WMO03316, Crosby

Posted: September 4, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03316, Crosby

53 29 50N 03 03 28W
Altitude 9 metres

Estimated Class 4, fails Class 3 on >10% hardstanding within 10 metres. Marginal on shadow at 20 degrees in which case Class 5. Unstable site.

UHI, very close parking and coastguard building, new large building overlooking.

What follows is dismaying.

I’ve seen photos of this site taken especially for a previous work on met sites where I was involved.


Stevenson screen visible.


Left Google image about 2000, right about 2005.

If that looks wrong, look closely. Coastguard premises have extended and behind that is not building, it is demolition. Notice the little square between the coastguard centre and the demolished, go the Google Earth and access that photo (can’t show, copyright). Accessing council documents and I expect the local paper will reveal all. Or Street view will do.

Don’t look out to sea, the view is wrecked by the uncouth. (wind turbines)

[update  7th May 2013

I’ve not been closely following the daily extremes but since I did notice this one.

24 hours ending 2200 on 7 May 2013:
UK Highest max 0900-2100 23.7 °C Crosby
Lowest max 0900-2100 8.3 °C Fair Isle
Lowest min 2100-0900 -0.8 °C Eskdalemuir
Highest rainfall 2100-2100 3.4 mm Cassley
Sunniest 2100-2100 14.1 hours Boulmer
Last updated: 0002 on Wed 8 May 2013
— Met Office

Couple of hundred miles south of Crosby it peaked at 20C here, sunny all day, yet coastal sites are usually cooler. (with Met Office exceptions such as Solent, another sun trap with shelter from the wind, or Wisley, or Brogdale, or St James’s Park or a long list, I’ve only covered a few).