WMO03672, Northolt

Posted: September 10, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


WMO03672, Northolt (RAF Northolt) west London VIP, 7km Heathrow.

51 32 55N 00 25 01W
Altitude 38 metres

Estimated Class3, fails Class 2 on 15% hardstanding within 30 metres. Rider: may fail to Class 4 or 5 on shadow. Also unstable ground cover (see image time series).

UHI, heavy local, roads, airbase, on outskirts of London.


Stevenson screen is hidden behind concrete post. Little building is probably housing an electric sewer pump.

The interest is the trees. Sun at 7 degrees or 20 degrees, no shadow allowed. Trees grow. Of those one is coniferous the rest are deciduous.

What is the effect of the metal vehicle headlight barrier at Stevenson screen level and sunside?

The situation with this site is remarkable, has copious documentation and in the past I have deduced where the met enclosure used to be for many years, this one we see is recent (at earliest mid 1980s)

There are Google images from 1945 to 2011, 8 in total. The growth and shadow of the trees can be seen.

In another work I paired this station with Heathrow so I know the tracking is good but perhaps some of the oddities are now more understandable. Since I have now found a better source of high resolution data I might revisit the original problem.

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