BBC 28 Gate, Helen Boaden remounts saddle

Posted: December 20, 2012 by tchannon in Politics

In the wake of the Pollard report Helen Boaden of fighting a pensioner with 6 heavies in support has been allowed back by the BBC.
Original story at The Register which later turned into 28gate, completely unresolved, festering.

Daily Telgraph
“BBC Pollard Review: BBC accused of multiple failings but executives keep jobs…

But Helen Boaden, the BBC’s head of news, who was criticised for the “casual” way in which she mentioned the Newsnight investigation into Savile to George Entwistle, the then head of BBC Vision, keeps her job and will be back at her desk tomorrow.”

The report

“Jimmy Savile report: Full text

An inquiry by former head of Sky News Nick Pollard into…”

Boaden at BBC press office

Last updated January 2012

Helen Boaden took up her role as Director, BBC News, in September 2004. In April 2011 she became the Director of BBC News Group, taking on additional responsibility for the Global News division, and joined the BBC’s Executive Board.

She oversees UK-wide network news and the BBC’s global news division. She also has responsibility for the BBC’s 12 English Regions.”

“Helen started her journalistic career on campus radio at the University of Sussex.” [and knows New York radio]

“Helen has been awarded honorary doctorates by the University of East Anglia (Suffolk College), the University of Sussex and the University of York.”

Suffolk College don’t want to know about her but UEA write

“Honorary Graduates of the University

Helen Boaden (2002)”!f050.pdf (various pdf)
Probably benign, just a co-incidence, were a few other clubs.

From November the Daily Mail were not happy, today, yet to find out. This old item has significant content from veterans such as John Simpson

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  1. Stephen Richards says:

    It’s the BBC. I had to laugh when I heard she was bck on the team but her deputy had to go. Voilà, the BBC in one sentence.

  2. Charlie says:

    If and when the public find out about 28 gate she will be gone again. Come on ITV there is a scandal here! 28 Eco Warriors and they call that a consensus of experts? No wonder they tried to keep the names secret. Boaden was there and was a part of the scam!

  3. oldbrew says:

    Auntie knows best 🙂

  4. I have a FOI out on the BBC, for details of all meetings held with the International Broadcasting Trust (the organisers of the seminar).

    The IBT brag on their Annual Report that “We have continued to work in partnership with Channel 4 and the BBC, holding regular meetings to discuss how they plan to implement the international aspects of their remits.

    I am not sure what the BBC’s editorial policy has to do with them.

    More detail below.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Tony Newbery (whose FOI request led to the 28-Gate court case) criticises the BBC again.

    I read this after my earlier comment, honest…

    “Auntie is always right, and those who don’t think so are either misguided, undereducated, fools or malicious and ungrateful troublemakers, probably of a right wing persuasion.”

  6. This would be ironic.

    Currently it is just sinister. Then it may get doubly ironic.

    Trust me.

  7. tchannon says:

    “Helen Boaden, Director of BBC News, at the LSE

    Friday 10 June 2011, 16:01”

  8. Stephen Richards says:

    Charlie says:

    December 20, 2012 at 10:10 am

    If and when the public find out about 28 gate she will be gone again.

    No she won’t. This is the BBC we are talking about. They are still convinced that they are the most respected news service in the world. They said so tonight as Boaden entered the building.

  9. mikemUK says:

    Further to Charlie’s earlier comment, I wonder if the BBC’s expensive defence against Tony Newbury’s FOI request was not to protect the identities of ‘invitees’ generally, but simply the 4 big Beeb execs who were present themselves?

    I also wonder, at what specific time the clearly enormous long-term BBC staff pension funds started to be transferred into dodgy ‘carbon’ related schemes, and what the fallout would be if said schemes collapse?

    Lastly, I wonder if the BBC’s blatantly one-sided coverage of so-called AGW is related to this?

  10. tchannon says:

    Someone recently showed the current BBC pension investments, looked normal. (might have been on Bishop Hill). Whether this is correct, no idea.

    The audio above needs a transcript and in Steve Mcintyre’s parlance, parsing. Probably psychological clues there too.

    The BBC is part of the lumpen establishment where it is necessary to understand many face value suppositions are inverted. Defacto it is a state body set up, laws set, rules set, funding from the government. The people have no say. This point would be completely miscomprehended by power.

    Government claims BBC is independent…
    “On the advice of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government” and rubber stampled by the Queen (rubber stamp), oh right, none of that is bias.

    Look and think about this character

  11. tckev says:

    There has been a lively discussion at Bias BBC site. unfortunately they changed their address from to

    Still the posts can be seen at
    So if you follow them you will need to update your bookmarks.

    [co-mod: Apologies for the moderation delay. Whilst I had heard of the site, never seen it. A stranger appears and mentions double site url change. There seem to be a number sites with similar url.
    Okay, I’ll risk it. –Tim]