WMO03923, Glenanne, Northern Ireland

Posted: August 31, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03923, Glenanne No.2, Northern Ireland

54 14 13N 06 30 14W
Altitude 161 metres

Provisional estimate Class 3, fails Class 1 on hardstanding (council refuse site) or unstable (gardens, hedges) >10%, limit 10%, Class 2 on high hedges and unusual topography within 30 metres.

UHI, none.

Google Street view is available. As a help, the useful road is to the NW.

This is a very difficult image, has been enhanced but Google Street view confirms the station, hedges, odd hill, true extend of depot. Site is probably just there because of a convenient small power line.

Until recently many of the Scottish and Northern Ireland sites did not have aerial images, were satellite, lower interest than elsewhere, weather problems and in the case of some of NI. also “The Troubles”. This site is in what was a very troubled area not far from the border with the Irish Republic (about 12 km). It is about that distance from Armagh Observatory, which ceased formal operations 2000.

Further information welcome.

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