WMO03166, Edinburgh Gogarbank, Scotland

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WMO03166, Edinburgh Gogarbank, Scotland

55.928317,  -3.344175 [update, was accidentally omitted]

Estimated Class 4, fails Class 1 and 2 on roads, ploughed and cropped land, dump area, electric railway, fails Class 3 on concrete road 13.9% of annulus 10m – 5m limit 5% (WMO spec is a little ambiguous), in addition marginal on 10 metre radius circle due to road and large equipment cabinet, I make it >10%

UHI, local roads, twin track electric railway 66 metres, M8 352 metres, distance centre of Edinburgh 10km.

This site figures frequently in Met Office day extremes considered representative for Scotland.

I doubt there are major problems from siting, most likely does not get as cold as it ought which will have little general effect.




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“Edinburgh Gogarbank climate station
One of a network of stations recording climatic data on a regular basis for the Meteorological Office. This one is operated by SASA [Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture, a Division of the Scottish Government]. The Met. Office has a large number of ‘amateur’ observers [amateur only in that they are not paid – they are most conscientious – recording climate data on a daily basis]. This station was one of those at its original site at East Craigs in Edinburgh, and collected additional information of use to agriculturists, like soil temperature at different depths. Apparently, when SASA relocated to Gogarbank an automatic station was established. The mast to the right is a suction trap, collecting aphids and other insects, as part of a system to forecast aphid outbreaks, of interest to Scottish potato growers keen to keep their seed potato crops free from virus infection.”

(image fixed up by blog article author, black and white points changed, gamma changed, fine focus fixed by deconvolution, not enough image to correct leaning verticals from pointing camera upwards, were difficult photographic lighting conditions which were beyond the camera, link to original) — Tim

Caz indicated this photo, see comments.

  1. Jiri says:

    Very close to the Edinburgh airport. I’ll be there on Sat having spare time. Is there any point to go to the site?

  2. tchannon says:

    A good photograph or overlapping series of the floor (without moving) of the met enclosure so that we can see whatever paving and concrete is present would be useful. Unfortunately this does not look feasible from the public highway or a right of way.

    It looks like some kind of agricultural station given the crop patterns in adjacent fields.

  3. Jiri says:

    It was fiasco today. I didn’t get to the station. I was there too early – it was still dark. I also came from airport roundabout on A8 which ends in fields. When I found out I gave up. The access would be better via Gogarstone Rd.

  4. tchannon says:

    Dark, whoops. Sorry it didn’t work, good of you to even try.