Posted: October 29, 2012 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

Go Team WUWT !!


Watts Up With That?


WUWT-TV to debut on November 14th to counter Al Gore’s “Dirty Weather Telethon” on November 14th and 15th starting at 8PM EST (5PM PST)

Al Gore is forming another 24 hour media event on November 14th, focusing on “dirty weather”, which you can read about here. It is yet another example of what has been called “Tabloid Climatology”.

Gore’s program is another transparent attempt to link climate and weather, and to make people fearful of common weather events that we’ve seen all throughout history. WUWT hosted a 24 hour event last year, thanks to the talents of our contributing cartoonist, Josh.  You can review that here.

Last year during his “24 Hours of Climate Reality”, Mr. Gore created a video called “Climate 101” in which he purported to show a laboratory experiment showing the warming effects of CO2. Unfortunately it was discovered that…

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  1. I saw the video …. oh my god …
    It’s fantastic correlation!

  2. Michele I have taken the liberty of adjusting the graph you posted and my results stand at the 110% confidence level.

    My Nobel Prize awaits 😀