WMO03876, Shoreham Airport

Posted: August 29, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03876, Shoreham Airport

50 50 10N 00 17 37W

Estimated Class 1, possibly shadow degraded, see below.

UHI, Class 1 site but with built up area to the West and East, industrial block to the South, river close to the East.

Today this is a largely grass strip aerodrome but has varied over the years.

This is in my opinion a very interesting site with UHI and site layout research possibilities.


This meteorological enclosure raises questions of by how much the enclosure design leads to reading errors.

  • Seems to be a substantial fence, see shadow
  • given available space is not obviously restricted, is a mown grass area with no use, why is the ‘met enclosure so small causing the fence to be very close to the instruments, all constricted?
  • a lot of ground cover “grass” is actually cabling, ducting etc.
  • might be a wind powered generator (see shadow), and will cast shadow on the Stevenson screen, perhaps degrading the site to Class 5 dependent on how the WMO guidelines are interpreted (image orientation, North at the top). This suggests penny pinching as will be suggested at other sites which are degraded by poor location at the same time as obviating a need to dig a trench for a power feed, a one off with little maintenance. In this case a 1963 of say 6 weeks of little sun or wind: what then on power?
  • wind mast concrete base is close to screen as seen with other stations

Perhaps none of the above matters or perhaps I am wrong but clarity is needed.

[update 16th Oct

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Adrian has succeeded in photographing the unusual enclosure, confirming the aerial images.


Not a military site so I assume long lens photography could partially clarify matters.


A general overview. Housing to left and right, industrial area south side of aerodrome.

Given London is the same longitude not far North but here we have an arguable Class 1 in an area of some degree of UHI, if near coastal. Similarly for a few other South coast stations as we will see later on.

  1. WMO03876, Shoreham Airport
    thats as close as i could get today, and i can’t get above to shoot down onto it to see the ground within the enclosure.
    Looking for information about the history of the Airfield and associated weather station

  2. sorry i forgot to mention that you can use the photo for your purposes, no hassle 🙂 keep up the good work

    [Reply] Thanks Adrian, for the photo and your help. – Rog TB

  3. tchannon says:

    Big grin, thank you. 550 wide copy inserted into article. Just say if this is not right.

    I’m not surprise a base view is more than tricky from the ground.
    The first pass over the stations is done but not all have been published yet, been putting up additionals. A second pass is likely as things are cleaned up and new opinions form,

    Shoreham is not a bad site, we have plenty of those but it is unusual. I still don’t follow why the enclosure is so grudging.