Brace! Brace! : NYT article by Leslie Kaufman incoming!

Posted: December 30, 2011 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for running this past me before publication. There are a few incorrect details plus a couple of omissions which I’ll address below. I have also added a short personal statement. – Thanks.

1) Your full name is Roger Tattersalll
– Two ll’s at the end, not three.
2) you are trained as an engineer.
– yes, and I also hold a BA(hons) in History and Philosophy of Science

3) you have worked part time as a digital content manager at the University of Leeds.
– Hopefully I will continue to . My official job title is ‘web content editor’ You can confirm this from the Leeds University website.
4) you also work as a internet security consultant. – Not since the accident which broke my spine 5 years ago, leading to the winding up of my sole trader limited company. I haven’t changed my website in years – use the wayback machine to check this is true.
5) You deny being FOIA
– I don’t need to because I haven’t been accused of anything. The police have confirmed in email that I am not suspected of any crime. Having been made aware of this, I sincerely hope you will make this clear in your article, and avoid any ambiguity which might lead to mistaken assumptions to the contrary on the part of your readership. I am cc’ing this email to my attorney so he can witness this request.
6) your online name is tallbloke
– Correct.

No arrest was made, the police only wished to clone the disks of my computers. They came at 6.45pm not midnight as Stephen Wilde stated mistakenly. The police said at the time they do not suspect me of any crime, and have since confirmed this in email. They are returning the computers today.

The DOJ request to Automattic inc who own wordpress asked them to hold logs on their wordpress servers in California for the three days around the placing of the comment by ‘FOIA’, for 90 days. Automattic passed copies of the DOJ request to the three bloggers concerned merely as a courtesy, there was no requirement for them to do so, and there was no request by the DOJ for us to save anything on our home pc’s, which could not possibly contain any logs or data relating to the ‘FOIA’ comment anyway.


I am an upright citizen who has studied the science and social aspects of ‘global warming’ for the last five years as a spare time activity since a serious accident left me unable to pursue my previously more active lifestyle as a mountaineer and motorcyclist. Two years ago I made a discovery concerning solar system dynamics which leads me to believe that changes in planetary surface temperatures partly involve long term and shorter term cyclic phenomena related to the changing disposition of solar system masses and their electromagnetic activity. I started my blog in the hope of attracting other people with similar interests to discuss these issues. It has since additionally hosted guest posts by other authors on the wider issues around ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’. It is now one of the more popular websites on the subject, where people can debate the issues in a civilised and respectful way.

Kind regards

Roger ‘tallbloke’ Tattersall
BA(hons) Hist/Phil Sci

Kaufman, Leslie wrote:
> Just checking before I publish. Let me know if any of the following are incorrect.
> 1) Your full name is Roger Tattersalll
> 2) you are trained as an engineer.
> 3) you have worked part time as a digital content manager at the University of Leeds.
> 4) you also work as a internet security consultant.
> 5) You deny being FOIA
> 6) your online name is tallbloke
> thanks
> Leslie Kaufman
> National Environment Reporter
> /The New York Times/

> ————————————————————————
> *From:* Rog Tallbloke
> *Sent:* Friday, December 16, 2011 4:48 PM
> *To:* Kaufman, Leslie
> *Cc:* Stephen Wilde
> *Subject:* Fw: press release
> My client is an honest and open minded climate enthusiast who has come to the personal conclusion that the consensus view of the climate effect of human emissions does not match observations or his understanding of the relevant physical processes.
> In an effort to understand the reasons for the apparent discrepancy my client set up an enthusiast’s website purely for the benefit of like minded individuals to discuss such matters amongst themselves with the participation of those members of the public who shared such interests.
> It seems that as a result of the high profile earned by our client the person or persons known as ‘FOIA’ selected our client amongst others as a recipient of a link to an internet site which contained details of emails that were clearly in the public interest by virtue of their relevance to the wisdom of certain global policy decisions relating to energy use, energy supply and possibly global rationing of energy sources and the direct or indirect taxation of every individual on the planet for the foreseeable future.
> As an honest and upstanding citizen our client has always been willing to support the authorities in any reasonable investigation and, if asked, would never have objected to assisting those authorities in examining his computer equipment to ascertain whether any help could be provided in tracing the source of the said emails or the identity of ‘FOIA’.
> The entire exercise as regards our client was wholly unnecessary and counterproductive.
> Our client reserves his position as regards future actions in relation to the abuse which he has endured.

  1. adolfogiurfa says:

    Hope it will not “hide the decline” and the truth, as the argument now is, as said by the BBC: Neither “Climate Gate I” nor “CGII” have succeeded to show any misconduct from climate scientists, after having been subjected to several official inquiries ….

  2. Joe's World says:


    I have to admit that that was boring…

    Where’s the swashbuckling swordsmanship or shaving the damsel?
    Where the saving Whales trapped in Ice and giving mouth to mouth?

    I have some more data for you on climate model constructions….
    Climate models are supposedly using the grid square method so lets look at how many areas of observations they miss…
    There are 129,600 grid square if using the one degree latitude to one degree longitude.
    Many grids do not have any weather stations or a satellite overhead 24/7.
    So where do the number come to fill the grids without data?
    Volcanoes are not included nor is land heights. Velocity is a feeble measuring of the whole grid and that’s it. No angles of solar radiation, nor is precipitation observed…etc.

  3. Don B says:

    Rog, you and Leslie may be interested in this theory which suspects the UEA FOI compliance person was FOIA.

    If the authorities have indeed been aware of the source of the emails, then the ‘borrowing’ of your computers was just an attempt to intimidate skeptics.

  4. adolfogiurfa says:

    No one will hold the Sun from going astray….. 🙂

  5. dfbaskwill says:

    The NYT will still screw up the whole article and one or more of the questions asked will still be mangled beyond recognition. They can’t help themselves.

  6. Don B says:

    I am quite confident Leslie’s article will not be the Worst NYT Climate Story Ever. That prize has already been awarded by Pielke Jr:

  7. Zeke says:

    “5) You deny being FOIA
    – I don’t need to because I haven’t been accused of anything. The police have confirmed in email that I am not suspected of any crime.”

    This is the whole point. Roger Tattersall is not foia, he is not being investigated for being foia, and the readers here still do not know what the search warrant actually charges Roger Tattersall with that justifies the seizure of his personal effects, library, scientific research, and correspondences.

    But we do know that there is international interest in finding foia because of the international nature of the policies being persued, as even the authoress acknowledges. And we know that scientists who blog on solar system dynamics and disagree with AGW have been raided by the Department of Extremism, the police, and the MET (an additional police service), without being charged.

    So who is engaging in Extremism here, really?

  8. Aussie says:

    @Don, I agree with the conclusions from Stratasphere. This is something along the lines of what I have been thinking since the first release. The FOIA moniker makes it sound correct.

    There is a new outfit called Unileaks who have the data as well. I have not downloaded what they released because I am not sure if it is anything past what has been released and I have seen in the form of snippets.

  9. Robert M says:

    Since there is but one comment on Leslie’s article at this time, I imagine that the censor’s over at the NYT are working overtime. I am going to take up a little of Tallbloke’s space to respond to a small part of what I feel Leslie got wrong… Leslie wrote:

    1. “The e-mails seemed intended to undermine any progress in international negotiations.”
    2. “private e-mails”
    3. “But several inquiries cleared researchers of any scientific wrongdoing.”
    4. “Skeptics on the science underlying climate change argued that the e-mails showed that climate scientists had manipulated data to prove their case.”


    I have often wondered at the media’s ability to absolutely misinterpret events that do not fit in with their worldview. Often, when confronted with proof of their malfeasance the defense of the actions in question boils down to, we were stupid, not criminal… We did not realize that we were being lied to… It was someone else, not us…

    But in this case, I am wondering what your defense would be if you ever had to defend your position.

    1. It is obvious that the emails were intended to show that the scientists supporting AGW do not have science on their side, only advocacy.

    2. The emails are legitimate subjects for an FOI request. Doesn’t the NYT use FOI? Do you have any idea of the magnitude of your hypocrisy? How do you sleep at night?

    3. Those investigations were pure whitewash, and if you were paying attention you would be aware of this. Oh, wait, you are paying attention, what does that mean? Lets try this another way. Suppose it was Watergate all over again and the Nixon administration investigated itself and announced that there was no evidence of wrongdoing, would you be OK with that? The stupid, it burns.

    4. Skeptics? Really? You just dismiss all of the evidence with a single word? Don’t you get tired of doing this… Isn’t there a tiny part of your brain that says “Hmmm, I keep having to dismiss legitimate concerns by marginalizing the people instead of their arguments.
    Mann’s hockey stick statistical shenanigans? Skeptics did it.
    Briffa’s Yamal deletion of inconvenient data? Skeptics did it.
    Steig’s smearing of heat across half a continent? Those darn Skeptics.
    Hansen’s adjustments? Pesky Skeptics.
    Jones’s deleted data? The Skeptics did it.
    Hide the decline? Skeptics are picky.
    Darn Climategate emails? Skeptics again!

  10. p.g.sharrow says:

    The skeptics did not create the Emails released by FOIA. The skeptics did not release the emails created by the members of the team. Jones was trying to hide the FOIA files when they were brought to the attention of the skeptic world. The only question is who committed a crime, the hider or the reveler. As for skeptics, we cheer! We are not crazy, we are right! there IS a conspiracy! pg

  11. tallbloke says:

    There were several followup questions in response to my reply, culminating in this exchange 2.5 hours ago. All is quiet on the email front since

    Kaufman, Leslie wrote:
    > FYI: At present police won’t confirm or deny you are a suspect.
    > Also I describe you in the story as in the lukewarmer camp — someone who thinks that carbon in the atmosphere could have a warming effect but thinks that descriptions of global warming by mainstream science is exaggerated. (I understand that in your case you also think that solar system cycles are at work). Is this accurate?

    Hi Leslie,

    The police won’t confirm or deny anything to anyone not directly affected by an investigation prior to its completion. That is standard UK police practice. They have confirmed, directly to me, three times, and to my attorney that I am not a suspect.

    I would describe myself as the coolest of lukewarmers. I readily accept the science of radiative physics, but recognise that there are other physical processes at work in the atmosphere which could easily negate or swamp any enhanced co2 radiative effect. There is evidence for these; such as the movement of the jet streams towards lower latitudes when the solar cycle is at minimum and when the arctic oscillation turns negative, changes in cloud albedo, type, altitude… the list goes on. Plus, as you have picked up on, there are long term climate cycles evident in climate indices such as the Beryllium 10 isotope data from ice cores which possibly have a celestial origin. The Greenland GISP2 ice core shows strong ~60 year cycles consistent with the warming from 1915-1945 cooling from 1945-1975 warming from 1975 to 2005 and… what’s next?

    The emails themselves reveal that in private, the scientists are much less certain about attribution of climate change to co2 levels than the level of certainty conveyed in the narrative which has been presented to public and policy makers through the IPCC process and through press releases which have been uncritically disseminated by many journalists. The emails also reveal the pressure exerted on the integrity of the peer review process in this scientific field (it’s not alone, look at medecine!).

    Kind regards


  12. Tenuc says:

    It will be interesting to see what sort of spin the NYT puts on this, or if they decide to drop the dead donkey. I find it sad that the MSM is controlled by a few rich and powerful people who will use the media to support politicians who kowtow them, but will try to smear those who won’t. We no longer live in a real democracy as the information we need to make informed decisions is biased by exaggeration and lies of omission. What ever happened to the free, independent, investigative press???

    I find I spend most of my time when viewing the news looking for the hidden agenda and propaganda message. It’s amazing what can be discovered if a little critical thinking is applied and a bit of time taken on the web to ‘follow the money’.

  13. Darn it Roger, you are making to much sense for a New York Times reporter who has to protect the vested interest of the Upper West Side of Manhattan not the alternative thought of the Yorkshire Dales.

  14. kuhnkat says:

    “I would describe myself as the coolest of lukewarmers. I readily accept the science of radiative physics, but recognise that there are other physical processes at work in the atmosphere which could easily negate or swamp any enhanced co2 radiative effect.”


    I don’t even accept warm at all. There is no proof that there has been an AVERAGE WARMING over the period in question. There may have been, but, the information we have is NOT good enough, especially after baised adjusters played with it, to know with any certainty!!

    If you have exceptional claims, you better start trotting out that exceptional proof rather than pulling argument from authority especially when you set yourself up as the authority!!!

  15. TB
    As much as I totally disagree with the guff you post here! I note that you are interested in cycles

    You may find the plots here of interest (about 3 pages of stuff)

    These are available as Excel files (16 to 30Mbytes) if you want to play with them!
    I do not claim these “simulate” the climate but they do replicate the chosen HADCRUT3V global data rather well.

    If you do want then you will need a couple of free addin filters and probably some help in navigating the operation (I did it for me so it is a mess!)

  16. Aussie says:

    when it comes to the warming…. well I am happy to talk about climate change that occurs within cycles of about every 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 years.

    Here in Australia we talk about the 100 year flood. There is one building in Parramatta that has a marker indicating that in a previous century the flood waters had reached that marker. I would not like to see that happen again, considering the location of that buidling!!

    Also, here in Australia our temperatures are variable, but there is also a consistency. We have temperature zones from tropical through to temperate and a little bit colder than temperate. Even our gardening guides explain what is best for each of those zones. If you go live in Queensland, or even northern NSW then you are living in the tropics. It is great in winter!! The tropics have two seasons – the Wet and the Dry – and obviously in the Wet Season it is humid, plus it is the period when the cyclones strike. In the southern portion of Australia where we have the more temperate zones, we can still get very hot weather.

    To give an example of a temperature cycle, I will pick the period of January – February which is the most likely to have heat waves in excess of 100F or 40C. The last one in Victoria was 2009 which ended in the bushfire tragedy (fires were deliberately lit). Prior to that the big heat wave was 1959 when we had similar temperatures. In fact 2009 was not as hot as either 1959 or 1939. Please note the pattern. The reason that 1959 is so significant to me is that my older sister was lying in hospital in a coma, after the family was involved in a near-fatal car accident.

    Australia is also subject to periodic drought, and it happens at regular intervals. In the 1960s for example the dam levels in Victoria were so low that we were not allowed to wash cars let alone use a hose on the garden. It was the bucket brigade in action. This has been repeated several times since the 1960s. Now it need not be like that if more dams were being built, but the watermelons prevent the building of new dams, which in turn has led to the very poor decision to build a desalination plant. The droughts are always followed by the floods. Last November-February was the breaking of the drought and the beginning of the floods. Whilst we were visiting New Zealand last year, the eastern part of Australia was experiencing floods – the drought was broken. The closest area to where we live that was flooded was Queanbeyan, but there were floods in other parts of NSW, Qld and Victoria. Rockhampton for example was hit in November and again in January (I have a niece in Rockhampton but she was fine).

    There is no way that the amount of carbon dioxide in the air can have any form of influence upon what is very natural.

  17. amcoz says:

    Aussie, I well remember the HOT days in South Aussie during the fifties, which were a lot hotter than years later. Up here in south-east Queensland, where I’ve been for thirty years, it’s never been colder. As for CO2 I say, let ‘er rip, as from my reading of history and a smattering of science (being dear to this retired engineer’s heart) any marginal increase in temperature and the additional plant food has to benefit mankind’s ever increasing population to a far greater degree than any dramatic cooling (that is currently occurring in the northern climes).

  18. Jockdownsouth says:

    Tenuc 10:28 –
    By “the MSM is controlled by rich and powerful people” you presumably you mean individual media moguls. What about the BBC in the UK? I very rarely watch their news programmes (local news isn’t bad) and find more balanced TV reporting on France 24, Euronews and RT (Russia Today). But the BBC isn’t controlled by individuals. It’s controlled by the liberal-left Establishment. Sky News aren’t much better because they’re desperately avoiding comparisons with Fox News.

  19. tchannon says:

    Aussie, similar flood cycles exist in continental Europe. including, I really don’t want to know about that high. In some cases I’ve wonder how such depth is possible given the lie of the land.

  20. Aussie says:

    @amcoz, here in the watermelon capital of Oz, we had our coldest start to summer with record low temperatures for December.

    I was too young to remember the 1950s, but I remember the 1960s in Melbourne for being hot with plenty of beach days during summer. From there I remember the sudden temperature change in the early 1970s, and it was quite dramatic. In fact it was very much like what we are currently experiencing.

    In a nutshell this is my problem with the hype concerning globull warming. It is just hype and has no regard for what is in fact quite natural.

    @tchannon, yes, I understand and if we were to look at USA and Canada we could probably see the same cycles in play. Example: the Hopewell Indians, responsible for the burial mounds found in Ohio were wiped out by what seems to be a big flood. These floods continue to be experienced in the USA.

    When it comes to Australia though, the floods were well known, which is why the 5 Macquarie towns in Sydney continue to exist. Governor Macquarie and his surveyors travelled the Hawkesbury-Nepean river system and 5 towns were designated for their high ground: Windsor and Richmond were 2 of those 5 original towns. The only time I have been close to a devastating flood was in 1978 when the Hawkesbury river flooded. We lived in South Windsor and the house we occupied was on high enough ground, but just down the road a little bit, it was a different matter. Many people needed to be evacuated. This is a situation that could have been avoided if the government of the day had not released the land for sale for residential purposes!!! The local council and the state government have been ignoring the wisdom of Governor Macquarie, and when that big one comes………..

  21. tchannon says:

    Some time ago I mention Solitons which are very real world wave structures.

    For fun here is something really bizarre, Falaco Solitons and I bet you have seen two.

  22. p.g.sharrow says:

    @ Tim; A wonderful tail of an observation of real world conditions.

    I had a vision of the creation of a photon emission from an atomic electron shell a few weeks ago.
    Curious, it appeared to be a soliton o->c in the aether. Haven’t considered the possibility of a linked pair. I have seen these Falaco Solitons on water bottoms but never connected them to anything. You can see them from the underside looking up toward the surface too. Kind of darkened dots in the bright surface.

  23. tallbloke says:

    Hmmm, no sign of Leslie’s article yet. Unless it has appeared in some other section of the NYT. I’m keeping an eye on this page:

  24. Tenuc says:

    Hmm, perhaps someone had a word with her editor to drop the dead donkey. Nothing to help the cause here… move along.

  25. Tenuc says:

    tchannon says:
    January 1, 2012 at 4:12 am
    “Some time ago I mention Solitons which are very real world wave structures.

    For fun here is something really bizarre, Falaco Solitons and I bet you have seen two.

    Thanks Tim, fascinating… 😎

    I wonder if this is yet expression of a self sustaining process caused by the charge field? As the path of photons is bent at the boundary between air and water an induced torque causes the linked eddies to continue rotating after the initial turbulence ends. Be interesting to find out under ideal conditions if these could become semi-permanent feature, like Jupiters Spot.

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  27. tallbloke supporter says:

    Hi TB – Have things settled down with your employer and how have your work colleagues reacted to you being in the news? No need to respond if there are legal implications.