WMO03092, Peterhead Harbour, Scotland

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WMO03092, Peterhead Harbour, Scotland


57 30 09N 01 46 27W

Included for completeness.

Estimated Class 5. No criticism please this is a special station, probably historic. Massive environment change circa 1999, see update.

UHI. Yes.

Scottish east coast harbour.

Fish market to the left, electricity substation next to it (council map), harbourmaster’s office. I assume this is an old site and station with a history.

A photo would confirm things and no doubt is a lot of interest in the area.


Caz has unearthed a photo which reveals more leading me do some tunneling. I’ve found enough to suspect the roof of the building is indeed green but no clue on what if any met. instruments are up there.

There is an offshore lifeboat moored at West Pier which is what this is but it came as a shock to discover the fish market is relatively new and on reclaimed land.

On the right is the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the public pay with donations for this volunteer service) is a shrunk image of the Peterhead station photo gallery, click to go there. In the section entitled “Stations Past and Present”, if you click on top left there, 1st will make little sense, go to 2nd, Lodge Road Station human entrance, 3rd is the side view, with slipway to the sea and in the foreground… green roof.

Compare with the photo Caz has found

and the Google view. From this we know the Fish Market area is new from around 1999 at the back of the original West Pier.

The Google image is I guess 2003 so it was all very new. The Caz photo shows an octagonal building missing from the G. image.

If you trawl the other photos clues appear.

Anyone wishing to donate to RNLI please do, is on their web site.

I note the Tamar class lifeboat.

RNLI about Tamar

Peterhead crew do at least not have to (or don’t get) the crazy ways l/b launching is done, ramps, cranes, cradles, varies. Isn’t a harbour near everywhere.

Can find some html5 videos anyone wants, see how launch and recovery is done, some trials.

  1. Caz says:

    I’d say you are spot on Tim. Looks like the station is on top of the harbour control tower which has been painted a nice shade of green.


    Also this clipping from the Peterhead Port Authority website seems to confirm it.

    “Weather information can be obtained from the Vessel Traffic Advisory Service, which also acts as a weather monitoring station for the Meteorological Office.”


  2. tchannon says:

    Updated article.

  3. Jiri says:

    Strange, I’ve never been to Peterhead. It’s fishing town and some oil&gas. This station is probably not worth closer look.