WMO03797, Manston

Posted: September 4, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03797, Manston (Manston Airport)

51 20 47N 01 20 08E  (51.3463666867272,1.335387206040604)
Altitude 54 metres

Estimated Class 1, note, significant area is arable ploughed with tall crops which dependent on WMO interpretation degrade to Class 2.

UHI, at Manston Airport, runways road including within 100 metres, palleted standby generator set 50 metres, distance, none. Near coastal.

A telling situation is here. The palleted standby motor-generator set is very recently installed and seems to be 50 metres from the Stevenson screen suggesting a revelation of Met Office Standards.

I doubt the gen. poses any issue.

The met enclosure is slightly unusual seeming to comprise a low single timber pole. The screen is higher although very close.

Google Street view available from the road.

For Bing users I’ve pulled back to a broad overview, showing this is in the east of Kent, previously shown is near Dover, Gravesend is just off left, few sites not yet done would be present.

Probably the only Class 1 in Kent.

Used to be RAF Manston and like many was actually USAF for a while.

Original met site will have been near the original control tower, very different and a warning over climatic usage.

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