Richard Holle: U.S. Tornado action successfully predicted

Posted: April 13, 2012 by tallbloke in atmosphere, Forecasting, solar system dynamics, weather

Keep an eye on Richard Holle’s Aerology page on the Talkshop and his fully mapped weather prediction service for the U.S. (other areas coming soon). Richard’s tireless work is paying off, and his weather forecasting is proving to be accurate and valuable. Here’s his latest update showing that a forecast he made on WUWT over a month ago is spot on:

Richard Holle says:
April 13, 2012 at 1:06 pm

Seems to still be as valid now as then…
Richard Holle says:
March 1, 2012 at 6:47 pm

Once again the Lunar declinational tidal effect is responsible but goes unmentioned, The moon was maximum North declination on the 1st of March, the solar declination seasonal tide is incoming from the South adding to the effect and making the resultant tropical air mass surge two days sooner than the usual, peak production on the day of Maximum North lunar declination and three days after.

I have had daily forecast maps for this expected precipitation posted for 51 months now;

Details on how it works are posted on the site, in the blog/research section.

You can watch the incoming lunar tidal bulge sweep in from the Southwest in their short movie, and the back side more polar air mass brings in the negative static/ionic charges that gave added power to the temperature front to drive the condensation high enough to generate the tornadoes.

Over the next three days as the fetch of moisture slides East across Texas into the Gulf states, and the moon starts to head South again, Just as we are having a heliocentric conjunction with Mars on the 3rd, this is very likely to bring on another round of tornadoes.(they got that part right anyway) see my maps for these days as well.

Last year the big outbreak was enhanced by the heliocentric conjunction with Saturn, on the 3rd of April, which will be occurring on the 15th of April this year, so you can expect more outbreaks to occur from the 4-10-2012 Maximum South lunar declination and four day after window, another much larger 2 or 3 day burst as the moon crosses the equator on 4-17-2012. Then the heavy action through the end of the month of April, ending in last hurrah of big snows into the first week of May. Appalachian Ice storm seems to be on the 3rd through 5th of May, buy your replacement power poles early.

  1. tchannon says:

    Are you kind of suggesting a Mobile Polar High is associated with this?

  2. MPH is the term others use for a declinational tidal effect component that comes in from the Polar side of the produced bulge.
    You should really take the time to read some of the 106 posts on my pages, I am updating my site this month are there any suggestions on how I could make the posts more searchable/findable?

  3. The map posted above shows the expected tidal bulge from the Maximum South culmination extent from just the inner planets and the moons effects.

    What you will see on radar today and the next three days will be more enhanced flows in the North West side of the projected forecast due to the conjunction with Saturn on the 15th, so the tornado production will be pulled a little later in response to the insurgence of the charge gradient that will peak on the 15th, enforcing the timing of the tornado production the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th, toward the end of the normal Maximum South and five days after window 4-10-2012 to 4-15-2012 expected time frame with out the enhancement from the Saturn conjunction.

  4. Richard, Interesting post. Have not seen your website before. Nice that you provide information for free. I wonder if you have ever been in contact with Haydon Walker who follows the methods researched by Inigo Jones and his father Lennox Walker. See about Inigo Jones here . Jones started weather observations at Crohamhurst (later an official observatory a little norh of Brisbane) in 1887 and it was he who recorded Australia’s heaviest rainfall of close to 1m in 24hrs and close to 2m over 4 days in the year 1893 when there was cyclonic weather called the Mooloolah event. ( recently not far from Crohamhurst there was a sudden down pour officially recorded at a council weir in Maroochydore of over 400mm in 6hrs -this flooded shops in one of the main streets, houses and underground car parks in the area) It is likely that Haydon Walker has a long data record of weather and observations of planetary movements..

  5. I have had no contact with Haydon Walker yet, back in 2000 I had a chance to study some of the ideas of Inigo Jones and it both encouraged me to study outer planetary relationships to the weather, and to realize the opposition to the practice of astro-meteorological weather forecasting in the BOM structure. I expect to fight strong head winds when I release my [two year long set of maps] forecasts for Australia later this month.

  6. Stephen Richards says:


    I read your paper/comment at your site sometime ago and found it intriguing. It struck me at the time that your forecasting method is akin to that of Piers Corbyn. I wondered if a collaboration might not produce the ultimate long range weather service. What do you think.?

  7. Joe Lalonde says:


    If we were to be able to measure atmospheric pressure correctly, then I would have no doubt that Richard’s research would show back pressure from the moon on the atmosphere.

  8. I will share information with any one who wants to bother to make the effort to ask, my forecasts are a first step [sun lunar effects] in the production of a better system which incorporates the outer planets and solar modulation of the short term effects seen in the lunar and inner planet effects.

    Piers Corbyn has yet to contact me directly, as he is working on the sales of his forecast for a living, I would not ask him to reveal his methods to me, but he is welcome to any information I could provide him should he bother to contact me.

  9. If any of you want the raw data here are the csv files used to construct the new four cycle maps soon to be plotted onto my site;
    CSV files for the composite map data from February through July 2012;
    The software is still being tweaked at this time will release when done and site on line.

  10. Joe Lalonde says:


    You may want to incorporate the planets velocity differences which I have charted.
    Velocity and centrifugal force generate circular motion.

    Click to access world-calculations.pdf

    Click to access world-calculations-2.pdf

  11. Contacted them for an appointment time to discuss my findings, just sent message will see what reply I get. I think time spent talking to them would be well spent for all of us.