up with a professor Bob Carter youtube video showing what it is that we should really be worried about, namely the overdue (?) glaciation (iceage in popular parlance). With much of the Northern hemisphere covered in snow for too much of the year to grow food, some billion well armed people (Russia, America, most of Europe) will need to move south in order to survive. The planets population is what ? 7 billion and growing, in an iceage the planet can support how many ? 2 billion at best perhaps a great deal less.

    Anyone who thinks global warming is a problem needs to wake up.

    Well, I could go on all night, and it would probably take an awful long time to find all the links. Someone should do something like this, Just the Facts from WUWT perhaps ? Many could contribute.

    Of course some people by now completely fervent and holding hands and singing songs will not cease to be brainwashed even when they freeze in the record cold temperatures we had an early taste of last winter. Chris Huhne will no doubt continue to speedily sing his own toon. But you never know, it may even dawn on him one day that the ministrations of Ben Santer, Michael Mann, James Hanson, and Phil Jones (1), and others have become increasingly divorced from reality as temperatures decline over the coming 20 + years.

    (1). The odd thing about Phil Jones is that Hadcrut now show clearly declining temperatures over the last 10+ years, will we be seeing PJ changing his predictions to a cooler outlook over the coming years ?

    One thing is for sure, and even the co2 fanboys at NASA (not GISS) agree, the next solar cycle will have a long drawn out decline and that means cool summers, and ever colder and harder winters.

    The question that worries me is, if we started the tilt downwards in 1998, is this forthcoming Landscheidt minimum the one we don’t bounce back up from ? and we continue on down into a full scale glaciation and the multi billion people death toll that that would entail. I guess it all depends how fast it happens.

    So which ever policeman is reading my little essay, sorry I didn’t look up any links, perhaps someone else will oblige, or you can google for them.

    The bottom line is that co2 is not making the world warmer and will not and cannot. In the short, medium, long and very long term the world is going to get a lot colder, in due course, the UK will be uninhabitable, buried under 5 kilometres of snow, which will compress to a half kilometre of ice, in places, more. Not in our lifetimes, but our 11,500 years are up, how many more do we get before the UK turns into Greenland, it happened quite quickly there.

    If there is no legislation against fraudulent climate science and upside down graphs then that’s a shame, but as individuals you should at least acquaint yourselves with both sides of the science, not just the rubbish science on the front pages of the newspapers. After all, even public servants have electricity bills to pay and can vote in general elections.

    So Tallbloke et al, lets bring on the science and show the 3 constabularies that it’s the sun not co2 wot dunnit.

  29. tallbloke says:

    I’m proud of the talkshop tonight. May Santa be with you. Remember to leave him and his reindeer some refreshment.

  30. Leon Brozyna says:

    Merry Christmas from the colonies … give the significant other an extra long hug just because … nice transformer, BTW.

  31. Andrew McRae says:

    Hi Tallbloke,
    The way you appear to be taking the recent “compulsory computer swap-meet” in your stride is reassuring to all. Perhaps the cops will loan you some of their nicest kit in exchange, if they haven’t already (speak up a bit when you’re in the kitchen, eh? haha).
    In this war of words occasionally someone is caught in the crossfire and I bet you’re bemused at your sudden “accidental hero” status. In six months we may wonder what all the fuss was about. Andy Warhol said everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, but it seems we don’t get to choose when and how!

    Midnight refreshments? The reindeer are fond of watermelon juice, so I hear. You just need to mince a few. And if CO2 is as powerful as the UN says it is, you only have to leave Santa some fizzy drink to “warm” his belly. 🙂

    Have a Very Many Giftmas and best of luck for the new year.

  32. tchannon says:

    Happy Christmas everyone.

    Tonight is the most precious night of the year for me, the only time when there is true silence, no aircraft or train noise, below audibility. If it snows, velvet magic, not this year.

    I expect to be around everyday, which will handle any moderation where Rog cannot keep away. (grin).

    I’ve not been able to speak to Rog because of the broken landline. Looks like he would prefer this blog left as it is for the duration. I might (or might not) pop up some serious stuff at my own neglected site if anyone is sober etc. This can be moved here later on, kind of easy to do.

    Link to the other site here.

  33. Zeke says:

    If you are needing names for your new machines, how about Gaea 2 (hers) and The Kraken 2 (his)?


  34. Got things backward again it seems as everybody else is eating birds, I’m feeding them.

    hope you are enjoying your birds as much I do mine.
    And a happy new year of researching fun stuff.

  35. Richard111 says:

    Much wide ranging and interesting talk here. To add my comments (boasts ?:-)) I have Ayn Rand and George Orwell on my book shelves along with Azimov, Clarke, Calder and many others.
    We also feed the birds and are having lamb today.
    Best wishes to every one.

  36. tallbloke says:

    Tim, bring on the science!

  37. Peter Whale says:

    Like the new computers “Happy New Gear”

  38. fenbeagleblog says:

    Merry Christmas Tallbloke, in these testing times.

    …I ain’t afraid of no posts.

  39. garymount says:

    Speaking of legal troubles:
    “Hasbro is suing Asus in court over the use of the Transformer name for its Eee Pad Transformer tablets, citing trademark infringement.”
    Nevertheless, Merry Christmas.

  40. Josualdo says:

    Glad to see it at work! 🙂 May them serve you well. Merry Christmas!

  41. Aussie says:


    if Hasbro think that they can sue for trademark infringement, then I am sure that someone else who invented the real transformers (yeah, my dad was a TV technician so I know all about at least some forms of transformers) can sue Hasbro for infringement!!

    This whole thing of suing is getting ridiculous. The word transformer is not unique to some dolls or a cartoon show on the TV!!

  42. May the best beer in the world be with you!!(yorkshire Bitter!!!)

    I think this is going to be a very interesting year for the Tallbloke Tower with FOIA lurking in the shadows ala PHantom of the Opera. Remains to be seen whether he bets against the Mayan Calendar and stays Mum.

    Keep us posted on the goings on with Dixon of Dock Green!