Breaking: Osborne gives Amber light for UK fracking

Posted: December 5, 2012 by tallbloke in Energy, Geology, Robber Barons


Dec 5 (Reuters)

– Britain on Wednesday launched a government office for shale gas to simplify regulation of the unconventional gas sector more than one year after it temporarily banned shale gas fracking for environmental reasons.


Finance minister George Osborne also confirmed his announcement made two month ago to hold public consultations on tax breaks for shale gas exploration.

Britain’s energy secretary has not officially lifted the ban but Wednesday’s confirmation of shale gas tax breaks implies Britain will allow fracking work to resume and he previously hinted at the fact he hoped to give it the green light.

  1. Hans Jelbring says:

    It seems that “light” means “green light”. The English language is the most ambigous one I know and it is certainly not easy to learn and spell. This is a comment from abroad. The German language is the easiest one to learn, then French. However, Finish and Chinese languages are both worse than Englisch as far as I can understand.

    Besides, I am glad that some common sense seems to have emerged in Brittish energy policy although it would be better if all types of energy sources could compete without governmental subsidies including coal production. Only real pollution should be counted and prevented. Carbon dioxide impact on climate belongs to metaphysics or even better superstition.

  2. Phillip Bratby says:

    The question is, who are the regulators and who appoints them?

  3. John Murray says:

    Who are the regulators ?
    I understand that Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have been consulted and have agreed to nominate several people for those jobs.
    The “tax breaks” that the field developers are getting will be paid for by excessive taxes on the production and sales taxes on the purchase. Much like at present, where we pay over 25% more than needed to subsidise a bgf fan whirring around generating nothing.