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Policy actions that aim to reduce CO2 emissions are unlikely to influence future climate. Policies need to focus on preparation for, and adaptation to, all dangerous climatic events, however caused

Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations
H.E. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General, United Nations
First Avenue and East 44th Street, New York, New York, U.S.A.
November 29, 2012

Mr. Secretary-General:

On November 9 this year you told the General Assembly: “Extreme weather due to climate change is the new normal … Our challenge remains, clear and urgent: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to strengthen adaptation to … even larger climate shocks … and to reach a legally binding climate agreement by 2015 … This should be one of the main lessons of Hurricane Sandy.”

On November 13 you said at Yale: “The science is clear; we should waste no more…

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  1. Good that you picked up this article, Rog.

    It is time to close down IPCC since it is claiming to base its reports on science when not doing so. It is also time to stop all yearly UN conferencies based on the pretence that human actions (Carbon dioxide, methane etc emission) is causing climate change.
    UN might perform good work in several ways but this line of action is for sure destroying the credibility of UN in all areas since its leader is a victim of superstition.

  2. Hans saw your name on the list of signatories. I am sure there would have been lots more experts in their field if asked. One concern is that the list contains few engineers who through their training and experience know far more about heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, reaction kinetics, statistics, process measurements etc than any so-called “climate scientist”. In the last decade or two It seems too easy to get a PhD, get an academic position in some second rate University or Research Institute and then be called an expert.
    Think about steam production and steam or gas turbines for electricity generation, refrigeration, air conditioning, and the simple “radiator” which does not radiate on a car engine, or the distillation of your favorite whiskey, all examples of heat transfer which no so called “climate scientist” seems to understand.

  3. tallbloke says:

    CF: Hans forwarded the draft letter to me and I emailed Tom Harris asking to be included in the list. He decided my engineering and Hist/Phil Science qualifications were not sufficiently ‘climate relevant’. He did include Christopher Monckton on the basis that he had been an IPCC reviewer though.

    Your point is well made in my opinion.