Montford gets Norfolk police response

Posted: January 17, 2012 by tchannon in Politics

UPDATE 23-1-12
WUWT has now got a bigger story surrounding this item.


Until the season of glad tidings the matter of Norfolk police, UEA and so on were of little direct interest at Tallbloke’s but it has now become a matter of curiosity.

This is an alert that Andrew Montford of the Bishop Hill site has posted he has won his FOIA appeal about emails to do with the security company who dealt with one of the CRU backup servers.

He quotes a letter from said officers of ‘er Majesty ending

“Therefore, the Constabulary no longer has reason to apply the exemption and we can release the information. A further set of emails is attached.”

He goes on to say not a lot of obvious interest.

Bishop Hill article

Post here by Tim Channon

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  1. adolfogiurfa says:

    this was centred around the extraction of emails from the CRUBACK3 server by the police’s forensic IT contractors, Qinetiq.
    What is it Qinetic?

  2. MontforD.

    [ My error, I hope it causes no harm –Tim]

  3. QinetiQ is the commercial half of the old Defence Evaluation and Research Agency. The non-commercial (aka secret) stuff in now in DSTL.

  4. Martin A says:

    Presumably Tallbloke’s computers are still “helping the police with their enquiries”?

  5. tchannon says:

    They have been returned but are cluttering the Naughty Step. Apparently they refuse to talk so Rog has been reading up on interrogation techniques. One of them has muttered something about money and demanded cream cakes, perhaps a good sign. The other one keeps shuddering poor thing, gibbering about something tickling.

  6. Gixxerboy says:

    ‘Bonfire’ the returned computers. There’s some terrible stuff going on, what with Megaupload being taken down in action across borders. If only Interpol and their like were so zealous when it came to murders, rapes and acts of terrorism.