WMO03238, Albemarle

Posted: September 3, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03238, Albemarle

55 01 11N 01 52 54W
Altitude 142 metres

New site installed as estimated Class 3, fails Class 2 on 14.2% airfield runway within 30 metres, limit 10% (Note: Class 3 using 2010 WMO recommendation, not whatever standard was used by the Met Office)

UHI, major local aircraft runway, trees not representative of the area, open reservoir not typical of the area 915 metres. Distant UHI, none.


Left is <= 2002, right is circa 2007

Notice the tree-planting, is not accidental but neither is installing a new site next to a runway.

If this is a new site and the WMO list shows a suffix of 0, primary site, that is one thing but this is a decommissioned RAF airfield where almost certainly there was Met Office station.

How has bridging been done? That is pertinent because in the earliest Google aerial images the site is already an industrial park and also used by farmers.

Research is needed but without a detailed examination of all the internal Met Office documentation I doubt the reason for this peculiar location will come to light.

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