Greenland cyclic surface melting moments

Posted: July 26, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Cycles, Dataset

A fuss over Greenland melting all over has erupted in recent days. Yesterday I had an idea looked, decided to say nothing. More fuss, so here it is.

I grabbed one of the Greenland ice core datasets, GISP2 in this case.

What I am doing is novel off the wall. Data GISP2 Visual Stratigraphy.

This gives a crude visual goodness on the presence of summer, “indication of summer observed”. My thinking here is a summer surface melt will either make a layer highly visible or mushed into invisible. Don’t care which.

A number 0 1 2.5 3 is not very useful, or is it? Wack it through a low pass since this is a valid form of modulation.


Item 1

The data gets worse as we go back in time, no surprise.

Low pass at 50 years, some ringing, doesn’t matter.

Take the spectra 700AD onwards. (avoid the big zero)


Item 2

This tends to support a regular something, ballpark of “I have quoted the longest-term average frequency of ~150 years (exactly 153 from the paper) over the past 10,000. Since this is an ice core record that frequency is for the location of Summit only. The frequency ranges from ~80 to 250 years over different sections of the GISP2 ice core” and earlier post.

  1. Tenuc says:

    Weather, not climate – another local storm in a teacup. I’m sure a big factor in this is the weak NH jet stream which is very loopy and allows intrusions of warm pockets of air into the Greenland area.

    Good animation of current/forecast jet stream behaviour here…;sess=

    (Warning – slow to load)

    Meanwhile the 2012 temperature for the Arctic Circle is normal…

    Business as normal for the ignorant CAGW spin doctors – no wonder the public have stopped believing a word they say.

  2. Joe Lalonde says:


    You can expect food prices to get much higher this winter.
    Many of our areas suffered a late frost which decimated much of our fruit tree blossoms which killed off the fruit. Next we have had a full month of no rain which has dried out our crops. Quite eerie to see no fruit growing and the corn plants are orange before harvest.

    The speculators are also driving up the cost of food for their share of the blood money of driving up prices at the starvation of others…

  3. edcaryl says:

    Looks like the AMO modulated by the sunspot cycle. No surprise there.