Photography corner: Beautiful Andalucia

Posted: December 16, 2012 by tallbloke in Photography

After a slightly delayed flight (awaiting our consignment of lemon soaked paper napkins) I met up with Tim Cullen at Malaga airport we spent some hours wandering the old centre enjoying tapas and bebidas. Today we took a drive up to a spot I found some years ago; the upper reservoir of the hydro-electric system in El Chorro. It’s a spectacular spot, where the marriage of nature’s spectacle and human ingenuity form a perfect compliment to each other.




  1. Graeme says:

    I can hear the music starting….Thunderbirds are GO!!!!!….just as the dm bursts!

  2. tchannon says:

    Maybe near here 36.907307°,-4.779784°

  3. Harriet Harridan says:

    “El Chorro”

    Get on the Camino del Rey my boy.

  4. michael hart says:

    “Relax and enjoy your shoes.” 🙂

  5. tallbloke says:

    Harriet, been there done it, the Caminito was a never to be forgotten, never to be repeated experience. I loved it, but it’s too decrepit now to be safe.

    Michael: lol, I new someone would get the reference. Tim Cullen has cpied over the original radio broadcasts onto my e-reader. Great darktime listening for my camping nights this week.

  6. michael hart says:

    And in the last photograph you can also claim, quite literally, to be looking at a
    “Shoe Event-Horizon”.

  7. ChrisM says:

    I have also got several shoe event horizons shots, but most of mine are taken from side facing seats in helicopters without the doors on. That is the real never to be forgotten experiences as the pilots throw round choppers that are older than them. A near vertical bank in an Iroquois at 100 knots, 300 feet above the ground is more “Flight of the Valkyries” than “Thunderbirds are go” though. What ever else happens, one can always be comforted that one is guaranteed to be the first to the scene of the accident!