WMO03281, Fylingdales

Posted: September 4, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03281, Fylingdales

54 21 31N 00 40 18W
Altitude 262 metres

Estimated Class 4, fails Class 3 on >10% hardstanding within 10 metres. New building might or might not project shadow with sun >20 degrees, in which case Class 5.

UHI, local, facility with buildings and roads, unstable environment. Distance, none.

Evidence of new building and I hope confirming opinion I have correctly located the Stevenson screen.

Large image, click. 2052×913, 252k file

(many images are thumbnails)


Older image left circa 2002, right circa 2009

Note works vehicles on left image, screen is in a poor position.

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