WMO03257, Leeming

Posted: September 3, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03257, Leeming

54 17 49N 01 31 59W  (54.29698920443254,-1.533062211300392)
Altitude 40 metres

Estimated Class 2, fail Class 1 self evident.
[ Standard enclosure hardstanding, paving, at best Class 3, see Llanbedr article ]

UHI, strong local, airbase apron, runways, and airbase village. Distance, none.

Climatic station.

Looks impeccably run military, makes things easy. They have even kept the old station ident tidy and slap bang old style in front of control tower.

Do you like the bowling green grass? No weave around here.

I notice a little joke. Runway, is really only one is nicely aligned cross wind.

Old met station will have been close to the tower. Might be photos going back to WWII. Similar site to Waddington, similar hangers and WWII history.

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