Enfield mystery

Posted: November 4, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


There was a met station at this location up to 2006 but finding the Stevenson screen is a poser. It might be on earlier Google images, Bing is no help and it is screened from the road.

51.635432, -0.036743

Some kind of golf course later on.

The site was a sewage works WW2, a major London reservour is close as is I think the river Enfield, a canal, power lines, mass of things, none important other than clues might be anywhere.

I’m up to things, the pause has been about detail work unearthing, surprises coming of a long arm nature.

  1. Joe's World(progressive evolution) says:

    I have been going over “what is wrong with our science”.
    We have been programed to have an idea, create the product and observe the out come EXCLUSIVELY to the product and records it’s workings.
    It does not matter how it actually works or what outside contributers are in play.
    ‘Observed science’ and the ‘scientific method’ are strictly for what is being observed to the neglect of EVERYTHING else.

  2. Roger Andrews says:

    Tim: You’re looking at a tee on the Lee Valley golf course. The shadows are cast by golfers and golf carts, and according to imagery the golf course has been there since at least 1999.

  3. tchannon says:

    I’m not up to par yet.

  4. Matthew W says:

    “Google Earth” has a “way back” feature.
    Next time I fire up my laptop with Google Earth on it I can try.

  5. Matthew W says:

    Well, the “Google Earth” history starts at 1945 and jumps to 1999 and this would be the site in 1999:

  6. tchannon says:

    Matthew, thank you for working on this, all brains are useful. I gently point out I use the history facility extensively and have articles here on >150 met stations. I’ve not definitely spotted the station but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I gave the closure date precisely to guide which images to use.

    I have done a little search for online photographs or text, nothing useful turned up.

    The image you are showing is the one most like a Stevenson screen. I deliberately pointed near to there but not at that one to reduce my prejudicial comment. Something which troubles me about that location is the lack of an obvious fence to keep the public out. This would be very unusual, therefore it needs cross checking evidence. Usually either a good enough view of the screen from the ground or map or other pretty definite stuff. Co-ordinates wise it should be within 100 metres or so, not guaranteed though.

    Finding out anything about closed stations is hard. It is mentioned in relation to record breaking.

    I’ve a lot of other things in investigation, most of higher priority. It is take break when I look for useful but less important stations, as well as perhaps putting it up for others to take a look.

    I hope that makes some sense.

  7. Matthew W says:

    Glad to be able to do whatever I can do to help.
    I would have to highly doubt that they built he golf course with the station there and left it.

  8. DOuglas2 says:

    On Bing images there is a funfair in the next field. There is certainly a small fenced enclosure there in that photo of the golfers