WMO03044, Altnaharra, No.2, Scotland

Posted: August 29, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03044, Altnaharra, No.2, Scotland

58 17 16N 04 26 33W
Altitude 81 metres


Estimate Class 2, fails Class 1 on hardstanding in 30m-10m annulus of 10.9%, limit <=5%

UHI, none.

(Class 1:- hardstanding 5%, limit 10% of 100 metre, river a natural feature of area, which is pass)

(note, I’ve taken the image with West at the top, wind tower is actually NE corner)

The excellent ground level Google image suggests the ducting/cabling ground covers ought to be measured and may take such sites to at best Class 3. When this kind of site was designed it would have been to other standards and yet very recent stations still seem to suffer. Would be a minor effect including raising clear still night temperatures, which is suggested by the datasets, since the Met Office introduced automation starting the 1980s.

Nice little investigation project for someone there.

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