Major Arctic Oscillation Imbalance Predicted for the New Year

Posted: December 26, 2012 by tallbloke in Forecasting, general circulation, weather, wind

My thanks to Michele Casati for alerting me to this model run result from the French Meteo Service.



This would indicate things are likely to be warm and windy over the US and UK, and get very cold over Siberia and Russia.

  1. tchannon says:

    Well, Meteox disagree for the UK.

    This Friday a blow for north west Scotland.
    (don’t go near Iceland)

    Continues much the same as recently for most of us until change 1st/2nd Jan when a ridge of high pressure comes up from the south, little wind, chilly.

    My guess is we are at a switch point. Wait and see.

    Or here
    High pressure

  2. Doug Proctor says:

    The planetary ying and yang.
    In Calgary, where I am not, it is -32C. But in two weeks I will be. Warm is good. Cold kills the pine beetles that infest our forests, but even they take weeks of -35C. Everything else about cold is not good.

    So this warm-cold pair will chase themselves around the hemisphere until they merge?

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    The french Meteo service is the worst in Europe. It is my experience that they ar rarely correct 24hr ahead and never correct 5 days ahead.

  4. Stephen, this post is a stratospheric dynamics, the implications for the local weather…next future … 3,4 January in troposphere