WMO03155, Drumalbin, Scotland

Posted: September 2, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03155, Drumalbin, Scotland

55 37 38N 03 44 10W
Altitude 245 metres

Estimated Class 1, caution over dirt road and land usage.

UHI, none.

Link to an excellent site photo by the late Jeremy Kemp  http://trigpointinguk-photos.s3.amazonaws.com/058/P58318.jpg
(see addendum to this article)

The four fields around the station seem to be grazing on a mixed farm.


I’ve marked what I think is evidence of stock activity on grazing, typically will mark the ground around water troughs and a field corners.

Contributor Caz has found a good photo of the station but there is a sad story.

I dedicate this post to the memory of Jeremy Kemp (aka Bergfuehrer)

“Message from Latestarter (Gill Rogers): It is with great sadness that i record here that Bergfuehrer died on 19th July 2011. … ”

and his words

” Jeremy’s profile: I have been a walker and cyclist all my life. I have always kept a log of the hills I have climbed so I have been able to accurately enter those trigs visited before I found this great website. I do not have GPS, I just rely on accurate map reading and the information of others. My only critical observation of this website is the geographical information and I know it would take time to change it. I am a strong believer that geographically and historically, counties cannot change or move. Administrative areas come and go but counties do not. I therefore enter in my logs the traditional county in which the trig is to be found.”


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