WMO03781, Kenley Airfield

Posted: September 6, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03781, Kenley Airfield

51 18 14N 00 05 29W
Altitude 170 metres

Estimated Class 3, fails Class 2 on 18% hardstanding within 30 metres, limit 10%.

UHI, local, and maybe sometimes heavy distance, South London, 23 km from Big Ben. Urbanisation has crept, including heating of buildings. Remarkably this is a very stable local environment if not specific met site, see following.

Note on local UHI. the hedge/scrub growing other side of road is variable (see other images) and casts a shadow on the road. For any unaware this is major effects well demonstrated by how the road will stay wet even when dried by sunshine elsewhere. The road has a variable temperature. This is one reason why UHI is so complex where there is unmanaged vegetation.

RAF Kenley has a long history.

Superb photos here http://www.controltowers.co.uk/H-K/Kenley.htm including pre-WWII biplanes.

Kenley Airfield Friends Group http://www.kafg.org.uk/airfrafkenley.htm

Search on “raf kenley” will find a mountain of history.

Google have made available some 1945 aerial images for which we must deeply thank them. If there are objections the images will be removed but anyone who can use Google Earth can access them anyway. (co-ords as earlier, copy and paste)


I have left these large enough to make it easy to A-B (click for larger) and left the yellow pin in place. The met site was not exactly there in 1945.

This site is unusual and might be an interesting subject of detailed work on change over time. Older met records should exist but the enclosure location needs to be found and taken into account.

  1. it is higher altitude than the realy busy local roads so it might give an unbiased reading. Certainly, the road is not heavily used throughout the day.