WMO03915, Portglenone, Northern Ireland

Posted: September 6, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03915, Portglenone, Northern Ireland

54 51 55N 06 27 30W
Altitude 64 metres

Estimated Class 1, caution over 2003 image and stability of farming practices. If the upper field eg. is corn, regular ploughing, that might trip Class 2. Similarly what might be a stone wall and pertinent.

UHI, none.


  1. Sparks says:

    Tim, an important NI station is Katesbrige Co Down it is used to issue cold weather payments for the elderly, I was also told there is a station at Murlough nature reserve Dundrum beside Murlough house that no one can find. do you now the location of these two?

    Excellent work.

  2. tchannon says:

    I have no WMO record for the Katebridge site but I have a pretty good idea where it is.

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