WMO03769, Charlwood

Posted: September 9, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03769, Charlwood (new site Gatwick Airport)

51 08 38N 00 13 46W
Altitude 67 metres

Estimated Class 5, Stevenson screen north side of scrub and hedge by tall enclosure screen. (exact location seems confirmed by the Bing image)

UHI, 1.2km west of London Gatwick airport main runway, acres of runways, taxiways, terminals, car parking.


Google images circa, left to right, 2001, 2005, early 2007, late 2007

From this we know this is a recently designed and built site next to a hedge.

The time series shows livestock early on so I take this is be largely pasture, with some hay.

The hedge is very tidy first few images starting 1999 but when the met station appears the whole thing gets scruffy and suddenly scrub appears.

Note the power line, as usually the case the Met Office install right by, in this case runs along by the hedge.


Looks like scrub is infill between the hedge and enclosure. Also, there are signs the hedge is controlled by flailing (common practice), signs of top damage in several images. This seems to be from the field side and I reckon the flail driver is going to keep well clear of the met enclosure fence.

Lets come down to earth, bump


Scruffy near hedge, scruff field, scrub popping up.

Looks like a 6 to 8 ft enclosure fence.


Best I can do from further along. Stevenson screen is out if sight to the left.

This site has been given a different WMO number 3769, Gatwick is down here as 3776, shown as still active on an old listing, however, can anyone locate it?
Best guess from converted easting and northing
51.15158260000001, -0.19266619

A little bit of Gatwick.


  1. Colin Wernham says:

    Flickr has a few close up pics by “WeatherQuality”: http://www.flickr.com/photos/88087539@N00/3755156895/

  2. tchannon says:

    Now that’s good info, thank you Colin, I wondered what the “platform-like” might be, exactly, kind of palleted instrument set.

    Stevenson screen, a relief it seems as described.

    The wire mesh needs investigating, used a number of sites.