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“We have been recording weather data at the Botanic Garden since 1904 and supply daily figures to the Meteorological Office at Bracknell.” — ref

Someone tell Cambridge University the Met Office moved but that is trivial relative to their issues over siting a Stevenson screen. A consequence is the claimed time series since 1904 is thrown into question, how much if any is reasonable?

Estimated Class 5, unstable environment. 2003, near polytunnel, bare ground. Microclimate.

UHI, local unstable site, polytunnels or glass, bare ground, building works, in Cambridge town, distance, largely semi-rural.

“The highest known temperature recorded in the area was 37.3 °C at Cavendish on 10 August 2003 and 36.9 °C was recorded that day at Cambridge Botanic Garden [Google tells of polytunnels and bare earth] and 36.5 °C there on 3 August 1990. The highest UK temperature stands at 38.5 °C at [Brogdale Fruit Farm,] Faversham in Kent on 10 August 2003.”

“The graphs show the average frequency of air and ground frost at Cambridge Botanic Garden and Waddington.” but we know Waddington is not very good. No mention Waddington is 118km NNW

The point is that the Met Office have the audacity to conflate casual met sites with climatic sites and in so doing pull the minor sites into the agenda.

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The Botanic Garden web site is commendably low on talking down and even admits of the past year “Despite the atrocious weather…”

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