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Posted: July 19, 2012 by tchannon in atmosphere, climate, Ocean dynamics

nia-ra-2Tallbloke frequent poster and sometimes contributor Michele Casati often links to his Italian blog “New Ice Age”. A new article 18th July, second part in a series links back to Talkshop articles by Roger Andrews

Part one

Part two

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Headline quote is here. https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/roger-andrews-how-the-sun-caused-all-the-recent-global-warming/#comment-29622

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  1. adolfogiurfa says:

    Volcanism and El Niño:
    The following is a theorical yet exploratory and descriptive study, on which it is sustained that the Sun’s additional energy provided from the Earth’s core produces «El Niño» phenomenon trough energetic decompression through the weakest zones or Subduction zones of the Pacific Ocean’s, Ring of Fire. That, depends on: The Earth’s interior dynamic, plate tectonics, energetic antipodes and the Earth’s rotation.
    The Pacific Ocean, surrounded by the Ring of Fire, both in the East and West, has «Subduction zones» –deep failures– where the Earth’s inner energy escapes alternatively; giving place to «El Niño» Phenomenon (on the Pacific East) and «La Niña» Phenomenon (on the Pacific West) –or viceversa.
    When the Earth’s inner energy is «explosive», it escapes through both Ring of Fire’s extremes, and also by some other failures. Subsequently catastrophic Niño Phenomena occur, according to the amount of gas, ash and sulfur eliminated by the Continental or submarine volcanos of the previous mentioned extremes.
    The proposal sustains that the difference of pressions from the Pacific East and West, discovered by Walker (1920), occurs due to an alternate decompression on the opposite extremes of the Ring of Fire; the oscillation among «El Nino» or «La Nina» phenomena –from extreme hots to the coldest ones (or viceversa)–occur for the decompression associated to the energetic antipodes and the Earth’s rotation; likewise, the presence or absence of trade winds and oceanic warm and cold currents are explained by the processes aforementioned.

    Click to access a02v08n16.pdf

  2. Roger Andrews says:


    Grazie for the translation. Molto bene!

    And Tim, thanks for posting it.

    But I’m afraid I can’t claim to be a boy any more. This coming Saturday, in fact, my lovely lady and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary, which expressed in climatic terms means that we will have been married for 18 El Niños, 17 La Niñas, 4.5 solar cycles and 0.833 of an Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation.