Belfast, Ravenhill Road, Northern Ireland

Posted: September 27, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


Belfast, Ravenhill Road, Northern Ireland

Holds two Northern Ireland highest temperature records.


Altitude 12 metres.

Estimated Class 5. Fails Class 4 on >50% hardstanding and objects within 10 metres and on shadow.

UHI, heavy local, distance, within Belfast.


Highest daily minimum temperature records — Northern Ireland

April 13.9 °C

= 28 April 1994 Belfast, Newforge (County Down)
= 6 April 2011 Belfast, Ravenhill Road (County Down)

September 18.3 °C 5 September 1999 Belfast, Ravenhill Road (County Down)

  1. caz says:

    How odd. They have several large parks and a Botanic gardens in the immediate area but they put the Stevenson screen in someone’s back garden.

    Must be a story behind this one. The large Paisley Jubilee center behind the even larger Martyrs’ Memorial Church which was founded by Ian Paisley in 1969 was opened in 1997 and there would not always have been that car park behind the house. The road to the rear is called Ravenhill gardens and there must be a reason for that. At one time the rear gardens probably extended to that road as do the two houses a bit further along.

  2. tchannon says:

    It’s as close to the given co-ords as I expect, front garden next door.

    Probably a volunteer.

    Given The Troubles, close to guerilla warfare, a box in a public place would have been asking for everything from vandalism through stuff that explodes.

  3. caz says:

    i would go along with that Tim. At a time when litter bins were removed from public places in case a bomber used one as a drop then a Stevenson screen would also most certainly be included.

    The station is a dud though and the BBC should not be reporting record high temperatures that it has recorded as gospel.