WMO03609, Mumbles Head

Posted: September 9, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03609, Mumbles Head

51 33 56N 03 58 54W
Altitude 43 metres

Estimated Class 3, fails Class 2 on building 19.9% within 30 metres. Caution over ground cover, image clearest 2006, 2009 image shows no ground cover.

UHI, local building, perhaps car park, distance, none, exposed coastal rock.


  1. Here’s a weather station I know well from 50 years ago. As a lad in my early teens I would visit the Coast Guard “hut” on Saturdays and “help” take measurements from the Stevenson screen in front and below the old “hut”. In the 70’s a new station was built with metal roof just below the same Stevenson screen used today. The new roof warms the air at this site and I suspect this is another proof of global warming!

  2. tchannon says:

    One I could not definitely find the screen.

    Site like that ought to be reasonable most of the time, kind of windy.

  3. peterandnen says:

    The metal roof I mentioned is flat and a fairly dark colour. I walked close to the site as the sun was setting a few months ago and I could feel the “temperature” of the roof warming my face. The screen is about 3 meters above the roof and about 10 meters from the back wall. Windy days, I agree, there’s no issue but I’ve heard the BBC weather guys mention Mumbles as “one of the warmest places in the southwest” – on some still days! I’ll get you a photo of the site if it helps.