WMO03904, Castlederg, Northern Ireland

Posted: September 6, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


Need more information.

WMO03904, Castlederg, Northern Ireland

54 42 25N 07 34 41W
Altitude 49 metres

Provisional estimate Class 5, overlooked by tree.

UHI, local works, distance, none.

The Google monochrome image is all I have plus critically close co-ordinates. Located at government works is common.

This looks to be a very poor site. Without the tree is unlikely to be better than Class 3/4.

If this is the site.

  1. Caz says:

    NI is a problem for me. Could be because I use AOL. Here is the Bing image and it confirms your Google image.


  2. tchannon says:

    Much amusement here, must be NI, Bing doesn’t show, had already looked, very low res only.

    What is this site? Is that a new metal barrier? Why there, it’s a farm track.

    So much for ground cover but the tree kills it anyway.

  3. Entropic man says:

    Note that this site is notorious for being in a frost hollow and holds the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in Northern Ireland.

  4. tchannon says:

    Snippets help.

    My reading is one of the most inland stations (will go colder), in a rural area but a river is not far away so it must be above that.
    Given the apparent poor location extremes are more likely, either direction. Lowest almost always occurs with no wind, dry air.

    Be one for someone to research.

  5. Entropic man says:

    Castlederg is a small town in a river valley on the eastern side of the Donegal mountains, which are small by most standards with peak heights around 2000′. It suffers cold air flowing down into the valley from the slopes above and the station itself is reputed to sit in a frost hollow. Take a look at the Northern Ireland part of this link, especially the number of times Castlederg is mentioned as a notably cold site.


    I live some 15 miles from Castlederg and can vouch for the chilly, by our standards, 2010 December.
    If opportunity allows I’ll try and find the site.