Energy Bill Sparks Protests

Posted: November 29, 2012 by tallbloke in Energy, flames, government, Legal, Politics, propaganda, Robber Barons

Feelings are running high as the Govt. energy bill details go public. Plans to exempt the big energy users while hammering household tax payers for ‘green energy taxes’ are particularly contentious. I’m down in London for a couple of meetings and happened across this demo at the corner of Horse Guards Parade near St James Park. New Green party chief Natalie Bennett was there to rouse the attendees with some illogical twaddle – vid on youtube soon. I grabbed the microphone and told them about the UBS report I blogged last year. And got a round of applause! 🙂



  1. LOL! Don’t the silly greens realise that according to DEFRA

    premature deaths due to hot weather will increase by between 580 and 5900 pa. They also inform us on the same page that, under their projections, premature deaths due to cold weather will decline by between 3900 and 24000 pa.

  2. […] Tallbloke was down in London today and came across a demo attended by the new Green party chief, Natalie Bennett. The protest was about the new Energy Bill unveiled today, which will push up energy prices substantially, in the name of saving the planet. […]

  3. vukcevic says:

    Prof Sir Robert (Bob) Watson:
    Chief scientist at the Department for Food and Rural Affairs UK
    Former chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
    Adviser to former Vice-President Al Gore at the White House
    Former Senior Scientific adviser to the World Bank
    23 August 2012:
    BBC: “Any hope of restricting the average temperature rise to 2C was “out the window”, the rise could be as high as 5C – with dire consequences.”

  4. Zeke says:

    Drax, coversion from coal to willow trees:
    The station tested co-firing biomass in the summer of 2004, and in doing so was the first power station in the UK to be fuelled by wood. The initial trial of 14,100 tonnes of willow was locally sourced from nearby Eggborough.[28] Since the trial, the station’s use of biomass has continued.
    In September 2012 Drax Group announced the conversion to full firing with biomass of three of its six units at the Selby plant.

    Dozens of other coal plants have been shut down.

    Wouldn’t coal keep people warmer than allowances and programs?

  5. michael hart says:

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the BBC geography editor, David Shukman, sails serenely on, like Joseph Conrad’s Patna.
    “Sea Level Rise Finally Quantified”

    Another BBC soliloquy to global warming. No comments allowed. (:

    From Wikipedia:
    “Soliloquies were frequently used in dramas but went out of fashion when drama shifted towards realism in the late 18th century.” 🙂

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    “I grabbed the microphone” LoL …did her highness get her panties in a bunch? 😉 pg

  7. tallbloke says:

    Heh, they’re such a PC – democratic bunch that they asked the crowd if anyone had anything to add to the speeches from the reps of the various campaign groups staging the demo. So I just strode purposefully to the mic and made use of it. 🙂 🙂

  8. tallbloke says:

    I reported on Andrew Shepherd’s sea level study a few weeks ago. As usual the talkshop is well ahead of the BBC on climate matters. One important consequence of the study I need to quantify is the energy change required for the steric change in sea level implied by the new melt estimate. Going by my earlier calcs I have a feeling it will show that the Satellite altimetry can’t be right.

  9. wayne says:

    “exempt the big energy users while hammering household tax payers for ‘green energy taxes’”

    This is exactly why I spend thousands of real hours, for my grandkids future, finding out just how the IPCC’s monologue of incorrect pseudo-sceince ‘climatology’ has brought us to this over a mear real 0.4C variance last century. I could see this coming years ago from the eco-freaks language. Why are you sane Brits not up in arms over this? Oh yeah, you no longer have arms. Oh well, there will be another way to put this madness down. Where there is a will, there is a way.

    Way to go Tallbloke for getting involved!

  10. Bryan says:

    British Met Office weather predictions now moving to the stratosphere for answers.

    That’s the causation area of the Sun, right!
    Nothing to do with CO2

    A subscription to Piers Corbyn’s Weather Action would have saved them much time and embarrassment.

  11. Brian H says:

    Every forecast that depends critically on CO2 levels and effects is almost certain to be 180° in error. It’s quite uncanny!

  12. […] account details. When I was down in London a while ago to meet Benny Peiser, I happened across a small demo taking place on the corner of Horse Guards Parade. I pulled out the camera and tooks some stills […]

  13. tallbloke says:

    CBI climate change ‏@CBI_CC 1h

    UK government commits more than £20m towards R&D in nuclear power as part of an industrial strategy … (via @FT ) ^TB