WMO03212, Keswick

Posted: September 3, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


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WMO03212, Keswick

54 36 50N 03 09 24W
Altitude 81 metres

Class 4, fails Class 1, 2 on presence of sewage works with sprayed water settlement tanks and unstable ground cover and open tank area. Fails Class 3 on evidence (see head image) of probably widespread use of herbicide as is reputed to be the case at sewage works. Basis fail Class 3 on “Ground covered with natural and low vegetation (<25 cm) representative of the region; “, which includes the met enclosure.

UHI, local sewage works, distance none.

Keswick, Lake District is one of the wettest areas of the UK. There is no dry season so it is unlikely that was drought die-back and normal.

If this is unfair please tell me.

Input on the prevalence and practices at UK works would be appreciated because I am going largely on memory. I have been aware of the station and it’s location for a few years. There are known problems with viable seed in grey water.

Any other explanations are welcome.


  1. Caz says:

    I would say that the site is an absolute disaster zone as far as recording scientific data about the climate is concerned. Useful if you are into studying human dung eating bugs though.


  2. tchannon says:

    What a brilliant image, didn’t get that one here. (puzzled)

    The study of copra is an age old tradition.

    “11:56am, Mon 26 Mar 2012 Cumbria Hotspot
    Keswick the hottest place in England

    Yesterday the hottest place in England was in Cumbria.

    The met office have reported that the temperature in Keswick was recorded at 20.8 degree Celsius. That is higher than the average temperature for this time of the year.”

    What a strange statement hotter than average for time of year. Slow news day.

    Happens sometimes, records are broken everywhere. For all I know the whole thing makes no difference.

  3. tallbloke says:

    The influx of tourists to Keswick at Christmas to New Year might tell us something about Poo H I here, if their eflux goes straight to this facility. Could be compared to anomalies at another nearby station maybe. Mind you, I’ve spent a lot of time camping in the Lake District, and I know how radically different the temperature can be from one valley to the next over short time spans due to the topography of the area.

  4. Caz says:

    Seems that Keswick has recently been undergoing very major sewer and sewage works, which would explain the different images.

  5. tallbloke says:

    Caz, probably connected with the major flooding up there two years ago.